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  1. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Retina Quality Images...   

    No Emoji's please, I hate those stupid things and I'll have to manually remove it as my community probably wouldn't take to kindly to them. I wouldn't be against IPS making their own font based emote pack.
    ​I have a feeling you don't know what retina is, it's a Apple buzz word to make people think they are cooler than they really are (and it's going out of date anyway). Secondly you don't make user uploaded images "retina ready". It's similar to asking "are user uploaded videos HD ready?". Which as you've probably figured, sounds ridiculous.
  2. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    ​Can you just report that your license key is being used by an unauthorized party and have it revoked?

    "Sorry for the downtime earlier. We have moved to a new host in India who has agreed to accept our content as it doesn't break any laws. Thank you for waiting. "

  3. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Spinners - change to font-awesome   

    ​It is.

    ..... minus the spinner.

    It's quite the eyesore.
  4. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Hanging up my Invision hat, been a blast, thanks   

    ​Wow man, that's a shame having built it up then having to tear it down. A disappointing end. The guy who you sold it to should be ashamed to be a part of such activity and aiding criminals.
  5. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    ​HAHAHAHAH! PLEASE HAHAHA YOU'RE HILARIOUS. Any other spew you want to cough up?
    PSST, I know you might find this hard to believe, but... you're on the customer forums... and you know... there are a lot of customers here. It's mind blowing I know. Don't let it frighten you into a THE END IS NIGH speech though.... oh too late, you already did that. Well, you've got a rocky future ahead of you, full of disappointment when you realize businesses don't stay the same and that they need to make money to survive. But I'm sure you'd rather IPS go bankrupt rather than allowing a business adapt to survive in hard times. Do you know the current state of IPS's books? Maybe they aren't making enough sales to survive for the near future and need to look at ways to ensure it has a future? Or maybe they want to hire more staff so they can get updates to you faster(something you're whining about), but need more funding? If you've ever run a business, these are things you'd have to think about, so it's clear you have no idea of what it's like running a business. There's no conspiracy here. Lindy is not planning to buy an island and become head of NSA.

    5 pages of whining over two sentences that contain no confidential information that only appears to admins on the F/E who can already see it in the ACP ? If there was ever a definition of making a mountain out of a molehill, this is it. Pat yourself on the back, you're going to need the motivation to build a new mountain when you find the next stupid thing to whine about, whats new in the world? Surely professional whining is a legitimate line of work nowadays, probably good money in it too. (Something fun to read: r [ignore the gammin advertising])

    Really, IPS is doing legendary if this is the biggest stuff customers have to complain about.
  6. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Kinda questionable IPB   

    Why the actual hell are people losing their minds over this?
    Seriously, like wow, I'm amazed.
    Not to mention all the people floating off into fairy land over this, turning it into something it's not.
  7. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Who is browsing your profile...what do you think?   

    I believe this is called paranoia.
    Does she feel like viewing someones profile means you're in love with them or something?
    But I do have a question....
    Who "surf's profiles" on a forum?That sounds like a really odd thing to do instead of contributing in actual forum topics. If she is stalking, then it explain why she would be paranoid about not letting people see she's looking at their profile.

    If a person's mindset makes them feel that looking at the opposite sex means you're either: in love with them or a pervert. They are in need of help from someone to correct their view of the opposite sex. This guilt is probably a side effect from faminazi tribes rampaging around of recent years trying to make an issue out of everything and slaughtering everyone who doesn't share their hive-mind.

    It is a sad day when looking at another human(online or not) implies something sexual and/or being afraid of something completely innocent.
  8. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Status Updates, I got no clue?   

    The status update dialog feels kinda....
  9. Cyrem added a post in a topic: IPB vs Facebook   


    Sir, I see you're trying hard to be kind in this matter however, your opinion is of the same worth as anyone else'. Therefore it is kinda insulting to the IPS team that you think they would not have the brain capacity to consider any opinion other than YOUR opinion.
  10. Cyrem added a post in a topic: IPB vs Facebook   

    The advantage of your community is it isn't full of leagues of ignorant abusive people, nor repost repost repost repost repost repost repost repost repost repost and you don't have a The Brussels Sprout Worshipers page. You probably don't have 20,000 friends on your forum either, or 20 random men/girls a day asking to hookup. Lets not forget the modified news stories encourages hater priming... because lets face it, news that is valid and unbiased? THATS OLD NEWS!... we want stuff that ruffles people, we want the best click bait ever... we need to whirl up a storm! ... how else are we going to compete with the 2 million self professed news reporters?
    If you don't share this post with the 10 people, you will die tonight by some stupid ghost I made up to get you to spam.

    Don't forget to save people lives and feelings by clicking like, sharing no-makeup selfies and sharing this other photo!!!!

    Also we're having a competition, whoever is the 1 millionth sharer of this post wins a can of tuna.
    Plus where else are you going to show off your cleavage hashtag empowerment? or your 6 pack hashtag gains? for those 200 likes.

    The day FB is overtaken by another network (which will happen) is a day many joyous tears will be shed around the world right before they realize the network replacing it has all the same problems. Humans just can't help it, they gotta ruin everything they touch.

    Wait what were we talking about? Communities are threatened by all the above? If your forum is, my guess is you're running a "general chat" forum.

    EDIT: Forgot to tag all my friends.
  11. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    ​Seriously, you're whining over nothing. There are no winners, this is no lottery, this is no competition. This is about being reasonable surrounding circumstances of a customer and not heartless policy robots like you want them to be. I'm sure you have better things to do.... like adding more quotes to your signature from famous people to fuel your superiority.
  12. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    No. ​Their police is charge $15 for the domain move. Getting it for free is a present from IPS. If you've ever been polite to a person in retail you may benefit from it, this is not because they don't know their policy, it's because they appreciate nice, understanding customers and want to actually help them vs the demanding customers which you'd rather give a cactus to then anything they want. True story.

    OT: this now 3 pages....
  13. Cyrem added a post in a topic: "Views" count in all IPS apps are fake !   

    I viewed this topic twice
    So technically, it was viewed twice.
    It's not fake, it's not flawed, your idea of it is wrong. I certainly hope they do not introduce a unique hits per topic system (can you imagine how awful this would be on big boards?, the tables of viewing data would be bigger than the posts data) and if so, better have the ability to disable it.
    You could if you want, add a cookie variable of the last viewed topic to be checked to prevent someone just sitting there pressing F5 to increase their ... idk Pride? in their probably empty topic. But thats all it would do and it can be easily circumvented.
  14. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    ​Whats embarrassing? it's a common practice. The only embarrassed ones should be the people flipping out over not being able to change their domain every 2 seconds for who knows what shady reason.

    If you read earlier, IPS has potentially already offered to depending what his reasons are.
  15. Cyrem added a post in a topic: 6 Years   

    Well something broke here...

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