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  1. daveoh added a post in a topic: Warning Points   

    Please give us back the option to not show the warning points to members under the avatar.

    Since the update they have become a massive talking point, we have/had a rule where warnings and bans are not to be discussed on the forum, my mods are getting a little annoyed having to deal with the moaning now.

    I've even got members pm'ing me huge rants about freedom of speech to about previous warnings they picked up and accepted at the time.

    Members just don't want that constant reminder that they are on the naughty step.

    3.3.1 sneak the option back and put a smile back on my face, pretty pretty please.
  2. daveoh added a comment: iPad Quoting   

    Have the same problem, multi quote does work tho which I've been using to get around it
  3. daveoh added a record in IP.Board   

    Location field showing in private messages
    I have "Allow custom profile field info be used in topic view" set to No and the location field doesn't show in topics as it shouldn't.....


    But I've just noticed it is showing in private messages.


    Not sure if this has always been the case and something I've missed before or it's a bug.

    My skin has no custom template changes.
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