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  1. iozay added a post in a topic: Client Lounge   

    Just did, won't work ^^
  2. iozay added a post in a topic: Client Lounge   

    Its hidden Bugs!
  3. iozay added a post in a topic: Considering Vbulliten or Invision Power Boards, which to choose?   

    Regarding monitizing: Please remember that you can also make skin edits. Besides of that there is also advertisement intergration(pre-set locations where you can easily insert advertisements from the ACP :) )
  4. iozay added a post in a topic: Considering Vbulliten or Invision Power Boards, which to choose?   

    Regarding the no refunds of vBulletin: I highly recommend to look up your local laws, consummer laws(EU laws for example) require refunds for products, including but not excluded to software licenses :) This might especially be true if the product they sell does not function as advertised(impex for example).

    Regardless, you might wish to consider IPS products, I have licenses of both products and honestly, IPS hasn't let me down yet :)
  5. iozay added a post in a topic: The New Account Security question   

    I put in a few questions where I don't know the answer of as this was the only way for me to fill them in a way that others won't be able to guess the answers ^^' The issue is, I don't even know the answers myself so I will have to guess them(The closest guess is correct though :P ).
  6. iozay added a post in a topic: Great Support   

    Hi there! :)

    I recently got some odd licensing issue that resulted in some of my unassociated licenses lost due to a update to the licensing system. To my surprise the person that assisted me was Lindy(CEO). who quickly resolved the issue.

    The way the issues had been resolved was above expectations, you don't expect the CEO to answer on your ticket. - Lindy even noticed some more lost licenses and restored them!

    You don't expect a company to highlight additional issues and resolves them, especially as not highlighting them might result in more license sales. By highlighting it IPS has proven to me once again that they are willingly to take that "One' additional step for their costumers :)
  7. iozay added a comment: Ability to post content in hidden topic with URL manipulation   

    Considering that Admins/Supermods are able to do so it might be handy to add the post reply button to hidden threads.

    It might also be handy to add an edit button for hidden threads on the default skin
  8. iozay added a comment: Unable to rename   

    Thought I edited that out. Thanks for reporting that. Nonetheless, I have no edit privileges so could a moderator please edit it out?
  9. iozay added a record in IPS Web Site and Client Area (not for software issues)   

    Unable to rename
    The ability to modify your display name does not function.

    Test case:
    1: Go to [url=""][/url]
    2: Enter your password & new username
    3 Observe that you get a white screen with the following url:
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  10. iozay added a record in IP.Board   

    Ability to post content in hidden topic with URL manipulation
    You can post new threads in a hidden topic with a direct URL but the button to post there does not appear.

    Test Case:
    1: Open a topic
    2: Copy the "Post new reply URL"
    3: Hide the Topic
    4: Observe that the system states that you can't post new replies
    5: Insert the URL in your web browser
    6: Type something and place the new post
    7: Observe that the post is succesfully posted.

    Same thing also works for editting newly hidden topics.

    Account used: Administrator/Super Moderator.

    Notes: Personally I would love the ability to post in hidden threads or to edit hidden posts. Considering the system does not display the ability this might be considered a (minor) security exploit.
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  11. iozay added a post in a topic: A little question- Why doesn't InvisionPower accept eChecks?   

    Those things are quite random, Approx 1 out of 100 transfers from paypal are send as eChecks, the rest are instant.
  12. iozay added a post in a topic: Group Enhancements Requests   

    Hmmm, I guess with only the Group Moderator function(Which I absolutely want) & the other official applications you could get exactly what you want :P
  13. iozay added a post in a topic: Post Edit History - REALLY NEED THIS   

    Quite an handy option though, the reason that I don't allow moderators to do this that I can't restore their mistakes(The newer once are quite clumsy). If this only restores moderator edits I would be glad ^^
  14. iozay added a post in a topic: Do you want the ability to re-size photos (avatars), to come back?   

    I guess my members will most likely miss it as I recommend the on-server upload by default. Simply gives them a better experience in the community I host :)
  15. iozay added a post in a topic: Honest (negative) feedback, hopefully constructive   

    I am just afraid that default users have a harder time cropping their avatars, personally I haven't noticed it as I haven't been upgraded (yet). However this is simply a feature my users will miss in nearby future(Personally I will just user irfanview )

    About IP.Content: I agree that it is hard to use for the average user, I just hope that the average person will be able to use the most features in the future well without any issues(With a user-friendly GUI to design blocks for example. Or multiple Templates designable via a GUI.)

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