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  1. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Guides / Knowledge Base App?   

    Actually, this was created with IP.Content .
  2. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Just telling the truth about my experience of vB support...   

    I switched in 2009 after the vB4 release and their interpretation of 'Gold'. I didn't see any perspective for a better ending and unfortunately (competition is always a good thing for customers, but they aren't anymore) I was right. vB5 is a disaster and won't be a competitive product in near time. It only has a chance if every other vendor will stop working on their own product.

    I've never had a bad experience with their support, though. I bought my license on the Germany sister site and they have been always helpful. Even after they had been kicked for vB5.
  3. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Old vB Admins - why did you switch to IPB?   

    I switched in 2009 after they had released vB4 in a incredibly bad condition. I didn't see any perspective for the software and unfortunately I was right. vB5 Connect has less features than vB4 and is in a similar bad shape than vB4 was at release.

    So simple: vB5 has no perspective and doubt it ever will.
  4. Hatsu added a post in a topic: What is the translation key for the "Forums" in the menu?   

    You can edit the name in applications -> Applications Public title.

    Or you can add a phrase core/public_global appname _display_title where appname is the name of the app. So for forums it would be forums_display_title, for Nexus nexus_display_title and so on. With the phrases you can add translations for more than one language.
  5. Hatsu added a post in a topic: IP.Downloads Preview?   

    Is it possible to see a working version of IP.Downloads?
  6. Hatsu added a post in a topic: .... has read this post   

    You could enter a new phrase instead of "Like this".
  7. Hatsu added a post in a topic: able to download   

    All purchases are processed manually by IPS staff, so it may take a while until it's confirmed.

    Welcome to IPS :)
  8. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Arcade?   

    The owner didn't pay his fees? Dunno...

    Something like this ?
  9. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Custom Field options   

    Almost one year over :)

    I would like to see this also. Plus I would want that I can direkt link to a package with automatically a custom field option selected. Is this already possible?
  10. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Is It Possible To Use A Special Skin For A Certain Forum?   

    Yes, you can assign a skin to a specific forum.
  11. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Can Nexus show multiple currencies?   

    No, it's not just showing it. You would have to show the price based on the current currency rate and Nexus doesn't check for them.
  12. Hatsu added a post in a topic: android app / mobile style   

    IP.Nexus yes, IP.Content can't as you define the content which is displayed. For your information: IP.Content ist not a CMS like Joomla or vBulletin has. Try the demo and take a look or you will be probably disappointed!
  13. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Disable signatures for guests   

    System Settings > Members > User Profiles > Allow signatures for guests
  14. Hatsu added a gallery image in Screenshots for bug reports.   

    Link Error
    Gallery 5.0.0

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