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  1. PeterUK added a record in IP.Board   

    Remove chr(0xCA) from input
    It should be made more obvious (just by changing the option name in Admin CP), that this option actually strips 0xA0 and 0xAD, it doesn't seem like it strips 0xCA at all.  I just spent a couple of hours working with someone to try and find out why a specific character was always breaking and causing all text after it to never make it into the DB, and it was because the character contained 0xAD which was breaking stripped, breaking the character and also the whole rest of the text intended for that query.  It would have been much easier to realise this feature was the problem if the correct hex codes were listed.
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  2. PeterUK added a file in Maintenance   

    Unofficial Multi-Threaded UTF-8 Converter v1.1.0
    With the release of IPB 4 coming in the future, one of the things that is going to hit people with large communities hard is the conversion to UTF-8 if you are not already there.  This can be a huge task, and with bfarber's converter , this works fine, but can be very slow as PHP can only run so quickly as it's bound by a single CPU thread.  On my forum, which is a total DB size of ~10GB, bfarber's single threaded script takes over 48 hours straight to run.  I found this amount of downtime for my live forum to be unacceptable, so I created a fork of his script and used PHP's fork functions to multi-thread it.  With 8 cores assigned to the script, I was able to convert this database in just 5 hours under testing.  When I did my live conversion, I assigned 12 cores and was able to do it in 3 hours.
    This script is aimed at people with large databases, where a conversion would normally take a significant amount of time, and people who are power users and understand server maintenance and configuration.
    Please ensure you carefully read the included readme.txt file, and the documentation in the PHP file for the settings.
    The database I converted was an IPB 3.4.5 database, but since this is based on bfarber's script from 2010, there's no reason this shouldn't work on pretty much any IPB version in the 3.x.x series, but I will only be officially supporting it on 3.4.5.
    This converter has the following enhancements over the original: [*]Multi-threading [*]Use of PDO directly for DB connections, which gives a small improvement over using IPB's library [*]Use of PDO prepared statements for multiple inserts meaning less data and less CPU time are used by MySQL [*]Ability to remap characters post-conversion [*]Easy to read exceptions thrown to STDERR on query failure [*]Useful ETA information based on the records already processed

  3. PeterUK added a record in IP.Board   

    Profile Likes Page Dropdown
    Issue is reproducible here on the official forums.
    Go to someone's "Likes" page on their profile, for example:
    and then click "Likes".  The issue is not reproducible if you go directly to a URL that opens the tab.
    Scroll down to where it says "Page 1 of 121" or whatever, and try to click it to open the pages dropdown, it doesn't work.  Change to Page 2 or to "Given" instead of "Received" and then back again and it will be working fine, but on initial load, it doesn't.  I presume it's some JS hook not happening when the "Likes" page is loaded with AJAX.
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