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  1. SeanQ added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    Lets say I applied this patch on my 3.4.6 board 2 days ago. Today I upgraded to 3.4.7
    Am I going to have to update again?
  2. SeanQ added a post in a topic: Download: Shoutbox   

    When I post this code in the shoutbox, it messes up my entire forum. This code has worked since 1.2.2. Mind releasing a fix for it? I'm using your paid version. Also, bad word filtering doesn't work for it.

  3. SeanQ added a post in a topic: One-Click Ban   

    I think the update broke this mod, anyone know if it's still kept up?
  4. SeanQ added a post in a topic: Download: [MD31] IP.Shoutbox Extender 1.0.1   

    I love that others are trying to make new things to add functions to the shoutbox, I hope you add more features, i really wish there was more stuff for the shoutbox. I already have it post when someone updates their status and when someone posts but Ill install ur mod to have the reply feature added. thanks :D hope to see cool new addons
  5. SeanQ added a post in a topic: (DP34) Referrals System   

    A few issues.

    PM notification and Inline arent working, havent tried email notification yet.
    Its supposed to notify the person who referred them right?

    Also if the board is set to force guests to log in, it does not set the referral automatically :(

    Think you can encrypt it a bit so it doesnt show referral in the url? A lot of people do not like links that are referrals...

    That is my only suggestion for a new feature, everything else looks pretty good man, glad i purchased.
  6. SeanQ added a post in a topic: Download: ibProArcade Lite v1.0.0 RC2 IPB3.1 FIXED   

    anyone have any idea what this error is from
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/REMOVED/public_html/forum/admin/applications/core/modules_admin/applications/setup.php on line 850

    that happens when i try to install

    however it was working before and then I believe when I installed iarcade to compare it to this arcade, it messed up ibproarcade, it seems like if the URL when a score is being submitted has a capital A in Arcade instead of lower case then it will spit out a database error.

    Any ideas how to fix this or what is causing it? Ive reuploaded and tried to reinstall and no fix and I do not believe it had that install error the first time I did a fresh installed

    I also set it to drop/replace tables when it installs... no luck fixing the issue.
  7. SeanQ added a post in a topic: [EN30] Presents: Free Video Chat   

    Yeah I cant access the developer section anymore either...
  8. SeanQ added a post in a topic: [#CJOIN-5] The room id supplied is invalid.   

    Ive installed the chat again, i generated a new key, this is a fresh IPB installed and Fresh Chat install, it was working then all of a sudden this error

    [#CJOIN-5] The room id supplied is invalid. Please notify an administrator.

    any ideas?

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