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  1. Flitterkill added a comment: [4.0.4] Imported skin has all settings set to an extreme   

    Wrote stuff here and now I'm deleting what I wrote. Everything got a lot worse. Gonna spend some time and install a true online-accessible dev install and ticket some stuff.
    Gonna throw this out there: is it possible that the theme import is expecting all css changes to be in the core css files and not in custom - that is, custom.css for theme imports is the actual cause of all these random problems?
  2. Flitterkill added a comment: [4.0.4] Imported skin has all settings set to an extreme   

    Did a full rebuild on all my work for as it felt much better than the previous versions (that and the file sys changes)
    I got super depressed last night after moving a skin file between installs on different machines and had this happening again (repeatable).
    To reiterate. On xml import, custom settings created by me (not IPS ones), text fields are wiped, all color fields pinned to FFFFFF. 
    Slept on it and hit it again this morning. The great news - at least better than I thought - is that revert works. Really well. Also the revert button was applied on all the fields (some were missing in previous versions).
    So, the solution for now is upon skin install if this crops up is to hit the revert button for all author-defined custom fields and all is well.
    Somewhere in the import routine and the cache system there is ... something ... causing all this misery for xml imports. Getting real close to this being a solved problem. Keep at it guys!
    EDIT: The revert button problem might be an entirely different bug. Five or more new custom settings. The first three revert buttons are always there. The remaining buttons either appear or if they do not, changing the value and then saving gets them to fire off. Strange...
  3. Flitterkill added a comment: Resources broken on front-end   

    Can confirm this happens now and then on my end as well. Not sure where in the cache pipeline this thing misfires - tends to happen when exiting designers.
  4. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] ACP Latest News widget dates wrong

    Strange dates for the second and third entries... Wrong order too - dates at least. The entries are in what appear to be the correct order though.
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  5. Flitterkill added a comment: [4.0.2] lang.php gets nearly wiped on theme import
    A lot better. Things are now down to just the lang.png not importing correctly and the missing last revert button. Theme template variables came through without needing to flip designers on/off.
  6. Flitterkill added a file in Look and Feel   

    Like This Icon Changer v1.0.0
    Like This Icon Changer
    Does the heart icon bother you on the "like this" button? Do you really want it to be a thumbs-up instead? How about a rocket? If it is a FontAwesome icon you can make it happen!
    How to use:
    Install the plugin like all other plugins. From the plugin page, hit the edit button and enter the full FontAwesome icon name of the icon you want to use. You can see all 500+ FontAwesome icons and their names here: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/
    IPS is currently shipping with the most current FontAwesome font. All future FontAwesome fonts are supported with this plugin - IPS just needs to update the font as needed in future distributions.
    Why $2?
    Why not? I'd make it $1 but IPS would take 60 cents of that so.... Also, I'm thirsty! You don't want me to remain parched do you? $2 once and no renewals ever!
    Just shoot me a PM for now. 
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  7. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] Gallery unable to star rate images
    Double checked that rating images was enabled. It was. The stars are just grey and "there", no activity at all on hover or click.
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  8. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] Gallery - Single comment produces four comments and wrong count
    Go to image.
    Add a single comment.
    Ajax works for a few beats and then kicks out four copies of the same comment.
    Comment count indicates 2 comments.

    When you hard refresh the page afterwards only two copies of the comment remain, comment counter is then technically correct as there are two comments, albeit the same one twice.
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  9. Flitterkill added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    Click It! for IPS.Gallery v1.0.0
    Click It!
    Dirt simple IPS.Gallery plugin that adds (restores?) the ability to just click the image when viewing a single album image to bring up the larger lightboxed image. Currently the image is not linked and you are required to click the lightbox button above and to the left of the image. When viewing the image in the lightbox, this plugin also moves the full size button from the bottom left to the top left and increases the font size. All the other options remain functional with this plugin enabled including rotate, notes, set as, and of course the default lightbox button.

    Currently toggling the enable/disable button in the plugins menu only disables the css changes. You will need to uninstall the plugin to stop ClickIt! entirely. This is an IPS bug; not a problem with the plugin.
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  10. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] Plugin disable toggle only removes css, not template changes in theme plugins
    As stated. Single template, one element over-ridden. A single css call. Install plugin. Confirm working. Disable plugin with toggle in ACP. Refresh page. CSS is disabled but the plugin's template changes remain.
    Uninstall plugin returns all to normal.
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  11. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] Gallery doesn't resize ipsLayoutBody or container to smaller widths
    In standard non phone/tablet view you can expand the width of your browser and ipsLayout_body and ipsLayout_container in the Gallery app expand correctly.
    When you begin to shrink the width of the browser both of those elements lock in at the maximum width the window expanded to and do not shrink down as the browser width is reduced. Once you hit tablet view the elements snap to the correct tablet view. Rinse/repeat. Seen in both 4.0.3 and Chrome/Win (latest)
    This is Gallery wide. Not sure if it's just a gallery specific CSS thing or some data-element controller mucking it up.

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  12. Flitterkill added a comment: [] Commerce - No cart icon/quantity dropdown anywhere   

    This is a weird one. No amount of moving between pages/sections of IPS got this to fire last night. I added stuff to the cart - no cart icon in the userbar. 
    This morning, on a page refresh, it showed up. No idea... 
  13. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] Commerce - No cart icon/quantity dropdown anywhere
    Tested with 4.0.3 and
    Added item to cart, default skin, no cart icon/dropdown anywhere at all.
    I assume userbar is where it lives (next to create?) - I haven't looked here in a while and am relying on old bug reports and screenshots as to the existence and location of the cart icon/dropdown.
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  14. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Nice looking Custom Projects database. Would love to see a tutorial or templates released to mimic that!   

    Actually, there is a video out there of ??? from IPS assembling the bug tracker - or something like it. It was back in the Alpha/Early Beta days. Lost the link to the video when the alpha site got nuked. 
    It was rather nice as he narrated the entire thing as he went through and built it out. Took 11 minutes I think.
    I asked for the link to the video a few months back but I don't think anyone found it or replied
  15. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    It's not so much that we can't but more about efficiency. We had these tools in the 3 series and now with a completely new framework we don't (or didn't  ). Having diff reports at our fingertips makes our work much faster - one less thing for us to do, or trudge through. Doubly so with all the changes and revisions happening early and often with these initial releases.