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  1. ShadowPuppet added a comment on a file: (TB) Group Format   

    Forum view doesn't seem to work for me on 3.3.1? Can anyone confirm?

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  1. ShadowPuppet

    Well, for the people who were SO upset over the stupidest crap ever you'll be happy to know that I will no longer be developing mods for the IPS marketplace. I have been bought out by a company and there's no point in me writing apps for people on here who are just inconsiderate dicks. See ya.

    1. ZakRhyno

      But many people are not "dicks" that respect people like you whom mod and applications for us.

  2. ShadowPuppet

    EzForms 2.0.0 for use with IP.Board 3.2 has been released! :D

  3. ShadowPuppet

    Oh god IPS site is really lagging :(

  4. ShadowPuppet

    Status Update :)

  5. ShadowPuppet

    Did IP.Chat die?! I can't connect to mine.....

    1. Collin S.

      It's working on my end. If you are having issues connecting, please open a support ticket

    2. ShadowPuppet

      Yea I just did...... hope they respond quickly

  6. Dunhill » ShadowPuppet

    Hey mate, I was wondering if I could lend a hand testing your tournament mod. Would really like to help out and get it going!

  7. ShadowPuppet

    Preparing for the launch of my application :)

    1. ZakRhyno

      What is it? :D

    2. ShadowPuppet