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  1. Sonya* added a post in a topic: The New Account Security question   

    It was yesterday ;) I had to login today again, browser saved password did not work. And I still cannot see any "security questions" people talk about here ;)
  2. Sonya* added a post in a topic: The New Account Security question   

    I was locked out here in forum as well... for 10 days (see screenshot)

    Have managed to reset my password however prior to waiting for 10 days. Have got a new one per email (what ist not very secure ) and logged in without any additional questions...
  3. Sonya* added a post in a topic: Developer mode in IPS4?   

    @Marc_S, thank you. I hold some licences, I've already downloaded pre-release and installed it on my localhost. I do test pre-release on the zend-link given. The only thing I would like to start with - developer's information, guides, instructions and so on. But I see that it just too early now.
  4. Sonya* added a post in a topic: Developer mode in IPS4?   

    Thank you! Looks like is the plugin documentation for IPS4 is just for reading right now and not for trying out...
  5. Sonya* added a post in a topic: Developer mode in IPS4?   


    I've just looked into IPS4 Plugins documentation. To start with I have to place IPS in developer mode. The link of how to place IPS 4 into developer mode is This link returns Error 404. Is it a wrong link or "just not ready yet"?

    Thank you!
  6. Sonya* added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Questions v1.0.0
    Questions is an application which allows you and your members to add questions and answers (Q&A) functionality to your site. It is similar to popular Yahoo!Answers. With best answers, populars answers and full integration into IPS. Questions are sure to be very helpful and valuable section for your members. The Questions comes with the following features: 
      [*]Create and manage questions from Front End [*]Optionally make question's text mandatory [*]Popular answer automatically selected according to the likes given [*]Best answer selected by question's author [*]Per usergroup settings [*]Filter questions without answers [*]Filter questions without best answer [*]Item marking for read and unread questions [*]Answered questions are marked in the list [*]Star rating for questions [*]Moderators's functions: delete, approve (hide/unhide), lock for further answers [*]Pin questions on the top [*]Automatically follow own questions [*]Notifications for author about new answers [*]Search through questions and answers [*]Profile tab with user's questions [*]IP.Content block for board index [*]Quick navigation [*]Questions in "My content" [*]Integrated in Report Center [*]Sitemap plugin [*]Looking up for IP Address [*]Online Users integration [*]Multiple settings in AdminCP [*]FURL support [*]Fully translatable [*]Uses Front End Guidelines for fitting into any skin
    There is no demo link, you can download Questions for free, install it and try out if it fits your needs.
    IPS4: This application will be updated for IPS4 when there is stable release of IPS4 recommended for production and full developer guides are released.

  7. Sonya* added a post in a topic: Collective translation of IPS 4.0   

    I have tried to contribute, but it was really difficult. When you do not know where the language string is actually used and whether it is used at all (some were outdated, but never deleted). >Quick translating is very helpful. Still it would be better, one can upload his version into IPS and download updated one. I agree to @motomac, that paid translation are of just bad quality, but it is impossible to do it alone. So we have to buy poor quality translations (for me German and Russian) and start to correct the things.

    Another point is: updates from the contributor are useless as own changes are then overridden and you start from the beginning. At least this point should be reviewed in IPS 4. Keep custom translations, similar to templates.
  8. Sonya* added a comment on a file: Disturbance (FREE) Theme by ThemeTent   

    Registered on ThemeTent, re-downloaded the files. They are exact the same as here. No installation docs. Neiter the theme, nor the settings can be installed. 
  9. Sonya* added a post in a topic: Cannot get into Client Area   

    Hmm, I have managed to get into once. Now the issue appears again...
  10. Sonya* added a post in a topic: Cannot get into Client Area   

    The Client Area is currently offline for me

    Does somebody have the same issue?
  11. Sonya* added a post in a topic: SEO URLs individualize (rewrite via htaccess?)   

    This mod makes it '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    However it not compatible with some other applications, e. g. This has been never fixed.
  12. Sonya* added a post in a topic: My 4.0 Community Wishlist   

    Not all. ;) I am here because of the suite and not "just forum". phpBB is good enough for just forum, but I was looking for suite with perfect integration of blogs, gallery, chat and CMS.
  13. Sonya* added a post in a topic: My 4.0 Community Wishlist   

    There is paid app for it '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  14. Sonya* added a post in a topic: IPS 4.0 - focus on better localization   

    I wish better localization features for other languages:

    - purging unused translation strings
    - updating language packs WITHOUT wiping out custom translations, merging new translations into custom (like template system where custom changes overload default)
    - better searching for translation strings ACP (e. g. right now it is almost impossible to find short strings like "in", "by" etc. or search within only one application)
    - clearly separate languages, as right now if new string is added to another language it is used as default in English (compare _display_title strings added to another language messing English)
    - not setting another language as custom translation string for English, so that there is no need for UPDATE core_sys_lang_words SET word_custom = '' WHERE lang_id = 1; after language import.
    - making Rebuild XML... for only one application and not for entire system (saves time)
    - making ACP fully translatable
    - creating multilingual help files, custom profile fields' titles, group names, pre-defined user titles, warning reasons and anything that is tied to one language right now
    - transliterate utf-8 URLs into ASCII
    - adding localization feature for tagging system to create multilingual tags
    - select what languages should be available for what group (language chooser)
    - creating template replacements for singular and plural forms when numbers used, like 1 comment or 10 comments.There are languages that do have more than one plural form.
    - creating template replacements depending on user's gender when said or commented is used. There are languages that have gender distinctions.
    - deleting _RLP_ or _RUS_ from IP.Content and not using such constructions at all as they are impossible to translate into languages that have grammatical cases (actually the majority of languages do have cases)

    It would be also perfect if IPS would have someone in the developer team with primary language other than English and ideally running own non-English board, so that needs of non-English communities can be better understood and promoted. This way developers would know what is really critical for other languages and what is "nice-to-have".
  15. Sonya* added a post in a topic: Stop the Spam: Guide to stopping spammers   

    Yes. We allow white and yellow and even red as answer for this question :D