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  1. Enkidu added a record in IP.Content   

    Block Template Can't handle subfolder
    Seems like the block template importer can't handle creating subfolders although they are successfully exported.
    Steps to replicate:
    1- create a block template
    2- create a folder inside the folder that IPC assigned to it, e.g, images. put something inside.
    3- export the block, the images inside that folder are exported as expected.
    4- import the block template, the folder you created won't get imported.
    Surely we can choose not to create subfolders but that would create a mess and make it hard to organize assets and assign different themes to blocks.
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  2. Enkidu added a file in Integration   

    Adf.ly Advertisement Integration v1.1.0

    This hook will integrate IP.Board with Adf.ly full page/banner advertisement and redirection script allowing you to earn money whenever a user click on any posted link. This is ideal for people who want to monetize their outgoing links but can't benefit from vigiLink because they don't have a US based users and/or the "right" niche. 
    enable/disable integration
    choose which group/s will be redirected.
    choose which app to run the Adf.ly in
    choose which forums to change-over to adf.ly.
    include/exclude domains.
    choose between full page or banner type advertisement
    Please note that adf.ly is not compatible with google adsense. Use it as an  alternative  to adsense if they banned you but don't use them together.
  3. Enkidu added a file in Other style options   

    Enkidu 3D Tags Cloud v1.0.2
    If you are tired of the dull-looking default tags side block, then this hook is for you. This hook will convert your tags into a 3D sphere of tags cloud that rotates smoothly when you hover your mouse over it. It is based on the Cumulus tags cloud for WP by Roy Tanck....and it's free

    note to non-Latin languages users
    please follow this post to learn more about embedding your language characters in the flash movie.


    1- SEO friendly. Poeple with no flash support or javascript will see the default IPS tag cloud instead. So you won't lose ranking because of it.
    2- control the look and feel of the hook like the width, height and colours.
    3- uses IPS tags framework (so no need for extra DB queries)

  4. Enkidu added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Enkidu Exit Popup Message Box v1.2.0
    Have you always wanted one of those message boxes that pops up when someone tries to leave your website/page? maybe you wanted to offer them a last minute deal or wanted to reduce the bounce rate on a page where user frequently exit your website from? or you wanted to remind them of an important announcement while they leave?

    New in 1.1
    two step external link popup message box. Now you will be able to interrupt users clicking on an external link and display a popup message asking them to confirm their desire to exit your website. Of course, you can display whatever you want on the popup message like reminding them to visit again or even offering a bargain deal
    New in 1.2
    select which forum/s and app/s to display the message in.
    This hook will give you all of these and more! Let's start with a demo:

    move your mouse to the top edge of the page and you should see the exit message showing up. (click on the red link to see the two step external link confirmation popup message (man! that is really long name))



    1- Supports all IPS applications! That's right! if it has a front-side then it is supported such as: nexus, content, blog and gallery.
    2- Controlled by cookies. When the message is shown to the user, a cookie is set to prevent further poping up.
    3- Unblockable. Unlike traditional popup windows that can be blocked with an ad-blocker, this hook cannot be blocked so you can rest assured that it will reach everyone.
    4- Cross-browser compatible. Traditional exit popup messages do not work with modern browsers and they are not compatible with all browsers. However, our hook will display the message on mouse proximity to the window edge rather than onunload or onbeforeunload making it compatible with every IPB supported browser out there.
    ​5- Written under the prototype JavaScript framework so you won't be needing to load any additional JavaScript library.
    6- Choose which page to display the message on based on the requested URI (more in the readme file)
    7- Demo mode. When activated, the cookies won't be set and the popup message will always display enabling you test it once and again until you achieve the desired look.

    Admin features and settings

    1- Set the hook ON/OFF
    2- Choose which primary groups are targeted by the exit message box.
    3- Choose cookie expiration time
    4- Select which pages to display the message on.
    5- specify the message width, height, and offsets.
    6- choose your animation and the time of animation
    7- configure the message title, contents (html enabled), and buttons titles and links
    8-  Select which forum/s and app/s to display the message in.
    See my other mods here
    thanks for choosing Enkidu Exit Popup Message Box. if you have any question or suggestion please don't hesitate to contact me.

    thank you

  5. Enkidu added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Sliding Pop-up Message Box v1.6.1
    with this block you can display a sliding message box to your new visitors with any content you wish. (for example: reason to registor, check you back, new products, announcements, etc


    Features [*]set it ON/OFF [*]choose cookie expiry time [*]configure the message width and height [*]configure the position of the message [*]set animation time [*]configure the content of the message, title, and buttons texts and links [*]configure your targeted group/s [*]configure your targeted forums [*]configure your targeted apps [*]specify how much delay time until the message shows [*]dim background to emphasize the content of the message [*]demo mode


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