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    Conversion of categories and forums error

    I recently converted to IPB 3.0.3 from SMF 2, and I ran into some errors while converting.

    The Categories and Forums convert successfully (I get the "No problems found" before redirecting back to IP Board converter screen), but it shows "converted with errors" on the main screen. When I try to open the board index there are no forums visible, although they are visible in the Admin CP.

    Posts and topics are also converted successfully, but when I click on a member and try to call up their latest posts and topics, the system tells me that there are no records found.

    Please help.

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  2. Zanyuki added a post in a topic: Questions before buying IPB   

    Ok guys, you convinced me. :D

    Last question, then I buy - how long does the conversion process take?
  3. Zanyuki added a post in a topic: Questions before buying IPB   


    Thanks for the quick respones, Charles and BacTalan.

    Another question: how do updates work? Do I need to pay the optional fee every six months to avail of it?
  4. Zanyuki added a post in a topic: Questions before buying IPB   


    I'm a new member here and I joined specifically for trying to find information before I go ahead and buy a standard license for IPB 3. I have an existing forum using SMF 2 and I need to have a few questions answered - given the professional and very helpful expertise of the IPB staff I assume I can get all the info (and nudging, hehe) I need.

    1.) My current SMF 2 install has a lot of custom mods in it. Do I need to wipe them all out and then convert? Or the conversion process ignores all mods, so I can just convert anytime I like?

    2.) Given this, is it possible to just make a backup copy of the database using phpmyadmin, install the newly-purchased IPB 3 to the server and apply the aforementioned backup to IPB?

    3.) Is there a demo where I can tinker around with the admin options, just to get a feel on how it's different from SMF and Vbulletin (the only two forum software I'm familiar with)?

    4.) I'm not familiar with the process of buying a license for a forum software, tbh (as SMF is free and I only had experience with vB as an assistant admin, not as the full license holder). How does this work? Can you give me a step-by-step process? I know it sounds noobish but I need the directions.

    I think that would be all.

    Thanks in advance, IPS team!

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