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  1. Trevor Brandt

    Jason is so helpful on support tickets... I now understand IP.Content. :D

    1. .Peter

      likes this.

  2. Trevor Brandt

    So confused with IP.Content...

    1. CondemnedFX

      Welcome to my world.

    2. Trevor Brandt

      Yeah! It's tough to grasp imo. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I'm having quite a lot of trouble learning how to set it all up.

    3. Daren @ IT

      it is a are not alone my friend.

    4. Trevor Brandt

      Since I installed it, tons of errors are happening throughout my community. I'm guessing something went wrong with the install, but bleh, I thought it would be much, much easier to setup.

    5. JahLion

      Nice addon but a very big headache,like those blocks they need to make that like plug and play not with all the stuff i see they have,make people very confused..

    6. Trevor Brandt

      Yeah. I just purchased it and thought it would be easier to setup- but it's not. At least not for me. I'm truly confused. Hopefully the update will change that?

    7. JahLion

      May be you shoudl tried the demo before buying it,that's what i'm doing testing before go spending money on something that i might can't use.

    8. Trevor Brandt

      True. I actually believe I understand the system, I just am receiving tons of errors and it's making it unusable.

    9. MissNinja

      IPC definitely has a learning curve. Feel free to PM if you need some help. I can't help if there's an install problem (in which case you should submit a support ticket), but I can probably get you started on using the software if you need help working it. :)

    10. Trevor Brandt

      Thanks very much! Yeah, I believe there's an install problem. I've submitted a ticket and marked it as critical since my community is unusable as of right now. Haven't received a response yet, it's been two hours, but it's Sunday so I guess that's probably why. Thanks again for offering to help!

  3. Trevor Brandt

    is at the airport!