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  1. prupdated added a post in a topic: Thumbnails in IP4.0 Abysmal   

    Generally images displayed on a page should match their served size. HTML scaling is not generally appropriate. Most page speed ranking services will also tell you this.
    They will even take it a step further and go into sprite use depending on your sites use of images.
    As it is, for years I have had to work around this in IPB by manually editing various templates, system files and settings to pull my images from a caching resize script.
    These are some of the optimization techniques I would rather see implemented in IPB. 
    The example on page 1 of this thread is simply HTML scaled and is the same as the full size image. Instead of using 150KB it should probably use 50KB. If you have 10 images like this, now you're up to 1 MB of unnecessary extra transfer for the page.

  2. prupdated added a post in a topic: (DDK33) Instant Notifications   

    Here's a rough javascript file that seems to work around the problems with this download on 3.4.5.
    It could be improved on and could have some bugs, but it should at least get things going.
    1. What I did was still use the files from this download, but disable the hook part.
    2. Then save the following script below to /public/js/notify.js
    3. Modify the your-web-site-here to your ipb board url.
    4. Modify 60000 at the end to however many seconds you want the check interval to be x 1,000. So this is 60 seconds.
    5. Put a <script src='/public/js/notify.js'></script> somewhere in your global template, potentially in an area where it shows for members only.
    6. This script presumes jquery is loaded somewhere already.
    var GetNotify = jQuery.noConflict(); var notify_data = ''; var notify_count = ''; var mess_count = ''; var orig_title = document.title; setInterval(function(){"", { secure_key: ipb.vars['secure_hash'] }, function (notify_data) { mess_count = notify_data['pms_cnt']; notify_count = notify_data['ntfs_cnt']; if (mess_count > 0 ) { GetNotify('#inbox_link').html('<span class="ipsHasNotifications"></span>&nbsp;'); GetNotify('#inbox_link span').text(mess_count); document.title = "New Notifications"; }; if (notify_count > 0 ) { GetNotify('#notify_link').html('<span class="ipsHasNotifications"></span>&nbsp;'); GetNotify('#notify_link span').text(notify_count); document.title = "New Notifications"; }; if (mess_count == 0) { GetNotify('#inbox_link').html(''); }; if (notify_count == 0) { GetNotify('#notify_link').html(''); }; if (mess_count == 0 && notify_count == 0) { document.title = orig_title; }; }); }, 60000);
  3. prupdated added a post in a topic: Download: [K-F32] Countries Mod   

    Works in 3.4.5. Try something like this:
    <span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'></span> User Info Pane:
    Hover Card (see below):
    Also, to put the result as text in the hover card, edit Templates, Profile, showCard. Have it read like this (assumes Profile Group named Profile Information and Key named countryflag in the custom profile field, replace as needed). For the flag, modify slightly based on img src above but using the $member variable below.
    <dt>{$this->lang->words['m_posts']}</dt> <dd>{parse format_number="$member['posts']"}</dd> <dt>Country</dt> <dd>{$member['custom_fields']['profile_info']['countryflag']}</dd> To only show country code to people who can see profiles (i.e. maybe don't show profiles and locations to guests). Edit Templates, Global, userInfoPane to look similar to this near the bottom:
    <if test="canSeeProfiles:|:$this->memberData['g_is_supmod'] OR ( $this->memberData['g_mem_info'] && ! IPSMember::isInactive( $author ) )"> <if test="authorcfields:|:$author['custom_fields'] != """> <ul class='custom_fields'> <foreach loop="customFieldsOuter:$author['custom_fields'] as $group => $data"> <foreach loop="customFields:$author['custom_fields'][ $group ] as $field"> <if test="$field != ''"> <li> {$field} </li> </if> </foreach> </foreach> </ul> </if> </if>
  4. prupdated added a post in a topic: Download: Ajax Live Search   

    Does this work with sphinx?
  5. prupdated added a post in a topic: Friends Online   

    Hi. It seems to work but I see various errors in Chrome developer tools view:

  6. prupdated added a post in a topic: IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes   

    Is this working in IE 8? I'm using the latest version of this skin with IPB 3.41 and I get the screen shown below when I try on my board and your site as well.
    Also I find across many browsers, the picker will sometimes fade away just from moving off the brush.

  7. prupdated added a post in a topic: Cronjob - Turn the community offline right before backing up databases   

    This might be a little different than what you were looking for but:
    I stop the mysql service. Then I rsync the entire mysql directory with all databases (15 databases totaling 1.5 GB in size) to a backup directory. Then I start mysql.
    I do this so I have everything from every mysql database including mysql itself, in the fastest time.
    This creates a driver error message for users who connect during the two minutes mysql is off (in my case).
    I customize the System Templates, Driver Error message to state the server is being backed up. I also put a 60 second meta refresh tag in it so it will keep trying until the server is back up. This is what the users will see when the backup is taking place.
    Later, another process rsyncs the backup to another server which takes a bit longer, but at least the servers are up and running.
      Of course, if you really get a driver error, this gets a little strange. It's a trade off.
  8. prupdated added a post in a topic: IP Board 3.4.1: Database error when trying to merge posts   

    IPB knows about it. Mine had the same problem. Open a support ticket. They already patched mine.
  9. prupdated added a post in a topic: Cannot merge topics   

    A support ticket should get it resolved. There is a simple patch from IPB to fix it.
    I had the same problem with upgrading a production server and with a staged test server using a clean install of 3.4.1.
  10. prupdated added a post in a topic: "Mark topics a user has posted when displaying a forum" Causes Board being Slow.   

    Mine was noticeably slower too after 3.34 to 3.41.
    I just changed only this setting and it seemed to speed it back up to near where it was with 3.34.
    I would say roughly every topic view would average about 2 seconds on 3.34. Then it went to 4-5 seconds on 3.41. Now its back to the 2 second range.
  11. prupdated added a post in a topic: Blank Screen Since Upgrade   

    Yeah. Probably a php error. I run a dedicated server so when I get the blank screen, I edit php.ini to read display_errors = On then restart apache.
    The error then shows on the page. That may give some idea of what the problem is.
    When fixed, set it back to Off and restart apache. In the case of shared hosting, I don't know where its all at. But should be the same idea or in the logs.
  12. prupdated added a post in a topic: Very slow since 3.4 upgrade....   

    Could be. In my case I have 470k posts. I do not use archiving though (because the default search only searches non archived which makes the archived feature of limited value for me).
  13. prupdated added a post in a topic: Very slow since 3.4 upgrade....   

    It happened to me also. But I can't really submit a ticket now. I finished the upgrade from 3.34 to 3.41 at about 2 am. And by 5 am, I couldn't fix the problem. 3.41 kept logging me out and did seem noticeably slower. Further, it seemed when I enabled the best answer feature, it really seems to have hit the performance (from about 2 seconds on topic view to 5 second range).
    I tried about everything I could think of in that time. I couldn't take the chance that it would be declared 'not a bug' or 'not reproducible' after hours or days more of troubleshooting. Then I would lose more than just a few hours of activity when I restored to backup.
    So, I cut my losses and restored my backup of 3.34 only losing a few hours forum activity (10 new members, 30 posts).  If it were more of a cosmetic bug, I would have just let it ride and hope to get it fixed.
    I think next time I try it, it will have to be during support hours so I can submit a ticket. Although, I don't really like troubleshooting on a live board especially when forum traffic is at its highest then.
    The other admin that I know of with this same problem, apparently did submit a ticket. And last I heard he was going back to 3.3x. So I'm not sure what to make of all this. My decision to restore to backup ASAP appears to have been the correct one for now. ("He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day.")
    I was going to try to troubleshoot together with the other admin to figure it out, but I can only get to this IPB forum site about 25% of the time since the last 10 days or so. I assume this is from DDOS and not the update to 3.41.
    I'd also like to seem some better way of notifying people when the source downloads are updated. Just quietly updating them with no change in revision number, patch level, or anything without at least a changelog or similar, makes it very difficult. I really shouldn't have to redownload the IPB files every week to check for any differences in the files in case of updates. That's relatively unusual in production release environments.

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