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  1. FCB-ROGA added a comment: ACP Type Error   

    Sorry, version is 3.3 beat 4, March 16th build
  2. FCB-ROGA added a record in IP.Board   

    ACP Type Error
    Not sure if this is the type of thing you want reported, but here you go:

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  3. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: Suggestion - Ignore User in Hover Card   

    So it is. Like a fool, I was looking at my own hover card..... ;)

    Cool, will look for it.
  4. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: Suggestion - Ignore User in Hover Card   

    Under the "Find Content" button on hover card, there should also be an "ignore user" button. Would be nice. Also, an "Add Friend" button there would be nice.
  5. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Breadcrumbs   

    I'm actually in the same boat. Want to remove them from IP Content pages without losing them on the forum system.

    Anyone have an easy fix?
  6. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: subtitles   

    Anyone know of a mod that does this? (Gets topic descriptions back in place of Tags?)
  7. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: IP. Chat should be using the 3.2 text editor.   

    If you have an editor with bold, I and U options, you may as well at least have basic color options.
  8. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: A Few Chat Suggestions from An Extensive User   

    Would also LOVE the ability to select font type and color. Users are begging for that on my board, and I feel it should be standard for a chat room to help users personalize their "voice".
  9. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: Feature Request: Local Mods Edit Local Tags   

    I was really surprised to learn that local moderators were unable to edit tags in topics within their assigned areas. It seems like a big oversight in my opinion. A simple allow toggle in the moderators permission would be a welcome improvement to 3.2 IMHO.
  10. FCB-ROGA added a comment: Who gave the reputation ?   

    Confirmed this on my board, upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.2.1 ---> As Admin with permission to see rep given, I can only see rep given on my own posts... not on other members posts.

    When logged in test account as regular member with no permissions to view, however, and try to view my Admin account rep given, I get an error pop up that says correctly (though I'm not sure why it pops up an error dialogue rather than simply not allowing it to be clicked):

    [b] An error occurred[/b]

    Sorry for custom skin on that, but it's the same for default IPB skin as well.[/center]
  11. FCB-ROGA added a record in IP.Board   

    Old Comments Lost Authors After Upgrade
    Upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.2.1 ---> All comments on user profile feed are listed as being authored by the person who's page it is, rather than the person who actually left the comment. All new comments take on the correct author.
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  12. FCB-ROGA added a comment: Cannot get promote to article button to show   

    [quote name='bfarber' timestamp='1312226153' post='124027']
    Import this file into the Manage Hooks page and let me know if it resolves the problem. It's fixed locally now. [attachment=32328:promote_to_article.xml]

    Great work! This fixed it for me. Thanks for doing this, and I apologize for all the idiots giving you a hard time in these threads.... you guys are doing great supporting your products, and your products are kick ass. [img]http://content.community.invisionpower.com/public/style_emoticons/default/super.png[/img]
  13. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: How big is too big?   

    Thanks very much!
  14. FCB-ROGA added a post in a topic: How big is too big?   

    I have a question: How big is too big for a database using IPB system (already upgraded to 3.1 if it matters). I guess I'm just worried as my back up zip file of the database grows... I wonder what problems can creep in. Maybe someone with a ton more experience than me with forum databases can give me a few pointers here.

    Just to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with: 250,000 posts in 6 months so far from about 3000 members. The DB seems to be about 400 MB now, and at this point zipped up backup file is about 70 MB.

    What problems are on my horizon :)

    Thanks in advance for any advise!

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    Any staff on line that can help, I just messed up my install. Please PM me if you know how to restart an install when you accidently closed install window on browser around step 5 of 14. THanks


    Desperately searching for a friendly Developer to help get me started on my custom application. Want to do the work myself, but need a Yoda to lend me some major guidance. PM if interested and you have the free time to teach a noobie a thing or two.


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