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  1. KW802 added a post in a topic: vb to ipb   

    You could just install IPB in a different folder than vB (eg: vB is in /forums and IPB is in /ipb), do the conversion, work on your style & settings, and then either leave IPB in /ipb or move the contents of /ipb to where you really want it to be.

    It is what I am currently doing with a vB4 site that I'm using for testing... I have vB & IPB installed in two different sub-folders and I can freely work on the IPB copy without losing my vB files until I'm ready.
  2. KW802 added a post in a topic: Migration to IPB   

    Just to be clear.... that includes "PhotoPost vBGallery" in addition to "PhotoPost Pro" (which are two entirely different gallery products)?
  3. KW802 added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Soft Delete   

    /me likes :)
  4. KW802 added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Auto Tweet New/Random Content to Twitter!   

    use twitterfeed if you want to spam twitter ;)
    if you use an auto poster, you severally miss the point of twitter IMHO
  5. KW802 added a post in a topic: sort mods by paid and free   

    oh that's great news, thanks Brandon :thumbsup:

    with that and I just found out about this files/ folder, I'm going to be busy for a while :ph34r:

    btw.. I was told on Twitter that I can get to that files area through the customer resources link in the header, this is what I've always seen clicking that link.
    so I never looked deeper :ermm:
  6. KW802 added a post in a topic: Another VB site looking to switch to IPB   

    Welcome to IPB Dan :)
  7. KW802 added a post in a topic: sort mods by paid and free   

    is there a way I can sort these mods by paid or free downloads?
    It's rather annoying that I finally find a few useful mods and 90% are paid.
    I don't have a problem paying for a mod, but I just bought the thanks mod for 10$ and it's a waste of money in its current state.
    It's VERY plain, no stats, you don't get an alert when your "thanked"
    please say there is a way to sort these mods from paid/free, also do devs not put screenshots or live demos?

    This is something I miss with vbulletin, is a great resource, I only hope IPB has something like this one day.
    The IPB modifications area is nothing compared to what vB offers.
  8. KW802 added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 3.1.0 Wrap Up   

    look forward to the updates :)
  9. KW802 added a post in a topic: Title tag issue in the gallery   

    any suggestions for this one? :unsure:
  10. KW802 added a post in a topic: List of sites / pages done using CCS   

    I've been working on my CCS page here: IPBSetup
    I've redone the page a few times, and will redo it again when I find a good style for the forum.
  11. KW802 added a post in a topic: Just Bought IP.Board...   

    You'll be happy with your choice :)

    The first purchase took me about 12 hours to get the dl, but I just picked up the blog and gallery and had the dl within few hours on the blog, and 30 mins or so on the gallery.
  12. KW802 added a post in a topic: Title tag issue in the gallery   

    I see that the title doesn't change in my gallery
    and this finally adds something

    what I would like is to...
    a. remove the site name from all these pages
    b. have all pages with a unique title pulled from the categories, albums and images

  13. KW802 added a post in a topic: My IP.content website   

    the root url is looking much much better
    good job :)
    are each of these pages made with ip.content? (the areas?area=x)

    looks awesome
  14. KW802 added a post in a topic: Blog Syndication   

    great addition of the RSS feed ;)

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    Considering a change? Me too.

  3. KW802 » The Geek

    let me know if you find a good ip.content coder, I have a few questions as well.

  4. KW802 » Tom Christian

    good deal, I'll check them out again when I get some time.
    I'd like to get a style, not that the default isn't working, but I want to try and stand out "a little" :p
    and thanks, I just recently started really promoting it :)

  5. KW802 » Iestyn

    ya, that was this last spring, I took him out to watch me play disc golf.

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    Fixed that error and made some nice changes whilst I was at it :) Thanks again for the info!

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    Leo's looking very cool in your display pic =P Nice specs lol.

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    Cheers for the head's up Brandon. We'll look into it. I enjoyed your blog posts by the way :)

  9. Adrian Schneider » KW802

    Yeah, just checking it out. I'm interested in the codebase to see if I want to start taking on IPB work instead of vB.

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    hey stranger, are you checking IPB as well?

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    Is this thing on? :]

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    for a while I was like.. wow, brent checked ipbsetup out like every

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    It did it automatically when I used Facebook Connect.

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    do you have your facebook updates tied into your status updates on ipbsetup somehow?

  15. KW802 » Tom Christian

    hey i was checking out some of your skins, I like the agent orange
    but when I clicked on a few links, I get a hostgator 404 page
    so you're a. hosting a site with broken links, and b. giving hostgator money for free ;)
    I'd fix the broken links and setup your own 404 page ;)

  16. KW802 » Iestyn

    thx, it was good.
    I was logged in to messenger from work, so when I would try from home, it would disconnect me after a few seconds.
    Hope you have a good Christmas as well.

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    Hey mate, last time I spoke to you, you were busy and you went offline before I could wish you a merry christmas. Hope you had a good time =]

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    good to see you around bud :)

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    Hi Shelley, it's Shelby from Vbulletin. :D

  20. Hasann » KW802

    No, vBulletin is better than all

  21. DarkGizmo » KW802

    Hey Brandon. Hope you enjoy IPB if you need help just ask. I will gladly provide support in any way I can. :)

  22. KW802 » Hasann

    I wanted to play with IPB
    what about you?

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    hi brandon what are you doing here my buddy :D