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  1. Miss Moiraine

    I miss animated avatars :(

  2. dragonmount » Miss Moiraine

    Yup. This is Jason Denzel from dragonmount.com. We're evaluating IP to use on our site.

  3. Miss Moiraine » dragonmount

    dragonmount? As in dragonmount.com?

  4. Miss Moiraine

    Since asked here's my IP.Content site http://bit.ly/9XEReo

    1. Digory

      Sweet! I love the wheel of time series! Might have to swing in for some fun convos. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun. And the site/forums look awesome, btw.

    2. Abomination


      Incredibly fast too. What version of IPB?

    3. Miss Moiraine


      It's 3.1.1

  5. Dmitri » Miss Moiraine

    Post a link to your site so we can all see it!

  6. Miss Moiraine

    Finished converting site over to IP.Content B)

    1. AndyF

      Well done :)

    2. Arianna


  7. Miss Moiraine

    Thank god for backups

    1. Iestyn

      Agreed, I may need to use my backup pretty soon too =]