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  1. Tsvi added a post in a topic: RSS feed import problem   

    Here are all the available RSS feeds that IGN has:
    I don't see PS4 anywhere.
  2. Tsvi added a post in a topic: RSS feed import problem   

    Seems like there's a RSS tag in the stream the IPB couldn't understand / validate.
    Can you give a URL to the RSS you wanted to add?
    Because I took for example this RSS feed:
    I validated it and it's seems to be OK.
  3. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Quick RSS Feed Question...   

    I'm not sure I understand what you want to do...
    You want it a RSS that will contain only one forum? So while you create a new RSS stream (in the export page) you just choose only one forum that you would like to create RSS feed from.
    Unless I don't understand what you need.
  4. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Nofollow better seo   

    You don't need nofollow for this.
    This is the right job for the robots.txt
  5. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Rename The 'admin' Directory   

    Heh. You put the apostrophe chars in the name of the file
    it should be:
  6. Tsvi added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Changing Join Date?   

    If you know how to work around with phpMyAdmin, just find you own member record in table named 'members',
    when you find the record of your own username just edit it, and edit field named 'joined'.
    This field should contain a UNIX time stamp, you can create a time stamp with this tool:
    Just fill the second form and press 'Convert to a time stamp', that time stamp you should put in the field named 'joined' of your username record in the database.
    Hope I helped.
    If you don't know how to work with your database & phpmyadmin just don't touch it and leave it be!
  7. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Rename The 'admin' Directory   

    What's the problem? It's explained very simply ;)
    You rename the 'admin' folder to whatever you want.
    After that, in your main IPB folder create a new file named 'constants.php'
    and place this code in it:
    <?php define( 'CP_DIRECTORY', 'admin' ); ?> instead of 'admin' put the new name of the admin folder.
    Should do the trick :)
  8. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Spam bots   

    Use this hook:
    It's doing the trick very well for me ;)
  9. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Members ranks not updating - any thoughts?   

    Which ranks exactly? Those that are being decided by member's posts count?
  10. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Pruning threads in a specific forum.   

    Here, you have this hook (M34) Delete Old Topics .
    I installed this too a week ago, so it works fine. ;)
  11. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Forum problems   

    About the passwords, I don't think you can fix this problem. Both systems are working with different type of encrypting methods for the passwords,
    that's why after you upgraded you can't log in with your password, and you need to reset it, because after you reset it in IPB it'll store your password
    with encryption that IPB is working with.
    I would advise you to send mass PMs to all of your members that they should reset their passwords, or they won't be able to log in.
  12. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Sub-forums   

    Nice skin you've installed! :)
  13. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Block China and where is sitemap,rss   

    There's nothing in this system that you need to do manually every time.
    Then you get into your ACP -> Forums -> RSS Management -> RSS Export
    Then you press 'Create New RSS Export Stream'
    You set it right, choose the forum you want to set RSS for, and it's done. It'll be updated automatically when there will be new topics in that forum.
    BTW, if you want to take external RSS feed and make it post automatically on one of your forums, for example you have a Movies category and you have a RSS feed
    that contain all new movies that has been released on Blu-Ray for example, you can make it post on your forum automatically.
    So instead of going into RSS Export you go in RSS Import .
  14. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Sub-forums   

    I'm not familiar with any modifications that might do that as you asked.
    I think you just should ask someone that has a knowledge in CSS that will code that for you.
  15. Tsvi added a post in a topic: Block China and where is sitemap,rss   

    If you want to do block China I have a fast way to do it with the .htaccess,
    I don't really know any fast way to do that. Instead of making a script that checks your IP, whois it with some source and if it's China IP it'll block it,
    but I less recommend this way because it may slow down your board a bit.
    The fastest way is to do it is with the .htaccess.
    Check this one:
    Choose 'China' from the list, then choose '.htaccess deny', then press 'Create ACL'.
    Copy & Paste this whole code to your .htaccess file and it should do the trick.
    This list should cover most of China's IP ranges I guess.
    About the sitemaps, just use IP.SEO, it's a built-in feature in IPB 3.4 (If you are on lower version of IPB, you should install IP.SEO from here ).
    It'll allow you to create full sitemap of your board.

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