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  1. runeavengers added a post in a topic: Download: Cool Bliss   

    File Name : Cool Bliss
    File Submitter : runeavengers
    File Submitted : 13 Nov 2009
    File Updated : 15 Nov 2009
    File Category : Color-Theme Skins

    Cool Bliss is a nice Colorful skin and was designed to relax the eyes and give a overall feel of relaxation for all users.

    Skin Compatible with
    IP.Board 3.0.4

    Comes with matching team icons & psd`s for logo and team icons

    Click here to download this file
  2. runeavengers added a post in a topic: Download: (FF32) Anti-Spam Ban-List   

    does this work on 3.0.3 cause i look at your instruction to click members tab and then members & ban filers but i only have this

    Manage Members
    Manage Validating Members
    Manage Locked Members
    Manage Banned Members
    Manage Spam Members
    Manage Member Ranks
    Manage Member Reputation
    Manage Custom Profile Fields
    Manage Custom Profile Field Groups
    Member Management Tools
    Add New Member
    Ban Filters - in this section there is no option to upload a xml file
    Member Groups
    Manage User Groups
    Manage User Permissions
    Bulk Mail
    Manage ACP Restrictions

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