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  1. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    ​Bye, but I'm glad you noticed your invalid assumption... maybe this might get somewhere after all. But I'm going to leave the others to explain as they have more time than me.
  2. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    Oh dear,

    Sorry guys, this clearly demonstration you're both swimming in waters too deep for you both to be in and don't realize it yet.

    We're not holding teaching courses here for HTML & semantics.

    If this seems rude, sorry but I'm pulling out because it's becoming a waste of time explaining things that are taught elsewhere.
  3. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    ​Wait, thats the code from SMF?


    We've moved on from the early 00's.... SMF hasn't.
    ​Except that isn't happening. Each paragraph of text is wrapped in <p> tags.
  4. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    ​Pls no. You're making everyone cry. It's best you never say the above out loud, you'll be swiftly stomped on.

    If we keep going we'll only be using DIV, then no markup.... and we'll basically use typewriters again.
  5. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    ​Sorry I should have better directed who I was talking to, the rest was to wimg, not you.

    There is only 1 legit negative I see here, and that's a problem between mobile OS's and the editors can sometimes freakout. But this isn't new and will most likely be solved with time. It didn't start with IPS.
  6. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    ​The extra line space is exactly the way I expect it to work.
    It seems multiple people here are confused as to what you are actually asking for and saying because you're not making yourself clear and you're talking about multiple things and talking about them as if they are the same thing, they are not. You are mashing Structure, Styling and Interaction together, these are 3 separate things and it would be good if you could isolate what you are actually having a problem with.

    There is difficulty associated with creating a line break inside the editor on a mobile or tablet device (This is what Marcher is talking about), I don't think anyone here denied this. This problem shared between WYSIWYG editors and how the OS handles input (I personally have no issues doing this on iPad myself but other people do), it's definitely NOT the fault of IPS and is prevalent on nearly all sites using an up-to-date WYSIWYG editor.
    I would advise you to use the facebook editor on a mobile browser if you haven't, there are glorious surprises awaiting you when you play with the ENTER button.

    superj707 , its now pretty much the new standard for WYSIWYG editors. If you're going to argue with that, please go make a petition against the world or something.
  7. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    IPS4 is not being different, most websites with up-to-date rich text editors act this way.

    I don't know what editors you are using, but all of mine (apart from code editors, they are different) have the extra space between paragraphs. Quite frankly, it just makes sense . When you physically write, you do not put the next paragraph on the next below line (If you do, English teachers everywhere are crying when you write), you put a space between them and it should not be any different in online text editors. This space improves readability. Scrolling an extra few lines does not trump readability ever. Correct spacing is extremely important and some people go to the extreme length limiting the width of lines so that they are easier to follow.

    The editor in the support section, as far as I am aware, is just a plain text-area. It has no rich-text capabilities because it is a raw editor. Since it will be used for a lot of code posting that should not be passed through a HTML parser, it is fitting.

    Considering most people who write on the net would put a space between paragraphs anyway I'm not sure what you're complaining about. You're going to have to deal with it regardless because you can't stop people separating their paragraphs to condense them into a Great Wall of Text, which is seriously bad for reading. Actually, considering it does use paragraphs, it gives you the ability to control the spacing between via CSS. You should be thanking IPS for giving you such control.
  8. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Line Spacing   

    Ever heard of SHIFT+ENTER? Seems you haven't.

    Double line spacing to separate paragraphs (which is used in a great majority of places, even your word processor) does NOT go against mobile-first design, whoever told you this is telling you a load of garbage.

    Seems you have a bigger problem anyway with whiny members to deal with.
  9. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Theme by - add to front-end   

    I don't think skinners want to hand over control of how their skin copyright is displayed to IPS.

    As for the copyright removal, you're not really making sense. You wouldn't be able to dynamically remove the attributes of a skin then package the skin "live" for a nexus download on a per skin per user basis. And if you had to do something like this, it would make far simpler to just host 2 versions, one with and one without the copyright and supply the customer with the relevant download. But it's always been easier to write a 3 step guide for people to remove it themselves since it's pretty darn easy.

    You're proposing a lot of work to IPS for extremely minimal gain.
  10. Cyrem added a post in a topic: What song are you currently listening to?   

    Hard because I'm listening to a bunch at the moment....
  11. Cyrem added a post in a topic: What phone do you use?   

    Galaxy S4 w/ custom Cyanogen based Lollipop ROM. Runs like a dream.
  12. Cyrem added a post in a topic: What video game system do you own?   

    PS1 (Developer Debug Unit)
    PS Vita
  13. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Legacy Board Stats and Trash Can Option   

    Should only take about 2/3 minutes to setup. Add a forum with only Admin/Mod permissions then go to Forums > Topic Multi-Moderation > Add New. Call it "Send to Trash Can". Select "ALL FORUMS", change the "Move to" field to your trash can forum and save. It'll now appear at the bottom of the Topic Moderation list inside topics.
  14. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Mass PM to members (Please)   

    But if they have email notifications enabled, they're going to get an email anyway, not to mention you're going to have a whole load of new database entries for every PM sent to a user going into it. Why double up and waste space? Do it once, send an email and save your database from an unnecessary space usage. If your server can't handle mass mail, use mandrill.
  15. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Legacy Board Stats and Trash Can Option   

    There's no need for a special trash can, all it is, is a forum. You can make your own by adding a forum and a custom moderation action, I've done it this way for a long time. There is a probable chance that someone will make a legacy stats plugin, it wouldn't be that hard.

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