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  1. AlexJ added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Create the ticket, I would say so IPS can look into it. 

  2. AlexJ added a comment: Nexus - Subscription expiration date   

    Well if user doesn't want to pay then they can cancel the subscription and re-purchase it but why would someone not pay for same item and then re-buy it again? 
    Makes sense to change the renewal date after the product is expired but it's stupid to change the renewal date even when the product is not expired. 
    This is huge flaw in store.
    Without subscription - You can generate invoice 7 days before and even client pays before it then they loose 7 days. 
    With subscription - Since Nexus doesn't work well with IPN (PayPal) on 2 websites and I got my IPN suspended more then 3 times, I don't use IPN. Now expiry date changes when ever I approve the invoice. 
    When the product is not expired, expiry date shouldn't change. 
    Please look into this. This has been really annoying and deal breaker to use Nexus. 
  3. AlexJ added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Nexus - Subscription expiration date
    Subscription expiration changes based on invoice paid date. It's monthly subscription so invoice paid date shouldn't change subscription date.
    1st march is expiration date.
    Now if user pays invoice on 7th then expiration date changes to 7th while it should be still 1st.
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  4. AlexJ added a post in a topic: Invoice reminders   

    It would be nice if Nexus auto sends invoice reminder.. 1st Invoice Email before x day, 2nd one on 3 days before and last one on last day. 
  5. AlexJ added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    No email sent this time? 
  6. AlexJ added a comment: Attachements Beta 6   

    Yup that was the case. Removed folder and issue resolved.
  7. AlexJ added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Attachements Beta 6
    From the profile drop down select "Attachments" You get below error:
    You don't have permission to access /attachments/ on this server.
    FURL enabled.
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  8. AlexJ added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Multiple status feed
    Go to your status feed and submit one status message. Then keep clicking on submit button and it will publishing status feed even though there is no text in the description box. 
    • 1 reply
  9. AlexJ added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    IPS Connect from 3.4.7 to Beta 6
    I have master installation on 3.4.7 and i am trying to use same URL and key on beta 6 but it gives me below error:
    IPS Connect rejected the details provided. Please check the details you provided have been entered correctly and try again.  
    • 2 replies
  10. AlexJ added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    New Installation
    if you are trying to install new beta version from fresh and if config global is not writable it throws error in the box. Not sure if it's intended. 
    <?php $INFO = array ( 'lkey' => '', );  
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  11. AlexJ added a post in a topic: What phone do you use?   

    iPhone 5s. 
  12. AlexJ added a post in a topic: New design is too much white space...   

    ​Agreed but when properly applied but here my whole screen is filled up with that. I have to scroll down to see the content and that's really annoying to me. I guess it's each of it's own opinion. For some reason I like the XF one much better since I can do all what I need from the top landing page itself rather then scrolling down. 
    I guess time to find good skin for IPS 4.0. I personally like less white space, I wish it was little less compare to what it is right now.
  13. AlexJ added a post in a topic: New design is too much white space...   

    Do anyone feel it's white space on front end .. compare to any worth reading content?
    For some reason  I feel XF resource center is much more nicely organized and has better front end compare to our new IPS 4.
  14. AlexJ added a post in a topic: Followers notification X real followed 'content' notification   

    I wish you guys can work this out like Xenforo has. Most of the members on our forums has like 50 friends. Imagine notifications of what ever that 50 are doing to one person? Now imagine they loosing all the friends which they have over the years........   Either way we will be in trouble....
    I know that you peeps are hard at work but it looks like you all need good coffeeeeeeeee!!!
  15. AlexJ added a post in a topic: Followers notification X real followed 'content' notification   

    I am sorry to say this but I like Terabyte but I freaking hate all the notifications which i get when terabyte does something. terabyte could be my friend but if terabyte is hyper active on forums i ain't going to follow him lol

Status Feed

  1. AlexJ

    63272 spammers blocked lol... Good job stop forum spam :)

  2. AlexJ

    Waiting to see IPB 4.0. ;)

  3. AlexJ

    IP.Nexus 1.5.6 is messed up release.

  4. AlexJ

    9275 - Spammers blocked! LOL! Without anti spam hooks, I would be dead zombie LOL

  5. AlexJ

    Banning baidu takes off half load from your server.....

    1. surferboy

      oh yeah? I am getting continuous attempts at breaking down our Great Walls that surround our website ... from a hacker outside of Shanghai.

      Can you share how we ban baidu and perhaps the likes of these hackers will stop trying to penetrate our fortress? Thanks!

    2. AlexJ

      I suggest to use cloudflare + to block Baidu add this rule in your htaccess:

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^Baiduspider [NC]
      RewriteRule .* - [F]

      Sorry for late reply.

  6. AlexJ

    Feels just sorry for vB customers. God, bless you guys! IPB Rocks!

  7. AlexJ » Marcher Technologies

    Thanks for helping with IP.Content!! Cheers!

  8. AlexJ

    Renewed IP.Content License :) Time to poke around again!

  9. AlexJ

    Tired of this notification system! Their should be done something to make it better.

  10. AlexJ » .Ian

    Congratz :)

  11. AlexJ

    Common now release 3.2.3 :) Been waiting for it since a while :)

  12. AlexJ

    I wish Gallery light box and navigation would be better..

  13. AlexJ

    Never buy skin from Skinbox. Overall grade of company: D-

  14. AlexJ

    Wondering when IP.Gallery 4.1.1 will be released.

  15. AlexJ

    Company forums have become super slow lately.

  16. AlexJ

    Company forums have become super slow lately.

  17. AlexJ » The Geek

    Any plans to update the MUDD mod from you for 3.2?

  18. AlexJ

    After seeing couple of replies in one topic, all I have to say is 'LOL'

    1. Amy T

      What topic?

  19. AlexJ

    Waiting for next beta build party :)

  20. AlexJ

    I wish if there could be pagination in 'Content You Follow' page.

    1. .Peter


    2. Jeuhen

      Make a topic in the feedback forum :)

  21. AlexJ

    New tracker is confusing, really.

    1. Amy T

      indeed it is.

    2. Tom Christian

      In what way is it confusing? It looks exactly the same to me other than a slightly different style.

    3. AlexJ

      Someone fixed part of confusion :P It actually was copying my first reply and appending it at end after every new post in issue. I see it's not there anymore. The rest needs to be sync'd with forums topic/posting style. I posted suggestion :)

    4. .Peter

      Yeah.. it's all messed up.

    5. Alex

      It won't match the forums topic style, that's the whole reason it looks like it does now - to try and get away from the 'topic' view.

  22. AlexJ

    Go Mark go! Kill the bugs and release new beta :)

    1. Aisha


  23. AlexJ

    Someone call Brandon back from vacation so we can have beta 2 :P

    1. TheRevTastic

      No! He went to Rikki's wedding so leave him alone! lol

    2. ørret

      I'm in Orlando, don't release final before I'm home please :P

  24. AlexJ

    Waiting for blog from bfarber about IP.Content :)

    1. Alex

      Brandon is on vacation :)

    2. Haku2

      When will he be back? :)

    3. The Heff

      Are you guys allowed vacations?

    4. Cory b

      Off with his head, no vacations till 3.2 is out! ;)

  25. AlexJ

    Need's some unlike button to undo my like :)

    1. .Peter

      Omg... it's facebook all over again.

    2. AlexJ

      What's wrong in it :) There is already like :)

    3. .Peter

      Because everyone on facebook keeps asking for an dislike button :P lol

    4. AlexJ

      May be IPB will have it before Facebook :)

    5. Amy T

      I remember in the preview it was fun to like and unlike some thing over and over to see the members rep go down but would only do that on people I knew would not care.