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  1. RenegadeFamily

    3.2 is sick! can't wait!!!

  2. RenegadeFamily

    Turn your lights off tonight at 8:30pm for Earth Hour!

    1. .Ian

      you posted that at 8:32pm ;)

    2. Stars25

      @Ian, your timing setting must be off on this forum because he posted that at 4:32 Eastern time :)

  3. RenegadeFamily

    Getting closer!

  4. RenegadeFamily

    Charles, you are requested in the chat room. :)

  5. RenegadeFamily

    My yearbook has scratches and bite marks in it cause my friend bit it haha

    1. Shadow82x

      Good Movie? Or no?

    2. RenegadeFamily

      Yes! It was awesome.

  6. RenegadeFamily

    can't wait for IPB 3.1 beta to be released!

    1. Iestyn

      Same here dude, it's going to be shweeeeeeeet!

    2. RenegadeFamily

      the suspense is killing me :(

  7. RenegadeFamily

    Merry Christmas!