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I run GodForum.com a non profit forum that discusses prophets. :)

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  1. glorify » GodForum.com

    Added the additional video format to the downloads. It's awaiting approval.

  2. Mikey » GodForum.com

    Please remove me from your 'friends' list. I only wish to have my *actual* friends on that list.

  3. GodForum.com

    Need help installing French Language Pack - will pay $

    1. Caelum Nimmiël

      Sent you a PM ;)

    2. GodForum.com

      thanks it seems no one can install it :(

  4. GodForum.com

    Do we have a running list for most requested additions or improvements to IPB ?

  5. GodForum.com

    IPB needs to have a TUBE feature that works like YouTube format

    1. Tony.M

      They do... LINK

    2. Jonessie

      I agree

    3. GodForum.com

      Tony ... there is a BIG BIG difference between video tagging system and what IPB has ...
      the format has to be exactly like YouTube but with forum capabilities.

  6. GodForum.com

    looking to add games to my ipb forum - need help from anybody

    1. Collin1000

      iarcademod.com is an IPB arcade system :)

    2. GodForum.com

      I will take a look. Thanks.

    3. Collin1000

      No problem - let me know if you need help.

    4. GodForum.com

      I'd like to see the games in action :)

    5. Collin1000

      We have a new demo up here: http://iarcademod.com/community/index.php?/topic/196-iarcade-11-for-ipb-31-preview-scoring-page-gameplay-comments-more/page__view__findpost__p__1319

  7. GodForum.com

    I love 3.1 :)

    1. SkimPappa

      It's not too shabby