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  1. Alfa1 added a comment on a file: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    Please add hashtag functionality to this addon. Hashtags are basically the same as tags, with the difference that hashtags are in posts. Both hashtags as tags link to threads tagged with the same tag.
    Please also add the function to follow a tag.
  2. Alfa1 added a comment on a file: Forum Description on Hover   

    Very nice! Please consider to create a matching 'Topic preview on hover' hook.
  3. Alfa1 added a comment on a file: [HQ] Forum Icons   

    Please add functionality to use forum icons as status images. i.e. show different icons if the forum has new content, is locked, no new content, etc.


Status Feed

  1. Alfa1

    Post edit history coming in IPS4! Yay!

  2. Alfa1

    An app store. At last!

    1. Olivier Turbis


  3. Alfa1

    Drooling over Ip.Nexus. Wish IPS would close the functionality gaps between vb and IPB, so i could move over.

  4. Alfa1

    Browsing on my iPod now.


      Sounds hells fun.

  5. Alfa1

    keeping close eye on IP development and wishes vital vbulletin functions will be added to IPB

    1. Kaelon

      You and I both, Alfa1!

    2. glorify

      Innovative stuff here so far. Hoping the mod community catches up. Hope 3.1 Gold is done soon so I can go live.

  6. Alfa1 » Collin1000

    Thanks for the link. No questions ATM. I like where IPB is going. In many ways IPB is way ahead of vb. However IPB misses various functionality that my board is dependent upon. Both default vb functions as custom things I have added to my site.
    Im the admin of a high traffic vb board thats highly customized. If IPB keeps rolling out new features, addons and keeps adding whatever vb has an...

  7. Collin1000 » Alfa1

    Any questions about changing to IPB?
    Check out the converts topic:

  8. Alfa1 » Bluedreams

    Same here. There are so many up and downsides to IPB to evaluate. Though I must say: Im impressed. Too bad that there is very little modification community going on and no Social Groups.
    Most of the other things are great.

  9. Bluedreams » Alfa1

    No we're still debating it!

  10. Alfa1 » Bluedreams

    Greetings back. Im checking out the up and downsides of IPB.
    Have you switched over?

  11. Bluedreams » Alfa1

    greetings from vb land! I actually use a few of your mods for vb :D