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  1. Ocean West added a post in a topic: filename downloading IPS installers   

    Thanks thats what i thought just wanted to confirm.
  2. Ocean West added a post in a topic: filename downloading IPS installers   

    just wondering what is the naming convention is for the folder of the download, some internal code?
    ips_47a95  = Beta 5 ips_bf07b = Beta 6
  3. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Silly question about upgrade / convert / import   

    for a big upgrade like this its a level playing field, most will have to disable existing / uninstall or wait to install a new version days or weeks after release. But the process could determine tables that are not "native" and move these tables wholesale to the new db - ( files and external content may need to be manually moved ) but since exiting data is separate and not overwritten original data can be manually moved) for traditional vRevs the existing delta updates would suffice. 
  4. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Silly question about upgrade / convert / import   

    years ago i migrated my from from another product so I never had the privilege of starting from scratch I had to setup the board and then use a converter to IMPORT old database to new database which if memory serves the converter is basically a logical mapping engine form one database to another that actually copies data from one location to another, and perhaps moves files from one location to another ( cleaning up along the way)
    However all the IPS upgrade have always been a process that updates the existing database updating or altering the schema as needed ( i think)
    Would it not be better for such a major upgraded for one method of upgrade / import convert?  where instead of modifying any exiting database have the upgrade process be more of an IMPORT where you first setup a fresh forum & db create a root user account for this site then run an upgrade providing all the url's paths and database access to the other site and then move all data over - converting and cleaning up stuff as needed. and ignoring some old defaults and assuming new defaults - omitting themes in lieu of the newer version?
    i mean you still have to build and create converters so that you can attract people who are leaving their platform for IPS - is IPS 3.4.7 and 4.0 are probably structurally enough different then any other competing product. So why not just build one conversion process?
    Just a curious...
    I'll attempt beta 6 tomorrow.
  5. Ocean West added a post in a topic: User Side Preference for Index Display   

    The end user should have the choice how to view the index page ( traditionally as a list - or as a grid like its' currently displaying ) 
  6. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Require update to profile fields X days...   

    i have a few custom profile fields asking members the platform they operate on and software version.
    I'd like to be able to have a system where on first login they can't make a post unless they confirm the values in the fields (allowing them to make a change)
    and if they haven't posted in n# of days ask again - so that when they post their profile is most current.
  7. Ocean West added a post in a topic: After Upgrade - Any clue what's happened?   

    I have been plagued by this process for the past TWO MONTHS have had an open ticket and bug report and other topic here. 

  8. Ocean West added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Fresh Install Default Welcome Post
    Time to update this text to: Welcome to IPS Community Suite
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  9. Ocean West added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    ​​But I save so much - don't need to visit the tanning salon  
    Left three are client computers ( two have gone home one leaves Friday )  - the big one is a tv (with Apple TV & FireTV) one on the far right is a server. (Mac Mini) 
    The middle ones is my MacBook then the iMac27 and external display - and iPad mini.  Typically i use Screen sharing to remote to another computer
    between my iMac and my server I user  http://synergy-project.org  to share the Mouse Keyboard. - works well.   
  10. Ocean West added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    On occasion this is my desktop.

  11. Ocean West added a post in a topic: New Content Options & search time out.   

    Is it possible for any  button filter you switch to has a higher threshold then the standard search flood time out.
    sometimes i click on one button and forget there is another option selected and then meant to choose forum vs bugs - and get hit with the too many requests warning, or more then I had ever gotten in the past. 
    Please wait 0 seconds before attempting another search
    Error code:  1C205/3
  12. Ocean West added a comment: Upgraded to B4   

    downloaded latest beta as of Sunday mid morning - 
    upgrade 3.4.7 (live site) - full suite of stuff.
    don't se any reference to the live site via the source - 
  13. Ocean West added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Upgraded to B4
    did another round of testing trying to upgrade to b4 with fresh copy of live site and it's lost all css and can't log in - not sure if its a setting some where htaccess or something else.
    reference:  http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/405943-must-be-doing-something-wrong/
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  14. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Must be doing something wrong   

    my issue may have something to do with htaccess - but a solution escapes me
  15. Ocean West added a post in a topic: Must be doing something wrong   

    standard operating procedure - 
    DO NO HARM TEST REPORT BUGS RE-TEST FAMILIARIZE by making a copy of a live site to a sand box you have the opportunity to make sure your site can upgrade and when the day comes that the software is released that things will go soothly - 
    knowing where the settings are and what they do before you launch, nothing worse then launching and you and your members are a noobs with the new software.
    There is no faster way to familiarize yourself with the software (find bugs) by working with your data - you are the expert on what exists and how it works now and can identify things that you couldn't if it was all just sample data. Plus there are so many variables of servers, setups upgrade paths third party add ons etc that affect the experience.

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