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  1. Kingsguard added a post in a topic: Tiling background image POSSIBLE?   

    For the body (page) background I'd like to have a tiling texture image . Is this possible? If so, can you direct me to the proper CSS file and line of code in which to do this, please? And where would I upload the image?
    I see I can change the bg color, of course, but no idea how to add an image.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Kingsguard added a post in a topic: Several Members' Accounts are GONE! Can I get them back?   

    Several members accounts on our forum are now missing. They're simply gone. There is no trace of them whatsoever – neither in the forum itself, nor in the Admin area where members' accounts are managed.
    Any ideas as to what could have caused this? And more important: Can I RESTORE this information via some backup info? If so, is there a step-by-step on how to do this?
    Thanks very much for any input you can offer.
  3. Kingsguard added a post in a topic: I'd like to PAY a mySQL guru to assess and fix Slow Query problem >   

    A few months ago we moved our Forum (which used IPB) to a dedicated server. At first it seemed to make a big difference as far as speed and performance. But OFTEN now we get people reporting "slowness" and also lots of mySQL errors.

    Here is what our hosting company said when I inquired regarding the possibility of increasing the amount of connections allowed:

    "... For reference, even on our most powerful Shared and Reseller servers, our MySQL connection limits are set to 25 user connections, and 150 max connections.
    It is very uncommon to exceed these limits unless one or more databases or sites is performing poorly, creating long-running MySQL connections, causing connections to stack up. It is generally better to address the cause of the connection issues rather than to simply raise the limits. If the sites are performing particularly poorly, it may not matter how high these limits are set as they will eventually be reached anyway. In most cases, MySQL queries should take less than second to complete, but many of the queries in the log provided earlier are taking nearly a minute. You can imagine that if the amount of time these queries take to complete could be reduced, the likelihood that the connection limits would be reached would be reduced tremendously."

    Right now ours are set at:
    MySQL connection limits = 50
    user connections = 100
    Also: I've attached a pdf with the text from our Slow Queries Log.

    So, it seems we need someone to fix the problem of queries taking "nearly a minute" instead of <1 second.
    Can anyone here help me?
    Thanks very much!

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