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  1. Jenson- added a post in a topic: Minimum Characters/Words in Posts/Threads   

    [quote name='markopolo2002' timestamp='1326228904' post='2219260']
    I just opened hooks.xml and replaced all instances of "nenadice_not_enough_words" with something like "You have not entered enough words, please leave at least 100 words", obviously edit the message to suit. hooks.xml is found in "admin/applications_addon/other/mincharwords/xml/hooks" - once you've edited the file, upload it, uninstall the app then reinstall. Not really impressed with the support for this file if I'm honest - the developer isn't even following their own support topic, shame really cause it's a worthwhile mod let down

    Thank you for this. I had the same exact problem. I tried reinstalling the application on my forum without success.


    Nena, how does it count words?

    If I put asdf :lol: , it will post successfully but the rules are set so that I need 10 words.
    asdf + http://content.commu...fault/laugh.png would only be 2 words, would it not?
  2. Jenson- added a post in a topic: Simple Tag Management   

    [quote name='Jair - ForumRM' timestamp='1342218693' post='2286577']
    Yes... it works in 3.3.3

    Confirming that this works on 3.3.3 as well (Have the same problem with the Uppercase/Lowercase but all is well)

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