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  1. Trevor Brandt added a comment on a blog entry: Improved Skin Generator   

    [quote name='Peter.B' date='08 October 2010 - 04:07 AM']A really nice touch would be if it could generate decent dark skins. When you make the colours really dark it doesn't do so well as it does with brighter skins if you see what I mean.

    I think it's the other way around, isn't it? I might be wrong, but I've been trying to create a nice bright orange skin and it comes out really bad...
  2. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: IP.Content   

    Thank you so much for your response!

    Seems like it will work perfectly for my site.

    Right now I have an index.php, header.php, and footer.php. Would I simply use the data from the header.php and footer.php to create the wrapper? Then, all my content between is what I put into IP.Content? Am I understanding things correctly?

    Sorry if these questions sound dumb, I'm just confused with how the system works overall.
  3. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: IP.Content   


    I'm about to renew my IP.Board license and I'm considering purchasing IP.Content. I have a few questions about it, though.

    First, how does it work exactly? I've tired out the demo and I see the demo IP.Content site but is it hard to add to a site that's already created? Do you just add PHP code or something to the areas that you want to display content and it pulls it in?

    What about people logging in? Are they able to do that from my main website and then when they go to the forums they're already logged in? How does all of that work?

    Thanks for any of your help!
  4. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: COPPA   

    Guess you've got a point.

    What if you don't put in an address/fax number? Are those areas just blank then?

    I just think it would be easier/save time for both the administrator/member to deny membership and tell them they cannot register vs having to edit files and ignore requests.
  5. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: COPPA   

    I would like to see this option, too. What if a site doesn't want anyone under thirteen period? They shouldn't have to process forms.
  6. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: Questions Before Renewal   

    Thank you, that's all I need to know. :)

    I plan to renew soon.

    Thanks again guys!
  7. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: Questions Before Renewal   

    Thanks for the reply!

    Your system looks great. There are a few things that I would need adjusted but otherwise I think that it would fit my needs great.

    Regarding IP.Content, is it possible to use IP.Board's layout for whatever you build? I'm not interested in actually integrating it into any website- I would rather just use it around my forums.

    Thanks again for all the help,
  8. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: Questions Before Renewal   

    Thank you very much for the responses. I appreciate your time.

    Regarding setting up a forum to handle requests, I believe that I would like to customize things bit more than that.

    I do like the idea about IP.Content though. I'm going to have a look into it.

    Also, I've had a look at that app and it looks very interesting. I'll contact him and see if he's interested in doing custom work.

    Thanks again!
  9. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: Questions Before Renewal   

    Hi there!

    This question actually pertains more to the developers on this forum, but since I don't have an active license, I don't have access to ask. Hopefully asking here is okay.

    Before I renew, I would like to know if there are any developers on this forum who could assist me (with payment) on building a radio script for my website.

    The script would need to include the following:

    Request line (which only members would have access to use) The user's account name would be sent with a message to the request center. DJ's would be able to view requests and delete/report them. If reported, the messages would go to the report center that IP.Board has. DJ's would be able to click "book" and book whatever slots they would like. Admins would have access to clearing the whole schedule. Obviously all of this would work off of IP.Board and would be configured to work with it. Competition line (" ")Just like the request line, user's account name would be sent with a message (aka their answer) to the competition center. This area would also feature a "Current Competition Question" area.[*]Requests manager (which only DJ's would have access to)Competitions manager (" ")Similar to the request line center, DJ's would be able to delete/report entries. If reported, messages go to the report center. There would also be a feature to mark which entry is the winner/correct one. That information would be stored and could be seen on any user's profile. There would also be an area to update the competition question.[*]Schedule (open for everyone to view)[*]Schedule manager (which only DJ's would have access to)

    Again, hopefully no one minds me asking in this area- just trying to see if anyone could do this project. If there is, I'll definitely renew!

  10. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: Skin Ordering   

    I would love a way to re-order the skins. I hate having other skins listed above my default.
  11. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: Just a few questions   

    Yes, there are plenty of nice mods available for download.

    I'm not exactly sure, but I think it's because you're yet to be placed into the active customers group.

    Again, not exactly sure on this one, but inside the admin CP there are helpful short articles there to assist. Since the product is newish, somethings are obviously missing from what I've gathered but are in the process of being written.
  12. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: only 5 users in the free version?   

    Seems very reasonable to me. :)
  13. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: only 5 users in the free version?   

    Good points. Will be interested to know the prices when they're released. IPS seems open to dealing with customers on an individual basis, so I'm sure if a large forum needed an extreme amount of slots, they could assist.
  14. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: only 5 users in the free version?   

    Whenever I posted, I'd like to point out that I wasn't complaining. I fully understand that IPS could charge us for the application. How wonderful that it's free!

    Personally, I was just a bit surprised by the number. As I stated in my post, I understand that the application is running from your servers. I understand that having a higher amount of chatters would cause an overload. I understand all that. I was just honestly surprised that the maximum was only five people.

    All that being said, I guess we can't really place a finger on the exact amount of users we would require. If IPS said ten free slots, people would say fifteen. If they said fifteen, people would say twenty. Putting an exact limit on things is hard.

    Five is probably an ideal amount for a small community. I'm just curious what a larger company would do when it comes to something like this. I guess pay extra for more slots. Maybe IP.Chat should be sold as an actual product, a product that people can host solely on their servers?
  15. Trevor Brandt added a post in a topic: only 5 users in the free version?   

    I agree. I was thinking more along the lines of ten, but five seems way too low.

    Maybe IPS just can't handle that many people chatting for free though? I mean, it is using their servers. Hopefully the other pricing packages aren't too expensive.

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  1. Trevor Brandt

    Jason is so helpful on support tickets... I now understand IP.Content. :D

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  2. Trevor Brandt

    So confused with IP.Content...

    1. CondemnedFX

      Welcome to my world.

    2. Trevor Brandt

      Yeah! It's tough to grasp imo. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I'm having quite a lot of trouble learning how to set it all up.

    3. Daren @ IT

      it is a are not alone my friend.

    4. Trevor Brandt

      Since I installed it, tons of errors are happening throughout my community. I'm guessing something went wrong with the install, but bleh, I thought it would be much, much easier to setup.

    5. JahLion

      Nice addon but a very big headache,like those blocks they need to make that like plug and play not with all the stuff i see they have,make people very confused..

    6. Trevor Brandt

      Yeah. I just purchased it and thought it would be easier to setup- but it's not. At least not for me. I'm truly confused. Hopefully the update will change that?

    7. JahLion

      May be you shoudl tried the demo before buying it,that's what i'm doing testing before go spending money on something that i might can't use.

    8. Trevor Brandt

      True. I actually believe I understand the system, I just am receiving tons of errors and it's making it unusable.

    9. MissNinja

      IPC definitely has a learning curve. Feel free to PM if you need some help. I can't help if there's an install problem (in which case you should submit a support ticket), but I can probably get you started on using the software if you need help working it. :)

    10. Trevor Brandt

      Thanks very much! Yeah, I believe there's an install problem. I've submitted a ticket and marked it as critical since my community is unusable as of right now. Haven't received a response yet, it's been two hours, but it's Sunday so I guess that's probably why. Thanks again for offering to help!

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