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  1. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Blogs and transparent overly...   

    Why do blogs have this annoying transparency overly  - and how do you remove it. 

  2. Ocean West added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [rc6] no joy - error / styles
    this iteration I tried three times to test upgrade 3.47 to rc6 and each time no failure warnings were indicated
    the outcome is either 500 errors on the front side / blank page / or page missing css 
    • 2 replies
  3. Ocean West added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [rc6] missing style
    fresh RC6 and it's pretty white as:


    • 3 replies
  4. Ocean West added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6] NO STEP
    during fresh up grade 3.47 to RC6
    • 3 replies
  5. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Database entry roll over preview   

    In the forums a hover over a topic will display a card of the first  / last post and glimpse of the body.
    Shouldn't Database entries (like bug tracker) provide the same view controller.
  6. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Need for Save and Exit | Save buttons in ACP   

    Example: ( custom blocks » content tab)
    when you are tweaking the code and you click save,  jump over another browser tab refresh the page on find out you messed up or didn't get the desired results
    go back to previous browser tab then have to pick the block from the list,  then click the sub tab to edit content code 
    Save and Exit  and Save
    The default for a Save button will save the content and stay not on the page perhaps a nice little ajax popover indicating save worked. Another button with Save and Exit that commits the changes and returns you to the parent page, for the guru's that never make a mistake.  
    this would be  preferred over current Save only button or the other alternatives like:   Save | Save and Reload   
  7. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Full Immersion?   

    When will IPS use 4.0 on the other areas of the site ( main home page ) Support system / client store?
  8. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Feature Plan and Open Discussions   

    At the point in time that you have doodled your thoughts with dry erase markers on the walls of IPS for items on the feature plan,  it would be nice to have a link on that particular feature that in that database to an "Open Discussion" in the forums (or some comment system ) regarding the intent of the feature – when you are actively soliciting feedback -  before the code is set in concrete. Focused perspectives from the community may round out the feature, or at least allow ample insight for immediate goals and foundations for future expansion of the feature to satisfy the quorum.
  9. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Mix and Match Traditional & Grid View?   

    It would be nice to have something like this for each category how that category would display on the index.
    Grid / List.  

  10. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Advertisers Page...   

    I like the new "staff" page that shows the moderators / admins and from the APC you can configure the presentation with Groups, and various grids or lists for each section.
    I would like to see something like this for sites who have advertisers some means to generate a page similar to include each "active" advertisers ads and or perhaps a more detailed profile description, images, offers, and outward links.
    Not all advertisers are necessarily members, if they are perhaps a sub page that lists all the members of the advertisers - perhaps based on domain name or group? 
    additionally perhaps for the "advertiser" who visits this profile page the "stats" will be there front and center - including impressions / clicks / geo locations info (map) and perhaps a list of visitors / or members who clicked links. Just like we can see who visited our profiles. 
    Just some initial thoughts. 
  11. Ocean West added a post in a topic: {advertisement="KEY"}   

    why does the output of this INCLUDE a divs or UL / LI formatting?  It's impossible to get ads to line up horizontally.
  12. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Inconsistent UI   

    Another example - looking at an application in the ACP   the padlock on the app is not the same as the padlock for the modules enclosed.
    The first toggles the app (and enclosed items) on or off, or allows you to toggle Navigation visibility.
    The padlock on the individual modules allows you to toggle group access.

  13. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Can't report bugs to tracker?   

    Tried submitting a bug and got this

  14. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Is this a bug <br> in Forum Name   

    found out that you can add <br> to a forum name and the result is:

    the url looks like this:

    So is this bad for SEO - and should forum / titles be passed thru a "filter" and weed out illegal code?
  15. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Nobody   

    so some applications that are installed the ownership and group are "nobody" this means that I can't simply uninstall and delete the app. 
    I can't even open my FTP and delete the app because it gives me permissions error.
    The only way i know is to SSH into the server to do a sudo RM command of the offending files. - Fortunately I have a dedicated server with root access - however I imagine this may not be the case for other hosting deployments.
    What hex must be done so that any directory file created / uncompress installed / inherits the sites ownership permissions?

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