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  1. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Guides / Knowledge Base App?   

    Actually, this was created with IP.Content .
  2. Hatsu added a record in IP.Content   

    Caching of pages and blocks
    I don't know if this is really a bug or WAI.
    I have a page. It uses a page template where a sidebar is built with several blocks.
    Now, if I set the page to be cached the blocks which are in the page template are cached, too, although, they are set not to be cached in their settings.
    Is this WAI?
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  3. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Just telling the truth about my experience of vB support...   

    I switched in 2009 after the vB4 release and their interpretation of 'Gold'. I didn't see any perspective for a better ending and unfortunately (competition is always a good thing for customers, but they aren't anymore) I was right. vB5 is a disaster and won't be a competitive product in near time. It only has a chance if every other vendor will stop working on their own product.
    I've never had a bad experience with their support, though. I bought my license on the Germany sister site and they have been always helpful. Even after they had been kicked for vB5.
  4. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Old vB Admins - why did you switch to IPB?   

    I switched in 2009 after they had released vB4 in a incredibly bad condition. I didn't see any perspective for the software and unfortunately I was right. vB5 Connect has less features than vB4 and is in a similar bad shape than vB4 was at release.
    So simple: vB5 has no perspective and doubt it ever will.
  5. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Disable vouchers ?   

    Delete all entries in "Gift Vouchers" in Nexus -> Store and Client Settings.
  6. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Is there an easy way to increase 'max_user_connections'?   

    You can increase this value in main config file (e.g., /etc/my.cnf) using this syntax: [mysqld] set-variable=max_connections=250 If you are on shared hosting, you can't.
  7. Hatsu added a post in a topic: My site hacked   

  8. Hatsu added a post in a topic: My site hacked   

    You can be sure they're on it. The problem could be environment specific.
    You should attach PHP and OS to your ticket.
  9. Hatsu added a post in a topic: What is the translation key for the "Forums" in the menu?   

    You can edit the name in applications -> Applications Public title.
    Or you can add a phrase core/public_global appname _display_title where appname is the name of the app. So for forums it would be forums_display_title, for Nexus nexus_display_title and so on. With the phrases you can add translations for more than one  language.
  10. Hatsu added a post in a topic: IP.Downloads Preview?   

    Is it possible to see a working version of IP.Downloads?
  11. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Uk board is there a language file for us?   

    ACP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Languages -> Edit Language -> Change locale to en_GB
  12. Hatsu added a post in a topic: Where is that "Mark this forum as read" link ?   

    Forum View -> forumIndexTemplate
  13. Hatsu added a post in a topic: SQL Table join   

    Have you tried "table1_id = (table2_id/100)"?
  14. Hatsu added a post in a topic: What does IPS use for their bug tracker?   

    IP.Content. See here.

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