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  1. daveoh added a comment: [RC7] A user can't stop double posting   

    Just updated to RC7a, one of my first posts did the same again. After nothing I opened up my web inspector, no errors. Clicked Sumbit Reply again, button greyed out, nothing happened and no errors still in the console at all.
  2. daveoh added a comment: [RC7] A topic page is missing and last post info is wrong   

    Andy if you're reading, I already have a ticket open from last night #911178, fix me and you will have the love from all my members  
  3. daveoh added a comment: [RC7] A topic page is missing and last post info is wrong   

    Just to add this topic on here does the same thing, open 

    Leave it a few minutes and 3 more replies will show with the first being 11 hours ago

  4. daveoh added a comment: [RC7] A user can't stop double posting   

    Just this second had it happen again, in frustration came back to the bug tracker hoping for a magical fix to be here. Looking on the positive side my forum will become a 1 million post board quicker than I expected if it's another week before RC8 
  5. daveoh added a comment: [RC7] A user can't stop double posting   

    Not sure if this is related as I'm also getting quite a lot of double posts although it's not automatic, write a post, click submit reply and it looked like it clicked but the post didn't move up. Questioned myself if I actually pressed it, press it again, still nothing. Go to the homepage and it's showing me as being the last poster, go in and both posts are there.
  6. daveoh added a comment: [RC7] A topic page is missing and last post info is wrong   

    Have the same thing and opened a support ticket. Plus for me if you made a post it would show, go back and it would be gone, if I sit and wait around 2-3 minutes the show replies box appears, add all the replies, go out the thread and comeback in and they are all missing and only 9 pages showing when there is 10.
    Sometime through the night tho the 10th page decided to show up, it's now there. 
    Can also confirm that when deleting a post it still shows as being the latest on the homepage, I did open a bug report for this in RC6 which was marked fixed a few days ago. It isn't.
  7. daveoh added a post in a topic: Advertisements   

    Plugin works perfectly, exactly what I needed, thanks @daniel-son  really appreciate it!
  8. daveoh added a post in a topic: Advertisements   

    ​When you're losing 60% of your revenue it would be foolish not to consider other options, I'll try the plugin now, thanks!
  9. daveoh added a post in a topic: Advertisements   

    4.0 is not Adsense friendly, @craigf136 I'm interested how have you got the ad slot working after first post, when I place Adsense code in this slot it stops people from navigating through topic pages when using Chrome.

    I was told by support to try a minimum width, I've tried everything but can't get it to work. I was also told they were investigating giving us an option to disable Ajax for pagination, I fear that that this won't be coming any time soon if at all.
    I also had to add media queries with minimum width to my header ads as they wasn't showing in Chrome. 
    Suite wide default header and footer placements are a no go as Adsense you are not allowed to display ads on login or error pages, it was the same in 3.4 and I agree that some won't realise this or understand how to edit templates and include custom locations. More preset ad locations for Adsense users wouldn't go a miss.
    I have added 2 customer location ads {advertisement="header"} to the top and {advertisement="footer"} to the following templates
    forums > front > index > index 
    forums > front > forums > forumDisplay
    forums > front > topics > topic
    This displays adverts on the home page, within a forum and the topic page.
    My ad revenue is down by around 60% since upgrading to 4, losing the ad slot in the first post or after is a massive loss, add to that when users navigate through pages in a topic the page loads with the topic pagination at the top of the screen so the header ad doesn't show, they are basically seeing one ad in the footer if they scroll down far enough. Great for the user, not great for showing ads.

    If disabling Ajax for pagination doesn't come with the full release I will have to look at my options and possibly moving to Xenforo, just can't afford to take a huge hit like this on ad revenue.
  10. daveoh added a comment: [RC5] Editor not loading on mobile   

    Bringing back the plain text editor on mobile and tablets would make me a very very happy man. So many complaints of it being laggy, not loading, having to double tap to get the cursor in. 
  11. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC5] Editor not loading on mobile
    Using iPhone 6 Safari, after posting a reply the editor doesn't load without refreshing the page and the mod tools appear.

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  12. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC5] New Content - Error Code EX1054 for just one member
    One member is seeing this error code when viewing New Content, I've logged in as him and can confirm. No other members are reporting this issue, any ideas. This was first reported in RC4, upgraded to RC5 and still there.

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  13. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC5] Empty page after deleted posts / homepage not updated
    Deleting a post which takes the topic to a new page leaves the page there but empty, the forum homepage also doesn't update to show the post has been removed yet it does within the topic.

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  14. daveoh added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC4] Fatal error when creating topic
    When creating a thread members are getting this error
    Fatal error : Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1024 bytes) in  /var/sites/d/dcfcfans.uk/public_html/system/Db/Select.php  on line  421
    The topic is still posted, refreshing on the error is causing duplicate topics being posted.
    Tried increasing memory limit to 200mb with php.ini but still get the same error
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  15. daveoh added a post in a topic: -1 Replies?   

    Have the same on my site with the added feature of a blank white page after submitting a new topic