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  1. Flitterkill added a comment: [RC3] install license key needed twice   

    Peanut gallery observation. On my local WAMP install this has happened on and off throughout the betas and RCs. No real explanation that I could come up with. I think/thought that adding a hard return after entering the license key fixes this (as opposed to pasting it in but not leaving the field by hitting enter) but that may just be superstitious behavior on my part after it solved my problem with this in a previous beta. At least I believed it did...
  2. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC2] [IPS Site] Commerce redirect loop?
    Got a PM today from someone that tried to purchase Spacious ACP :
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  3. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: ACP Title change   

    It's hard coded in the ACP global template. You can't get to it when you edit a theme from the ACP but you can if you enable designers mode. Or you can get Spacious ACP now available in the marketplace which changes the link that opens your site from the ACP that is just called "site" to your actual site name which would do the job as well. Not self promoting at all...
  4. Flitterkill added a file in Themes   

    Spacious ACP v1.0.0
    Spacious ACP
    Better visibility! More information!
    If you think the default ACP contains too much padding and margin spacing across most elements then this is the theme for you! Designed to compact together elements as much as possible while still retaining the overall IPS appearance, Spacious ACP gives you a much more information-dense appearance in standard desktop viewing allowing you to get more done without a ton of additional browser scrolling. Especially useful for those of you on notebook computers with non-1080p screen resolutions.
    Margins/padding reduced across the board. Interior tab elements styled more compactly. Fly-out menu element spacing reduced. Page header with increased contrast and larger font size (margin/padding spacing reduced too!) Left side menu icon and text sizes reduced for a more dense appearance. Top header bar no longer parked at top of view port and will scroll out of view giving you more room to work with. ACP page name now reflects you are in the ACP . Link to live site no longer just the word "site" but your actual site name. Various background element colors adjusted for contrast. Responsive views still work as the IPS default skin would. Miscellaneous changes... Take a look at the screen shots for default vs. Spacious looks!
    While IPS 4 is in Release Candidate status this will just be $2! Bumps to $5 once IPS 4 goes final. $2 yearly renewal fee to encourage me to keep poking away at this when the inevitable changes to the suite occur.
    To use install as you would any other skin, assign permissions to Administrators only, then chose Spacious ACP from the top menu bar drop-down menu while you are in the ACP (Just click your user name).
    Be sure to assign this skin to Administrators only! There are elements in common between the ACP side and the public front end. This is NOT a replacement for the default skin. Use only on the ACP side. If you do use this on the public side it will look funny and people will laugh at you.
    I am probably missing one or two CSS edits for RTL languages. Post up in the support forum with a screen shot or two and I'll tackle them ASAP.
    Since this is based on the default skin much of the custom skin settings are still exposed in the theme menu (responsive, colors, etc.) - some work, most don't. 
    Requested changes accommodated as I can. Specific custom skin variables so you can swap out the top menu and page header colors. Custom skin variable to rename the ACP to whatever you want.
    Feel free to splash this on your various IPS installs, public or dev.  Multiple sites even. But make sure they are *your* sites; not your friends. They can spend a couple bucks themselves
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  5. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC1] ACP logout timer?
    Been this way forever, thought to ask now. 
    When I log in to the ACP it stays logged in. Forever. No inactivity timeout? This is localhost so maybe it's different for "real" installs?
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  6. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Looks like RC1 is out :)   

    Is this the part of the day where you hit me on the back of the head and tell me to shut up because I ask about Chat?
  7. Flitterkill added a post in a topic: Waiting for Beta 9   

    Looking forward to B9. Have to keep checking the client area though without the blog posts announcing the beta releases any more. And yes I just checked
  8. Flitterkill added a comment: Global rebranding of "Nexus"   

    Doh! Right. Forgot that.
  9. Flitterkill added a comment: [Beta 8] [IPS Site] Search doesn't return results...   

    That would explain it as entries after I submitted the bug report were showing up.
  10. Flitterkill added a comment: Global rebranding of "Nexus"   

    One more:
    When exiting (possibly entering) designers mode. During the sync process (and maybe the build out) but definitely the sync back, as it rolls through the various bits (forums, calendar, etc) it displays as IP.Nexus.
  11. Flitterkill added a comment: Beta 6 - Designers Mode not enabling + html folder   

    Last from me on this, today at least. I can partially recreate this though I do not fully understand exactly what chain of events or variables I have to hit to totally muck up d-mode or lose the default avatars.
    New install, add theme, manual mode selected, theme gets created.
    Without turning on d-mode, edit the theme from the ACP . Paste in some css, whatever. Save.
    Turn on d-mode.
    Edit some theme HTML files outside of the ACP of course. In my specific case I am altering Admin section HTML files *and* I am just copy/pasting previously edited files I have saved elsewhere (yes, they are B8 files - just saving time) - two files only in this case (and the changes amount to the deletion of a hard <br> in one, and a small text change in the other)
    Without refreshing the forums or ACP , turn off d-mode and choose sync. 
    What I can replicate 100% of the time with this chain of events is when it gets to the end of the sync cycle the page crashes out to this:

    Hitting try again will after a moment bring up the ACP with the d-mode enable/disable popup embedded as a full pane/screen in the ACP . Navigate back out and everything is normal. Every subsequent d-mode on/off cycle will bring up that 500 error. I can still enter/exit d-mode at this point. Default avatars seem fine.
    This seems to be a precursor to the overall unable to turn on d-mode problem. I've already gone ahead and deleted some custom settings from the skin and enabled/disabled d-mode but can't seem to crash d-mode completely. 
    For the past week of B8 I've done a ton of work and up until I made the bump post a couple above this post it was smooth sailing so this 500 error is notable for me being able to replicate it. I *may* have had the 500 error when I made that bump post before I got the full on d-mode broken but disregarded it at the time.
  12. Flitterkill added a comment: [b8] APC Sales Markets   

    It looks fine here and I've installed B8 a bajillion times at this point. You should be seeing a Google maps page and such like it shows here:

  13. Flitterkill added a comment: Beta 6 - Designers Mode not enabling + html folder   

    I'm almost 100% positive this is replicable and is related to deleting custom settings from the skin.
    Create a new skin which brings over all of the default css code including variables such as button colors, front-end colors, responsive on/off, etc. Enter designers mode and then edit the skin deleting one or more of those variables from the skin. Do not alter css otherwise. Flip designers on/off and see what happens. Might have to flip it on/off one or more times. First time I lost default avatars in places, second time designers mode won't turn on as stated above. I've noticed that if you delete one of those custom skin variables that the css calls remain but in a partial manner. 
    For example, if the custom call was for background: {custom whatever};, deleting that will leave the following in the css -
    background: ; Now I don't think that should be a problem but perhaps when designers is building out it starts to choke on some of these areas that have an abundance of spaces or deleting particular custom css variables leads to different relic css code which is breaking the designers build out method.
    I'm spinning up a new beta install and will walk through the above more specifically and see what happens and post a reply here but I think this is it, or at worst the spark of the problem.
    Side note: Would it be possible to get a create new skin button/feature that provides a true bare minimum skin with *no* custom variable features - or at a minimum just a responsive switch?
    ADDENDUM: So I've hammered the hell out of a new install this morning, deleting custom variable bits a couple at a time, a bunch at a time, enable/re-enable d mode, etc. and I cannot replicate this. Last night after making my post here I spun up a new install and was able to break d mode in a few minutes and figure I'd sleep on it and do it right in the morning on another new install... Ugh, whatever the trigger is it seems to be rare and specific or I'm missing a step that will seem obvious in hindsight. 
  14. Flitterkill added a comment: Beta 6 - Designers Mode not enabling + html folder   

    Regrettably bumping this.
    It's my local WAMP install so cannot submit login credentials.
    Beta 8.
    I have no idea what triggered it. Couple of skins in the theme area; all just adding custom css for the most part. I've disabled and enabled designers mode multiple times over the past few days. This install of b8 has been running for 4 or 5 days now with no problems.
    Then after turning designers mode off with a full resync, for some reason the default avatars were gone - and I can no longer enable designers mode. It does build out the files but the ACP portion just loops back to the do you want to enable designers mode page with the toggle button still in the off position. If you back out to the main theme page you can confirm designers is off. 
    I can both delete the files within the theme directory and delete the theme directory and contents together and designers still refuses to toggle back on. Files built out in every case however.
    I'll leave this install cooking but I'm just gonna make a new install and carry on with my day. Just letting you know that there may be something still going on here.
  15. Flitterkill added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 8] [IPS Site] Search doesn't return results...
    This might be Pages related. It's the Bug tracker.
    Filter to Bugs (so Bug Tracker) using the search quick search on top of forums.
    Designer = no results.
    Designers = 1 result.
    Not sure if it is related to the bug status or something else. Regardless, It's broken.
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