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  1. Interferon added a post in a topic: Wiki Options for IPB   

    You can't.
  2. Interferon added a post in a topic: IP.Content is little complicated and not friendly using   

    IP.Content is great for pages and records, but is nothing close to a usable wiki.
    No name-based links means hyperlinks are just too painful to bother adding. The category/record organization is very inflexible and not useful for most applications.  
    My users just won't use it, and keep asking for MediaWiki.  Unfortunately, the guy who wrote a bridge disappears every 6 months, so good luck with support for that.,
  3. Interferon added a comment on a blog entry: IPB Wiki - Revival Development   

    This doesn't work.  Just more abandoned open-source garbage.
  4. Interferon added a comment on a blog entry: IPB Wiki - Revival Development   

    Does this work with IPB 3.3.4?
  5. Interferon added a post in a topic: External API to post new record?   

    I want to implement functionality in a desktop application to post a new record with a text description and a single-file upload image file.  Basically, I want the user to be able to take a screenshot and post it to our custom gallery database, from our C++ application.  Is this possible though HTTP POST commands?
  6. Interferon added a post in a topic: Registration page for new customers doesn't do anything   

    I just tried going through our ordering system without being signed in.  When I get to the registration page, I enter my info, press Continue, and nothing happens.   :sad:
    I have no idea how many customers we're losing right now due to this.
  7. Interferon added a post in a topic: Get the current URL with PHP?   

    How do I get the current URL with PHP?  I know there is a simple variable for it, but I can't find it.
  8. Interferon added a post in a topic: Does the status updates feature bring out bad behavior?   

    When you post a forum topic, only the title is visible, without delving in deeper.  A forum topic is more compartmentalized.  The status updates encourages a lot of drive-by mouthing off.  I got sick of waking up and thinking "great, our site is going to make a bad impression all day until this update gets pushed down".
  9. Interferon added a post in a topic: Does the status updates feature bring out bad behavior?   

    In retrospect, I think it's giving too much power to your members because you're allowing everyone to post content on the front page of your community.  A status update contains a lot more information than a forum topic, and there is less of a sense of responsibility when posting them.
  10. Interferon added a post in a topic: Does the status updates feature bring out bad behavior?   

    I noticed IPB disabled the status updates block on the forum page.  After using it for several years, I had to disable it on our board.  Users would do the following:
    Advertise competing companies and products. Make inflammatory statements and bold assertions. Complain about issues that were already being addressed. The highly visible nature of the status updates block meant that every morning I would wake up wondering what inconvenient thing had been posted the previous night that I had to remove.  I finally got fed up with it and disabled it.  It seemed like the loudest members tried to use it to make the site look bad, and it was really starting to damage the community.
    Has anyone experience anything similar?
  11. Interferon added a post in a topic: Security patch breaks CometChat integration   

    I was wrong.  I re-ran the CometChat install script and all it well.
  12. Interferon added a post in a topic: Security patch breaks CometChat integration   

    I uploaded this security patch:
    Now CometChat no longer shows any users online.
  13. Interferon added a post in a topic: Set up permissions about who can report something on a file ?   

    Basically, anyone can presently deface our demo download page, and we can't do anything about it.
  14. Interferon added a post in a topic: Confused about permissions   

    Each user group corresponds to one permission set by the same name.
  15. Interferon added a post in a topic: Confused about permissions   

    It seems like forum permissions grant go by the minimum allowed permissions, rather than the maximum.
    I have three groups:
    A B C Every member has the primary group 'A'.  Some members have the secondary group 'B', some have 'C', and some have both, depending on what products they purchase.
    If I make a forum visible by group 'A', people with the secondary groups 'B' and 'C' can't view it. If I make a forum visible to group 'B', people who have the secondary groups 'B' and 'C' can't view it. Can someone explain how this works?  We want to grant forum access based on which products people buy.

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Status Feed

  1. Interferon

    Does anyone know how to tell if a sale has a commission (came from a referral link)? I don't actually know if referrals are working or not.

  2. Interferon

    Hello, 3.2.

    1. Olivier Turbis


  3. Interferon

    Anyone know how to output RFC-822 format in a feed block? If I figure this out I can show you how to make a feed for all recent activity on your site.

  4. Interferon

    Only the latest Gallery 4.x is shown in the client area. Where can I download the last version of 3.x.x??

    1. TheRevTastic

      Ask in a support ticket.

    2. Interferon


  5. Interferon

    Where can I download the last version of IP.Gallery 3.x.x?

    1. media

      Stable version: in Client area... But if you are looking for pre-release-testin 4.0.3 beta1 testing here it goes:

    2. Interferon

      Only the latest 4.x is shown. Where can I download older versions?

    3. media

      I do not think you can find this right now... Client section used to have previous version but not anymore... Contact IPS.... :)

  6. Interferon

    When is IPB 3.2 coming out? A month from now? A year from now?

    1. Connor T


    2. Gerry 5039

      The famous IPB saying "When it's ready" lol

    3. CDMS

      At this rate (referring to the continuous blog entries) I'd guess probably around a month, maybe two?

    4. TheRevTastic

      I would say 2 to 5 months.

    5. nodle

      It's already out! ;)

    6. Cmarenburg

      i think 3-4 or "when it's ready"

  7. Interferon

    Is it possible to have page folders appear in the breadcrumb nav links?

    1. Mat B

      Status updates are not a support channel. Please post in the appropriate areas or log a ticket.

  8. Interferon

    Anyone else have trouble with SSL + paid downloads?

  9. Interferon

    How do I change "Downloads" to "Marketplace" like this site has done? There are a ton of language items called "Downloads". Which one is the title that gets shown in the tab and breadcrumb links?

    1. Michael

      You should just need to change the Public Title value for the app in the Manage Applications & Modules page.

    2. Interferon

      Nice! What about the title in the breadcrumb nav links at the top?

  10. B_U_R_I » Interferon

    Check you PM :)

  11. Interferon

    Where do I post a tutorial for a content block?

    1. Planetby in there m8

  12. Interferon

    I was right. print_r() no longer works in a block:

    1. .Peter

      Thats really weird.. I don't see why they would disable the print_r feature.

  13. Interferon

    Does print_r() no longer work?

    1. .Peter


    2. Alex

      It will only output something if the variable you pass to it as actually an array or object. If it's a string for example, nothing will be shown.

  14. Interferon

    Ten new spam members every day. reCAPTCHA is enabled. What to do? It's embarrassing when my newest member is always "GetQuickRatesNow" or "LoseWeightFast37".

    1. NiftyWolfie

      add a question and answer to your registration

    2. Alex K.

      Have you also enabled the Spam Monitor Service?

    3. Zhana

      admin approval of new registrations.

  15. Interferon

    Has anyone successfully added the new status updates plugin block to a page? When I add it, nothing appears.

    1. VioAdmin

      Try to clean your skin cache/rebuild skin(especially where it says replacements) It should then show up.

      Of course, I assume you activated the plugin after installation. PM me or open up a topic and I/others will assist if it still doesn't show.

  16. Interferon

    IPB has too many features sometimes. It can be chaotic when there are multiple ways of doing the same thing.

    1. VioAdmin

      Hmm, can you give us some examples?

    2. Ocean West

      would be nice if ALL a mods/app features and functions hooks (settings) are self contained and you don't have to visit different areas.

    3. Interferon

      User profile>Topics
      User profile>Find my content>Topics

    4. Interferon

      Notifications appear for messages received.
      A separate messages received indicator appears.

    5. Interferon


    6. Haku2

      Avatars and profile photos are different things... Changing your avatar doesn't change your profile photo and changing your profile photo doesn't change your avatar.

  17. Interferon

    I can make a set of wiki-like database template if I can figure out how to access records in a category template:

  18. Interferon

    How can you recursively display records and subcategories in a database template?:

  19. Interferon

    Uploaded 3.1.3 files, now locked out of my own forum.

    1. Jamie.


    2. Interferon

      I know how to fix it, but I can't log into the admin account to make the fix.

    3. Alex K.

      -> support ticket if you haven't already.

    4. Interferon

      Yeah, it's done.

    5. Collin S.

      I believe I just replied to your ticket. :)

    6. Aisha

      Supernoob. :U Get it? That was well played. :P

    7. Interferon

      Thank you. If you encounter this problem, you can just log in straight to the admin panel, and you won't have the login issue.

    8. Aisha

      haha, that's how I always log in. Don't even have a link on the main forum. :P

  20. Interferon

    Is going to be released October 26?

    1. Mark

      No. IP.Board 3.1.3 is, though =)

    2. Interferon

      When is getting released?

    3. ørret

      It's released, I'm running it now... when is stable version coming out, I don't know.

    4. Amy T

      They did say they were releasing new updates every Tuesday so it is possible that IP.nexis will be one of those Tuesdays.

    5. Infini9

      It will be one of those Tuesday's. We just won't know which one until the Tuesday of or a little in advance ;)

    6. Interferon

      They said it would be in October, and the 26th is the last Tuesday in October.

    7. TheRevTastic

      Well the 26th is when ip.board 3.1.3 is coming out so it won't be on the 26th.

    8. Black-Elmo

      The final release is likely to be November 2nd with a QA release likely to be on October 29th. This is taken from the beta release download thread.

  21. Interferon

    Release nexus already please.

    1. TheRevTastic

      There has been a blog post about when it should be released.

    2. Wolfie

    3. ørret

      I got it so I don't know what you talk about.

    4. Interferon

      That blog does not specifically say when will be released.

    1. Interferon

      Added Steam chat integration and a way to display what game the user is currently playing.