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  1. Sonya* added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Questions v1.0.0
    Questions is an application which allows you and your members to add questions and answers (Q&A) functionality to your site. It is similar to popular Yahoo!Answers . With best answers, populars answers and full integration into IPS. Questions are sure to be very helpful and valuable section for your members. The Questions comes with the following features: 
      [*]Create and manage questions from Front End [*]Optionally make question's text mandatory [*]Popular answer automatically selected according to the likes given [*]Best answer selected by question's author [*]Per usergroup settings [*]Filter questions without answers [*]Filter questions without best answer [*]Item marking for read and unread questions [*]Answered questions are marked in the list [*]Star rating for questions [*]Moderators's functions: delete, approve (hide/unhide), lock for further answers [*]Pin questions on the top [*]Automatically follow own questions [*]Notifications for author about new answers [*]Search through questions and answers [*]Profile tab with user's questions [*]IP.Content block for board index [*]Quick navigation [*]Questions in "My content" [*]Integrated in Report Center [*]Sitemap plugin [*]Looking up for IP Address [*]Online Users integration [*]Multiple settings in AdminCP [*]FURL support [*]Fully translatable [*]Uses Front End Guidelines for fitting into any skin
    There is no demo link, you can download Questions for free, install it and try out if it fits your needs.
    IPS4 : This application will be updated for IPS4 when there is stable release of IPS4 recommended for production and  full developer guides are released.

  2. Sonya* added a comment on a file: Disturbance (FREE) Theme by ThemeTent   

    Registered on ThemeTent, re-downloaded the files. They are exact the same as here. No installation docs. Neiter the theme, nor the settings can be installed. 
  3. Sonya* added a record in IP.Content   

    Bypassing whitelist url filtering
    When comments to the articles are posted in the forum (Option "Use forum for comments"), the url filtering option is ignored. Means that users can post any links to the forum when they submit comment from the article.
    [b]Desired behaviour[/b]: users are not allowed to use links posts if these links are not in the whitelist.
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  4. Sonya* added a record in IP.Board   

    BBcodes in ACP no longer go
    Full editor field is always in raw HTML mode.
    For more information:
    Support ticket / Request ID: 854586
    Forum: [url=""][/url]
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  5. Sonya* added a record in Documentation   

    Missing explanation in ACP Menu Definitions
    In ACP Menu Definitions [url=""][/url] we can use [code=auto:0] <subitemlang>myapp_anotherlink</subitemlang>[/code]
    IP.Board will automatically look for and load this language file when generating the menus (every page throughout the ACP, basically), so your language keys should be included in this file to ensure they are available everywhere throughout the ACP.
    However, it is not documented that [b]the language key MUST be defined as 'menu__(the subitemkey)' [/b]to be loaded.
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  6. Sonya* added a record in Documentation   

    Array of generic data on comments
    When[url=""] adding comments to the application[/url] we can check if user is able to view something
    [code=auto:0] /** * Perform a permission check * * @param string Type of check (view/add/edit/delete/visibility/moderate/hide/unhide) * @param array Array of GENERIC data * @return true or string to be used in exception */ public function can( $type, array $array ) { }[/code]
    This descriptions assumes that we have full comment data in $array and can check, e. g. [i]if ($array['comment_approved'])[/i]. But we cannot always. When viewing a comment just after adding it we get only [i]comment_id[/i] and [i]parent_id[/i], but not the full array.
    [code=auto:0] /* Permission test */ $can = $this->can('view', array( 'comment_id' => $comment['comment_id'], 'comment_parent_id' => $parentId ) );[/code]
    So the check fails always.
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  7. Sonya* added a comment on a file: Classifieds   

    Here is my review:
    Missing list
    No integration with reputaion 
    No integration with tags
    No editor section for the  description of the advert (but for category that does not use bbcode)
    No follow/like integration
    No comments integration
    No sitemap plugin
    No integration into quick navigation
    No help files for the users
    Goodies as described in the description
    RSS support
    Profile tabs
    Shared media (My files) button
    4 types of notifications
    Sessions (online user list integration)
    Probably more goodies but without docs a bit difficult to say ;)
  8. Sonya* added a record in IP.Board   

    setTopicPinned() is overwriten in library
    setTopicPinned() cannot set from the library. Details [url=""][/url]
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  9. Sonya* added a record in Documentation   

    setModOptions - does not exist
    setModOptions(): Specifies moderator options for the submission.  This is analogous to the "After posting" moderator options that moderators can see when submitting a topic or reply in IP.Board.  We do not recommend using these in API posting libraries, typically.  Valid values are:
    pin: Pin the topic
    close: Close the topic
    pinclose: Pin and close the topic
    move: Move the topic
    Have found only one call of setModOptions(), but no definition of the method.
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  10. Sonya* added a record in Documentation   

    Method does not exist
    In this guide [url=""][/url] there is a method[quote]
    setTopicPinned(): This method accepts an integer or boolean value indicating if the topic should be pinned.[/quote]
    Looked in the class and have not found such method.
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  11. Sonya* added a comment on a file: (DP34) Global Sidebars   

    Wonderful! It requires a bit "try-and-error" at the beginning, but when the main principle is clear, it works like a charm. We use it to display different sidebars with different blocks in different order on different part of the website.
  12. Sonya* added a comment on a file: (SD) Ideas   

    @Spanner, you make wonderful applications, but... could you please make them in English? Even if I switch language on your board to English, there are still 90% of text strings in Polish. It is just very very difficult for non-Polish people to review and understand your apps before buying them. You would surely increase your income if you would make clean English demos.
  13. Sonya* added a record in IP.Board   

    Blank lines on quotes (after quote header)
    When you quote then a blank line is added between the quote header and the quote.
    You can see it starting from here [url=""][/url]
    When I quote manually, then there is no blank line. When I use quote button a blank line is added between quote header and the quote text.
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  14. Sonya* added a record in IP.Content   

    returnDatabaseUrl in own App
    According to documentation [url=""][/url] I use the function returnDatabaseUrl to get the URL of an article. 
    [code=auto:0]         if (!$this->registry->isClassLoaded('ccsFunctions')) {             $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary(IPSLib::getAppDir('ccs') . '/sources/functions.php', 'ccsFunctions', 'ccs');             $this->registry->setClass('ccsFunctions', new $classToLoad($this->registry));         }         print '<pre>';         var_dump($this->registry->ccsFunctions->returnDatabaseUrl(1, 9, 70));         print '</pre>';[/code]
    This code returns [color=#ff0000]#[/color] when used in module_public of 3rd party application
    When the same code is used in IP.Content block, then it returns the [color=#ff0000]URL of the category[/color] and not of the record.
    Notice that it is the same code without any changes.
    And I have not managed to get the URL of the record neither in module_public, nor in IP.Content block with the Library:ccsFunctions. It seems something to do with cache as far as I can see.
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  15. Sonya* added a record in IP.Content   

    Editor options: clear my saved option
    In the editor there are editor there is a button "Options". 
    Tick the option "Clear my saved content".
    You will see the message "[i]Options saved. Changes will take affect from the next editor load[/i]". 
    However, on the next editor load the option is again "unticked".
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