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    GEL Studios CometChat Integration with IPB v3.1
    Works with ALL 3.x versions of IPB! - CONFIRMED up to 3.4.5!

    Don't have CometChat? Want to buy it? Then please do so through my affiliate link

    Full features are: [*]Choose what groups have access to CometChat. [*] New for version 3.0 - Choose what groups have access to each section of chatrooms, announcements and games! [*] New for version 3.0 -  Toggle home icon, share icon and scroll to top icon. [*]Ban specific users by USER ID. [*]Place your unique footer code (generated by the CometChat install procedure), directly into the settings of this hook, NO NEED TO EDIT YOUR TEMPLATES. [*]ACP Options, no need to amend/edit config file. [*]Users from allowed groups, have an option under there forum settings to turn on or off. [*] New for version 3.1 - UCP Page for users no file edits [*] New for version 3.1 - Users can toggle CometChat modules, based on there access that is set via the admin ACP [*] New for version 3.1 - Admin setting to allow users to toggle CometChat modules or not.
    To Install please follow the following steps.

    Existing CometChat User :

    1.) Install the hook provided.
    2.) Go into your globalTemplate (of all skins it is installed in), and cut the CometChat footer code.
    3.) If your footer code is different from the default code provided in the CometChat settings, then override with your code.(found in Settings -> GEL Studios -> CometChat).
    4.) Recache all skin sets.
    5.) Set your settings!

    New CometChat User :

    1.) Install the hook provided.
    2.) Run through the CometChat installation procedure.
    3.) Copy the footer code provided at the end of the CometChat installation.
    4.) Go to Settings -> GEL Studios -> CometChat, and if the code provided by the installation is different to the default value in the settings, over write with your code.
    5.) Recache all skin sets.
    6.) Set your settings!

    Note - CometChat is an encoded modification, and there system for "allowing" licenses is slow to say the least, if you are a new user installing cometchat and this hook and it doesnt "show" do not worry, chances are your sites URL has not been authorised yet, all support tickets for cometchat must be logged with cometchat, and not myself.

    Enjoy this modification!

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  1. Graeme Leighfield

    New CometChat integration V3 released!

  2. Graeme Leighfield

    New CometChat intergration V3 released!

  3. Graeme Leighfield

    where are the conversion scripts held to convert phpbbv3 to ipb?

    1. Ryan Ashbrook

  4. KOG » Graeme Leighfield

    hey my friend how can i make a cool homepage, im very new to this

  5. Graeme Leighfield

    All IPContent blocks now listed with the new marketplace, Please can someone authorise them for me :) Thanks!

  6. Graeme Leighfield

    Can someone from IPS Staff please answer my Client Area support request?

    1. ørret

      Patience is a virtue.

    2. Breadfan

      It's SUNDAY. :D

    3. Paranormalis

      Yea, it is Sunday. There is no support on the weekends or holidays.

    4. .Brian

      I don't see any tickets open for you?

    5. Graeme Leighfield

      Its been resolved now, some kind soul helped me out :)

    6. Collin S.

      Abnormalist: General Support is staffed all the time, including weekends. I should know - I've been doing tickets all day. :P

  7. Graeme Leighfield

    Would like to start a Wolfie fan club! Who else is in?

    1. AndyF

      no :p

    2. Jim

      go on then...

    3. Graeme Leighfield

      Have a gander at my signature! Lets see how many people we can get to join :D

    4. Wolfie


    5. Carl M

      "Im out"

    6. Graeme Leighfield

      Is that said with a scottish accent? ;)

    7. Carl M

      Indeed :P

    8. Robulosity2

      Providing said Fan club includes tying him to a fan and turning it on very high...

    9. I am Freddy G

      wolfie is NOT annoying :)

    10. Wolfie

      Owoooo! :P

  8. Graeme Leighfield

    Is house hunting! Getting a Mortgage seems rather frightfull tho!

    1. Gaffney

      Mortgage = life consuming.

    2. Jim

      Graeme, give the Post Office a go for your mortgage, just done mine through them and they were the best rate

  9. Graeme Leighfield

    Just drove 460 miles from UK to Germany. Hard work!

    1. GameFeed

      dude why do it and why Germany

    2. Camoo

      Welcome to germany :-)

    3. RobertMidd

      Just think another 460 miles and you are back home.

    4. Graeme Leighfield

      Yeah true, one hell of a commute :P

  10. Graeme Leighfield

    Needs to know how to grab post data from adding a topic for a new hook. Help?

    1. Mike John

      I've got some basic new topic hook code in my shoutbox topic alert mod. Let me know if you need help modifying it for your own use.

    2. Graeme Leighfield

      Nice one, thanks :)

  11. Graeme Leighfield

    New hook added allowing similar function to that of the contributor icon seen on here - just waiting to be approved

    1. AndyF


    2. Graeme Leighfield


  12. Graeme Leighfield

    New hook added allowing similar function to that of the contributor icon seen on here - just waiting to be approved

    1. Tony.M

      Niceeee :D

  13. Graeme Leighfield

    Has just purchased the $50 pre beta Nexus :D

  14. Graeme Leighfield

    So.... Wheres Nexus?

  15. Graeme Leighfield

    Just submitted Facebook like button for 3.0.x to the resources directory :)

    1. AndyF

      Approved it

    2. Graeme Leighfield

      Nice one Andy - cheers mate

  16. Graeme Leighfield

    Do people just not read the release documents?!

  17. Graeme Leighfield

    Dear Father Christmas, I know its early, but please can I have IP Nexus?


      we can hope for an early Christmas :)

  18. Graeme Leighfield

    How many posts on here before you can set your own member title?

    1. Alex

      500 or 1000 I think.

    2. Graeme Leighfield

      Wasnt it 400 at some point, i remember that figure flying around at some point.

    3. Alex

      Might have been back in the IPSBeyond days, not too sure now..

    4. Tony.M

      I can change mine.. I have 700 post but I think I got to change it at 500

    5. Fishfish0001

      I can't change/find where to change mine at 600 :

    6. Tony.M

      Edit profile and its right there when you click it... under Profile Information

    7. Fishfish0001

      Oh well then I can change it :D

    8. AndyF

      on here 500 unless its been changed. 500 is default setting anyway.

    9. TrixieTang

      It's actually 501 since the setting makes it so your postcount has to be above the number it's set to.

  19. Graeme Leighfield

    Trying to get my head around building my first application...

  20. Graeme Leighfield

    GLC Random Forum Logo Hook is awaiting validation!

    1. AndyF

      I approved it about an hour after it was submitted :) , although I've only just seen this status update.

    2. Graeme Leighfield

      ha ha, your just too quick for your own good mate!