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Many people sing, but few are singers.
Many people write, but few are writers.
Many people speak, but few are orators.
Many people think, but few are thinkers.
Many people pray, but few are religious.
Many people smile, but few are happy.
Many people hope, but few are not disappointed.
Many people die, but few will survive.

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  1. Mikorist

    freedom of speech

  2. Mikorist

    'I'd thank God to have IPB as Board !

    1. Anthony.

      IPB is the best forum solution :)

  3. Leooooo » Mikorist

    Fasted IPB board i have ever seen.
    Congratz. You like the graal !

  4. Mikorist

    i am trying to find the unknown parameter ... LOL

    1. rbiss

      Sounds like a Moody Blues album.

  5. Mikorist

    fast like hell now

  6. Mikorist

    3.1 is excellent however. :)

  7. Mikorist

    Software by IP.Board 3.1.0 Beta 2

  8. Mikorist

    dose anyone here have : Sorry, no new content found. ?

    1. Andrej

      Yes. Seems like a new bug with View New Content.

    2. Mr. Despair

      Me too, additionally I can't find any results from searching, no matter the terms.

    3. Charles


    4. Mikorist


  9. Mikorist

    Sorry, no new content found....

  10. Mikorist

    CleanCut skin for 3.1.0 works for me... for the all other skins I have a blank page...wait to check out Beta 2

  11. Mikorist

    bug bunny show

  12. Mikorist

    as soon as they feel are ready...

  13. Mikorist

    It's awsome. I've been waiting for this version.

  14. Mikorist

    because maybe they pay for updates

  15. Mikorist

    will be :)