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  1. Cloaked added a post in a topic: Simply put..... add drag and drop uploading   

    Drag and drop would be a great idea and a timesaver for posters.

    I wouldn't want the feature to upload offsite to an image host. In fact I'd rather have the ability to import any images posted from external sites.
  2. Cloaked added a post in a topic: New License Structure   

    I like the way this is going. The ability to buy the suite and content or suite and blog is the best thing that I've heard in a while. I can buy suite plus blog and convert my blog from WP. Then in the future if I want to add a forum I can buy that and plug it in. I see nothing but positive from this and will only put IPB even further ahead of competitors.
  3. Cloaked added a post in a topic: Couple of conversion issues Xenforo   

    Did you originally convert to xenforo from vbulletin?

    I believe there is a problem and a fix for password problems if the xenforo db was originally converted from vbulletin. Might want to check the tracker for this.

    Added: The converters dated Nov. 18Th fixed the problem. Are you by chance using an older version of the converters.
  4. Cloaked added a comment: SQL Error   

    This is still there is beta 2. I can reproduce at will.

    If you want to see the bug in action head to my dev board

    and start a thread, add tags and submit. You'll get a DB error. Go back to main page and you'll see the thread is created, however, if you try to view the thread you'll get the DB error again.

    Guest posting is on so no need to register.
  5. Cloaked added a comment: Internal server error when clicking on the latest post link from board index   

    Can't create tags either. Get the core_tags doesn't exist error.
  6. Cloaked added a post in a topic: Control new members with auto-promote   

    Charles you must have peeked into my admin. That is how I do it. Restrict PM's, no sigs, no links until promoted after x posts.

    I use promotions and demotions as tools to keep members active. I have limited user groups which are akin to being told to sit in the corner. I have guru groups. The best thing added to forum software was without a doubt the promotions system.
  7. Cloaked added a comment: Login Redirect Problem   

    I can duplicate this at will both here and on my test site. If I hit the forum index here, go into a thread, go back to index and login it redirects me to the thread I was in.

    It seems it takes you back to where ever you were before you login instead of the page you login from.
  8. Cloaked added a record in IP.Board   

    Login Redirect Problem
    I have iGoogle as my home page. On that page I have sites I frequently visit in the sidebar. On my test site and also this site I am redirected to the Google Bookmarks page instead of the forum home after I login.

    I am logged in once I get back here after my round about login ride..
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  9. Cloaked added a comment: Settings fatal error   

    I can confirm this one. Same error for me when changing thumbnail size.
  10. Cloaked added a comment: SQL Error   

    I can confirm this. I get the same error when trying to add tags to posts. I can duplicate at will.
  11. Cloaked added a post in a topic: Confirmation of source?   

    Yes source is untouched.
  12. Cloaked added a post in a topic: XenForo Converter   

    That's a different perspective and one that makes perfect sense.
  13. Cloaked added a comment: WebDav Issue   

    That did it.

    Thanks Matt.
  14. Cloaked added a record in IP.Board   

    WebDav Issue
    I am trying to change the setting to allow editing templates and css within Visual Studio 2008 by mapping a network drive to my webroot on the Windows 2008r2 server. I can connect to dav.php and am prompted for credentials. However I can't login. I can cancel login and get directed to the message to enable the setting in the admin. To rule out it being a problem with Visual Studio, although I edit several clients sites using the same method, I installed NetDrive and got the same results.

    I did enable the setting, but, to be sure I wasn't losing my mind I checked it and sure enough it wasn't enabled. I selected the box to enable it and hit submit. The page refreshed, but, the setting reverted to no again. I tried a few times with same results and gave up.

    I did catch this error in my php error logs. I am not sure if this is related or not.

    [07-Jul-2011 23:19:02] PHP Catchable fatal error: Object of class class_localization could not be converted to string in C:\inetpub\\admin\applications\core\skin_cp\cp_skin_applications.php on line 752
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  15. Cloaked added a comment: Everything Bold in IE9   

    Close this. Seems I was bit by the IE 9 eating fonts bug. I re-installed Windows fonts and all is good now.

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