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  1. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    ​Seriously, you're whining over nothing. There are no winners, this is no lottery, this is no competition. This is about being reasonable surrounding circumstances of a customer and not heartless policy robots like you want them to be. I'm sure you have better things to do.... like adding more quotes to your signature from famous people to fuel your superiority.
  2. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    No. ​Their police is charge $15 for the domain move. Getting it for free is a present from IPS. If you've ever been polite to a person in retail you may benefit from it, this is not because they don't know their policy, it's because they appreciate nice, understanding customers and want to actually help them vs the demanding customers which you'd rather give a cactus to then anything they want. True story.

    OT: this now 3 pages....
  3. Cyrem added a post in a topic: "Views" count in all IPS apps are fake !   

    I viewed this topic twice
    So technically, it was viewed twice.
    It's not fake, it's not flawed, your idea of it is wrong. I certainly hope they do not introduce a unique hits per topic system (can you imagine how awful this would be on big boards?, the tables of viewing data would be bigger than the posts data) and if so, better have the ability to disable it.
    You could if you want, add a cookie variable of the last viewed topic to be checked to prevent someone just sitting there pressing F5 to increase their ... idk Pride? in their probably empty topic. But thats all it would do and it can be easily circumvented.
  4. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    ​Whats embarrassing? it's a common practice. The only embarrassed ones should be the people flipping out over not being able to change their domain every 2 seconds for who knows what shady reason.

    If you read earlier, IPS has potentially already offered to depending what his reasons are.
  5. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Changing domains results in 15 dollar charge?   

    A fee is very reasonable and is done by MANY companies to curb the dishonestly. Heck even video games charge money for server swaps.

    These "dishonest" customers are not an airy excuse either, they are actually quite rampant, I've reported a number, a friend of mine was almost scammed by one... and they turn up on these forums nearly everyday trying to get what they can.

    If you ran a software company like this many thousands of customers, you'd do what it takes to curb these problems that effect not just your business, but your REAL customers too.
  6. Cyrem added a post in a topic: ipb v4 tables   

    Most likely, extensions like: I think a fair amount of people will be grabbing a few addons for it now that it can utilize them.
    EDIT: Ninja'd by Charles.
  7. Cyrem added a post in a topic: ipb v4 tables   

    Where did you see that?
    You can get the table extension for CKEditor off their website and just import it in the ACP since it supports plugins now. Fairly simple.
  8. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Back to top option   

    My goodness, are we going to whine and get all emotional every time a feature is removed no matter how tiny?

    A lot of people don't even know of it's existence unless you put it right in their faces with a giant floating icon, it's a button for a handful of people who have a certain "browsing" routine and don't want to change. If you have anything better than a $2 mouse you should be able to spin your mouse scroll button and have the page fly up to the top faster than any other "smooth scroll" jump to top buttons.

    20 years from now, will this button exist? Probably not, why not learn to live without it so you wont have to sit at the end of a page writing your will.

    Next thing is going to be how the colour pip icon colour is destroying peoples lives and breaking apart families.
  9. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Fastest software to date?   

    ​20 Seconds? it took < 1 second for me. Considering I will have a worse ping than you, I don't think this are software issues.
  10. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Client Lounge   

    ​Have you tried turning it off and on again?
    EDIT: The forum is doing that thing again  ^
  11. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Access to resources forum?   

    It seems strange you would be entrusted to develop for a product that you don't have experience with nor own the product yourself.
  12. Cyrem added a post in a topic: IPS 4.0 Default Themes   

    The new theme is better in every way, front end and back end. IPB 3.2+'s theme is quite out-dated (It uses tables for the forum/topic index's, how retro is that?) and is terrible for anything smaller than a PC.
  13. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Allow everybody see the ban reasons and profile pages of banned users   

    You cannot avoid this. People will question it even if you show it or not. They'll continue to judge you based on their views.
  14. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Moderations on IP Chat?   

    Last time I checked they can do all three, but you can always enable to the free tier to look for yourself.
  15. Cyrem added a post in a topic: Allow everybody see the ban reasons and profile pages of banned users   

    This is all well and great for banning spammers and new people.... but have you considered the results of banning well known people of your community? Cases where the reason of banning is extremely sensitive? Or cases where revealing the reason to everyone could be personally damaging and insensitive to the person being banned? What level of privacy or respect do you think they deserve? It's not as black and white as you might think.

    The moment you display reasons for banning to anyone is the moment you give people the power to challenge your reasoning and rules for each and every ban. This is mulitplied greatly when a well known person in the community is banned as they will have fans that will turn a blind eye to whatever they did and call "injustice" from staff.

    Showing all the bans paints ideas on new members, this could be from "Good order" to "Oppression", it depends on their own views. This idea is like a virus, and later on, the fruits of this virus will be seen.
    You are opening the doorway for new troubles, don't think because something has not happened yet, that it never will.

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