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  1. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.2] lang.php gets nearly wiped on theme import
    Related: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/rc3-custom-theme-settings-tab-language-bit-not-displaying-r3587/
    This was marked as fixed but actually wasn't. Subsequent posts in the thread have not gotten the bug marked back to pending.
    This report provides more specific information than the above (at least at the time it was posted)
    When exporting a theme, the xml file appears to be complete, i.e. the included theme custom settings and lang.php look to be intact when inspecting the xml file.
    When this xml theme file is imported all of the custom settings are present however the lang.php that gets imported is effectively wiped. For my Spacious ACP theme the custom tab setting is all that remains in the lang.php file. All other entries past that are wiped out. My understanding of this may not be complete though. However the theme is being written internally from the XML, the language bits are not all going through, The result of that is when Designers Mode is enabled and you inspect the newly created lang.php from this imported theme most of the entries are missing.
    Two additional points. One, if you read the above bug report @ehren reports in his case the tab language bit is gone but the custom setting lang bits remain. Two, like has been reported before, it seems for some customs settings to "take" after theme import Designers Mode needs to be enabled for the settings to be applied. It's the enabling that does it. It can be disabled immediately afterwards with not edits/changes made anywhere. Is that worth another bug report?
    If you want to mark/delete/close this as a dupe I have no problems with that but please then update the other report as pending. 
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  2. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    ​I've been through over ten years of IPB/IPS upgrades and it still astounds me how people could imagine custom skins would be upgraded in time for the initial release.
    Even more so when for the most part upgrades have mainly been free.
    "Hey! I gave you 15 dollars three years ago. Where's my new skin? 4.0 has been released for 6 days now!"
  3. Flitterkill added a comment: [RC3] Custom theme settings tab language bit not displaying   

    Really? It's the opposite for me. I wonder what the inbound parse is choking on.
  4. Flitterkill added a comment: [RC3] Custom theme settings tab language bit not displaying   

    This is the first I've actually poked this stuff - I could have been more helpful a month ago but reagardless...
    XML export is good to go. Custom settings *and* lang.php look to be fully intact there so the problem is on the XML import side.
    From what you just posted it looks like it's choking on parsing of some sort.
  5. Flitterkill added a comment: [RC3] Custom theme settings tab language bit not displaying   

    Thank you. I thought I was insane with this. Kinda stopped dev for a month because this one seemed to be lingering around. Thought it would have been tackled for final but I think since this got marked as fixed my responses never got enough exposure to get it reopened. I'll give it a few days and post a new bug report if this one doesn't get re-opened.
    Gonna take a closer look at the xml - should be able to see if this is a writing to XML problem or an import problem.
  6. Flitterkill added a comment: [RC3] Custom theme settings tab language bit not displaying   

    Let's see if this bump get's some attention. 
    The language file continues to get wiped out either when the xml is created for download, or something gets mucked up on import.
    $lang = array(
        'theme_custom_tab_spacious'        => 'Spacious ACP',
        'theme_spacious_title'          => 'ACP Title',
        'theme_spacious_header'         => 'Header',
        'theme_spacious_pageheader'     => 'Pageheader',
        'theme_spacious_button_normal'  => 'Button Normal',
        'theme_spacious_button_alt'     => 'Button Alt', 
    Becomes this
    $lang = array(
    'theme_custom_tab_spacious'        => 'Spacious ACP',
    RC4 through 4.0.2
    Is there something I am missing from the various forms of documentation that is scattered about? Is it supposed to be theme_custom_setting_whatever...?
    EDIT: This was a fresh complete rebuild of my Spacious ACP theme for 4.0.2. Recreated. Works great. Export to xml, load into another 4.0.2 local, and it's broke.
  7. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: 4.0 Announcement   

    I'm probably mis-remembering the actual details but in the past IPS let it roll unofficial for a bit - for this release that would be to 4.0.1 or later - before pushing out the public announcement. By just having the regulars using the 4.0 gold release if keeps things a little more manageable if any last-minute show stoppers or more annoying bugs crop up vs. everyone in the world using IPS reporting (complaining about...) the same bug.
  8. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: CSS/JS documentation   

    Those were very incomplete dumps of the documentation stuff that was posted on the alpha site - maybe 10% at best. If you have an RC running somewhere just grab the documentation.tar file linked above in two of the posts and install that (it's an IPS app). That's the *entire* documentation. No one to my knowledge has made a complete pdf dump of that documentation yet.
  9. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Local Test Installations   

    What Rhett said. If it just says localhost in the url you are fine for how ever many installs you want. I've got 10? concurrent installs from late betas through RC4 sitting here now. I really need to do some cleaning...
  10. Flitterkill added a comment: [rc4] Theme transfer issues   

    Similar behavior here re: turn on designers mode to enable stuff after import.
  11. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    Well then.
  12. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Login Handlers   

    Any reason for not using the Facebook handler already provided?
  13. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Block PHP query   

    This should be cleaned up and stuck in the docs. A great example of 3 series vs 4 series changes on some core functionality.
  14. Flitterkill added a comment: [RC3] [IPS Site] Search is a mess - sorry...   

    I'm positive there is an index problem so that's part of it. "Disappointed in IPS" now brings up 9 results - the 9th being this bug report. This happened before (borked index) during an earlier beta here. The other problems re: results still remain.
    Another problem that's more of a missing configuration is we have no ability (outside of hacking templates) to specify whether we want the terms to be OR searched or AND searched. The default is OR and you can change this in the filters on the left side of the results but the option to specify the default is not present in the ACP under Search.
  15. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    Some of us were talking on the alpha site about hacking the search engine or moving to Lucene (Solr or Elasticsearch). People have been talking about Invision and search for years now but no one has actually done anything about it outside of embedding Google search on their sites. I think I might take a run at this.
    Mind you, we gotta be fair to IPS here. Regardless of the state of search this is an entire system-wide rewrite. We can't expect it to be as feature full as 3.4.7 (I'm more bothered by the status update widget not having the ability to reply to updates like we have now. I'm sure it will show up eventually...)

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