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  1. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: 4.0 Announcement   

    I'm probably mis-remembering the actual details but in the past IPS let it roll unofficial for a bit - for this release that would be to 4.0.1 or later - before pushing out the public announcement. By just having the regulars using the 4.0 gold release if keeps things a little more manageable if any last-minute show stoppers or more annoying bugs crop up vs. everyone in the world using IPS reporting (complaining about...) the same bug.
  2. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: CSS/JS documentation   

    Those were very incomplete dumps of the documentation stuff that was posted on the alpha site - maybe 10% at best. If you have an RC running somewhere just grab the documentation.tar file linked above in two of the posts and install that (it's an IPS app). That's the *entire* documentation. No one to my knowledge has made a complete pdf dump of that documentation yet.
  3. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Local Test Installations   

    What Rhett said. If it just says localhost in the url you are fine for how ever many installs you want. I've got 10? concurrent installs from late betas through RC4 sitting here now. I really need to do some cleaning...
  4. Flitterkill added a comment: [rc4] Theme transfer issues   

    Similar behavior here re: turn on designers mode to enable stuff after import.
  5. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    Well then.
  6. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Login Handlers   

    Any reason for not using the Facebook handler already provided?
  7. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Block PHP query   

    This should be cleaned up and stuck in the docs. A great example of 3 series vs 4 series changes on some core functionality.
  8. Flitterkill added a comment: [RC3] [IPS Site] Search is a mess - sorry...   

    I'm positive there is an index problem so that's part of it. "Disappointed in IPS" now brings up 9 results - the 9th being this bug report. This happened before (borked index) during an earlier beta here. The other problems re: results still remain.
    Another problem that's more of a missing configuration is we have no ability (outside of hacking templates) to specify whether we want the terms to be OR searched or AND searched. The default is OR and you can change this in the filters on the left side of the results but the option to specify the default is not present in the ACP under Search.
  9. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    Some of us were talking on the alpha site about hacking the search engine or moving to Lucene (Solr or Elasticsearch). People have been talking about Invision and search for years now but no one has actually done anything about it outside of embedding Google search on their sites. I think I might take a run at this.
    Mind you, we gotta be fair to IPS here. Regardless of the state of search this is an entire system-wide rewrite. We can't expect it to be as feature full as 3.4.7 (I'm more bothered by the status update widget not having the ability to reply to updates like we have now. I'm sure it will show up eventually...)
  10. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC3] [IPS Site] Search is a mess - sorry...
    Started by reading this:

    Then started digging. Here's what I got.
    If, as I would expect, a topic titled the above would float to the very top of search results when searching for that topic title it does not happen.
    38,063 results. Not even in the first two pages of results. Stopped looking. Note that some instances where the result should say "post on" instead is kicking out alphanumerical such as D24356dbbca717e25101c4ea28b7d27f. Might already be listed as a bug, haven't looked.
    Let's wrap that topic title in quotes. 0 results.
    Let's back off the term a bit. Disappointed in IPS. 38,063 results.
    Quotes? "Disappointed in IPS". 8 results. None of which are the topic in question (which is really odd... also no results newer than May 2012)
    People arguing for a filter based on title have a legit beef but in keeping with IPS philosophy of trying to find the root meaning behind feature requests consider that people are fighting against the search engine results right now and are trying to cut through the chaff and clamoring for a title filter is just an indication of that.
    Bug(s)? Bad index? Good luck!
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  11. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Disappointed In IPS 4   

    I actually typed a bunch of stuff just now re: search but I've wiped it and am moving it to a bug report. This is just a mess. I'll edit this to link to the report when I'm finished.
  12. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC3] ACP theme tablet view multiple menus

    Mobile and desktop view is fine. When collapsing to tablet view both the hamburger menu icon (working) and the left side menu (broken formatting, working) appear.
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  13. Flitterkill added a comment: Sorrry people but think had enough ... cannot get RC3 to install as an upgrade or fresh install   

    I've had no problems with WAMP ever with betas, rc's. 
    If you are able to I'd install WAMP on another machine entirely then install RC3. If it goes there you know either your current machine has something messed up somewhere or the WAMP install is broken somehow.
  14. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Separate Themes for Version 4   

    ​That is exactly what the system does now.
    For example lets say you install IPS4 and then also install two additional themes - we'll call them theme2 and theme3.
    Whoever you are, admin or user, you can select whatever you want for a theme on the front end (permissions willing). That's at the bottom of the forums or whatever app is loaded up. Select theme 2, or theme3 or keep it default and away you go.
    If you are an admin and have selected theme2 as your theme on the front end and then decide to go to the ACP, once you enter the ACP you have the default IPS ACP because that is the theme that is by default selected for you on the ACP side. When you are in the ACP just click on your name on the top of the page and you can then select another theme to use for the ACP side of things.
    Or, to put it simply: Users/admins always have SEPARATE choices for front-end theme and ACP theme. Choosing one does not affect the other at any time.
    You probably have already seen this but in case you haven't... In the ACP:

  15. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Separate Themes for Version 4   

    There is overlap on some/many CSS elements between the front end and the ACP; buttons, some text, etc. Some of the overlapping CSS is front buffered with ACP-specific classes/ids which prevents a lot of problems but there are some - I've encountered them coding up Spacious ACP.
    As it stands now the extent of any work you would have to do if IPS alters the admin side templates is to just fire up designers mode and copy over the admin portion of the HTML directory from the default skin and paste it over into your skin's admin dir and you'd be set with a functioning default ACP. Pretty much zero-work.
    There is some logic to having them - front and ACP - as separate themes but with all the overlap between css, etc going on I understand why it's all together in one package. The arrangement now is actually pretty alright. No matter what theme is set as default or chosen by a person for the front end, the ACP theme is set as default IPS and you have to manually chose to change it to another theme.
    Actually, on further thought, you wouldn't even need to change anything in your front end theme to account for the ACP side. Just make a point to state that ACP side is unsupported (which is actually for the best right now). The only problem that can occur in the current state of things would be if a site owner deleted the IPS default theme and any/all remaining themes in the system have poorly supported ACP stuff as the ACP will fall back to whatever remaining theme/s there are (either jumping back to the top of the themes list or moving up one from whatever was selected before).
    There was one created already

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