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  1. Zhana added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    I saw that website, but not useful in my case too as I have hundreds of registrations in 1 day.
  2. Zhana added a comment on a blog entry: IPS 4.0: Internationalization and Localization   

    I'd like to say thanks to the whole team for the hard work you've been doing.
    With that being said, I've always wanted a feature to translate the whole board, same thing like,
    http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/ I would really love to have that feature on my board.
    Thank you once again.
  3. Zhana added a post in a topic: Advertiser asks for subdomain   

    My advice, stay away.
  4. Zhana added a post in a topic: Need a highly gaurded DDos prevetion server host   

    I doubt it's a DDoS attack on a site that is only a month old. Maybe a misconfiguration, seo issue, or some other site getting DDoS'ed on your shared server. I would recommend that you upgrade from shared hosting to VPS, see if that solves the issue, if not then I would spend money on hiring a good server admin to check any config issues.
  5. Zhana added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    A few not in the list,
    bund.us brennendesreich.de dropcake.de fly-ts.de sky-ts.de ama-trans.de ama-trade.de malahov.de e-postkasten.eu e-postkasten.info e-postkasten.de e-postkasten.com lags.us 6ip.us I've updated the xml file.
  6. Zhana added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    Wow thank you very much.
  7. Zhana added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    I saw that file Neko, but it has only 91 domains, the above list has 253 domains.
  8. Zhana added a post in a topic: Disposable/temp email addresses   

    We all have seen spammers using temp email services to register and spam, and I really hate it. Here's a list of a few temp email services. Some of the domains have expired, let's keep the list updated and clean.
    Also can anyone convert it to xml format so we can easily import it?
    0-mail.com 0815.ru 0clickemail.com 10minutemail.com 20minutemail.com 30minutemail.com 4warding.com 60minutemail.com anonbox.net anonymbox.com antispam.de beefmilk.com binkmail.com bio-muesli.net bobmail.info bofthew.com brefmail.com bsnow.net bugmenot.com bumpymail.com cosmorph.com courrieltemporaire.com cubiclink.com curryworld.de cust.in dacoolest.com dandikmail.com dayrep.com deadaddress.com despam.it devnullmail.com discardmail.com discardmail.de disposemail.com dispostable.com dodgeit.com dodgit.com dodgit.org donemail.ru dontreg.com dontsendmespam.de dump-email.info dumpyemail.com e4ward.com email60.com emailigo.de emailinfive.com emailmiser.com emailsensei.com emailtemporario.com.br emailwarden.com emailx.at.hm fakeinbox.com fakeinformation.com fastacura.com filzmail.com fizmail.com fr33mail.info get1mail.com get2mail.fr getonemail.com getonemail.net gishpuppy.com great-host.in guerillamail.com guerrillamail.com guerrillamailblock.com h.mintemail.com haltospam.com hochsitze.com hotpop.com hulapla.de ieatspam.eu ieatspam.info imails.info incognitomail.com incognitomail.net incognitomail.org insorg-mail.info ipoo.org jetable.com jetable.net jetable.org jnxjn.com junk1e.com keepmymail.com kir.ch.tc klzlk.com kulturbetrieb.info lhsdv.com litedrop.com lol.ovpn.to lookugly.com lopl.co.cc m4ilweb.info mail-temporaire.fr mail.by mail4trash.com mailcatch.com maileater.com mailexpire.com mailin8r.com mailinator.com mailinator.net mailinator2.com mailme.ir mailme.lv mailmetrash.com mailnator.com mailnesia.com mailnull.com mailslite.com mailzilla.org mbx.cc meltmail.com messagebeamer.de mierdamail.com mintemail.com moburl.com monemail.fr.nf msa.minsmail.com mt2009.com mt2014.com mypartyclip.de myphantomemail.com mytrashmail.com nepwk.com no-spam.ws nobulk.com noclickemail.com nogmailspam.info nomail2me.com nomorespamemails.com nospam4.us nospamfor.us nospamthanks.info notmailinator.com nowmymail.com nus.edu.sg nwldx.com onewaymail.com online.ms ovpn.to owlpic.com pjjkp.com politikerclub.de pookmail.com prtnx.com qq.com quickinbox.com recode.me regbypass.com rmqkr.net rppkn.com rtrtr.com s0ny.net safe-mail.net safetymail.info safetypost.de selfdestructingmail.com sendspamhere.com sharklasers.com faecesmail.me skeefmail.com slopsbox.com smellfear.com snakemail.com sofimail.com sofort-mail.de sogetthis.com spam.la spam.su spamavert.com spambob.net spambob.org spambog.com spambog.de spambog.ru spambox.info spambox.irishspringrealty.com spambox.us spamcero.com spamday.com spamfree24.com spamfree24.de spamfree24.eu spamfree24.info spamfree24.net spamfree24.org spamgourmet.com spamherelots.com spamhole.com spamify.com spaminator.de spamkill.info spaml.com spaml.de spammotel.com spamobox.com spamspot.com spamthis.co.uk spamthisplease.com supergreatmail.com supermailer.jp suremail.info teewars.org teleworm.com teleworm.us tempalias.com tempe-mail.com tempemail.biz tempemail.com tempemail.net tempinbox.co.uk tempinbox.com tempmail.it tempmail2.com tempomail.fr temporarioemail.com.br temporaryemail.net temporaryinbox.com thanksnospam.info thankyou2010.com thisisnotmyrealemail.com throwawayemailaddress.com tmailinator.com tradermail.info trash-amil.com trash-mail.com trash-mail.de trash2009.com trashemail.de trashmail.at trashmail.com trashmail.net trashmail.ws trashmailer.com trashymail.com trashymail.net trillianpro.com tyldd.com uggsrock.com veryrealemail.com webm4il.info wegwerfemail.de wh4f.org whyspam.me willselfdestruct.com wuzupmail.net yopmail.com yuurok.com zehnminutenmail.de zippymail.info
  9. Zhana added a post in a topic: [EN34] Ajax Thanks   

    Some members on my forum are reporting that thanks button doesn't works in Firefox 21.
    Thank you.
  10. Zhana added a post in a topic: Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS   

    This feature is really needed, one of our rouge staff member mass edited topics to "ABCD" now there is no way of going back except restoring the database by which we will lose hundreds of new registrations and posts.
  11. Zhana added a post in a topic: @ in posts   


    Whenever a user types @ with some text, IPB automatically converts it to email bbcode. Is there any way to stop this?

    For example,


    Thank you.
  12. Zhana added a post in a topic: [paid] Looking for a coder to fix bugs.   


    Looking for a coder to fix bugs on my forum. This is a paid request.

    Thank you.
  13. Zhana added a comment on a file: (DP34) Public Moderation Logs   

    DawPi fixed an issue and was very quick. Thank you.

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