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  1. ram108 added a comment: Can Edit to BLANK post.   

    @Matt  Why not to strip_tags(), delete space ('\s') chars and trim() before save to make sure the post is not empty? It is not a moderators work.
  2. ram108 added a comment: [RC7] A topic page is missing and last post info is wrong   

    Have the same issue with RC5. Started a bug report here (10 days ago) but still pending.
  3. ram108 added a comment: Can Edit to BLANK post.   

    And not fixed (just don't do that!) 
  4. ram108 added a comment: Can Edit to BLANK post.   

    ​I just put 2 spaces and submit. Selected "Paste as plain text by default".
  5. ram108 added a comment: Can Edit to BLANK post.   

  6. ram108 added a post in a topic: Liking a PM   

    It is a Facebook disease to "like" everything. But I like the idea to "like" instead of say "thanks", "ok", "agree" and so on.  
    Missing "like" in PM too.
  7. ram108 added a post in a topic: Image setting options are TOO minimal.   

    Everything is too minimal in 4.0 now. It is better to wait half a year until IPS will implement what they bump out of 3.x
    If you upgraded already, think about to develop plugin for your needs.
  8. ram108 added a comment: Vimeo embeds are too large   

    I have the same issue on my RC6 too.
  9. ram108 added a post in a topic: What is the difference between New Content and Activity Stream from the "More" menu?   

    Design only  But it is going to be merged in one category.
  10. ram108 added a review on a file: (RU4) URLs Transliteration   

    If you want forum links to be transliterated after installation of this plugin, you need to clear SEO strings (that is in russian now) in forum database. 
    Here is an example for topics, posts and members. Please add db_prefix_ if you have one. 
    You need to do it also for calendar, annoncments and other applications installed on your community suite.
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  11. ram108 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6] Huge videos
    All posted (converted) videos are very huge size. It is not possible to limit the size.
    Issue 1: If several videos are going after each other on the post they become one-very-very-huge-video .
    Issue 2: It is not possible to split them in the editor by adding space between (not possible to insert "Enter"). And the most strange thing then you are trying to edit such post, the video starts to play accidently  in the editor 8)
    Issue 3: Then you click "Edit" on the post with many videos, an editor appear somewhere and you cant find it. You have to scroll up and down a page to find the editor.
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  12. ram108 added a comment: Converter 3.4.6 > RC - SEO FURL reset   

    There is a plugin for that, but I can't make it work in my 4.0 version. Did not find how to flush url cache in AdminCP.
  13. ram108 added a comment: [RC5] Profile link with additional data ?wr=eyJhcHA...   

    What to do for moderators? Do they need to clear a link manually before post it on the forum? 
  14. ram108 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Post removed attachments
    Open an editor, drag&drop an image, than press "Remove this attachment" & Submit Reply.
    Click "Edit" on that reply. Press "Delete" icon on the small image. Save. ==> "You can't submit empty content here. Please enter some content and try again." But the image is still there. To be shure - add some text to the message and "Save" again. Image is there.
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  15. ram108 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC5] Profile link with additional data ?wr=eyJhcHA...
    Strange links to profile  inside the topics.  It appears only if you logged in.

    http ://new.sathyasai.ru/forum/profile/2986/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjEwNzM1LCJpZF8yIjoxMzk0MDh9
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