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About Me

Who cares? I have commendeared this spot to use as a shopping list for my IPB conversion.

1- Auto prune records in IP.content after x days
2- Filter records in IP.Content like here.
3- Cookie based detector for people using multiple accounts. This should be basic sorted
4- Move thread to blog

Status Feed

  1. Bartek » The Geek

    Please answer questions about MUDD for 3.2

  2. AlexJ » The Geek

    Any plans to update the MUDD mod from you for 3.2?

  3. Tigratrus » The Geek

    Heya Sam, long time no see!
    Gotta get back to version 5.0 of our site so we can get off of the vB/Joomla/WP/PMD frankensite! Let Susan and myself know if you know any good IB.Content coders ;-)

  4. The Geek

    ooo. Like it!

  5. Webmist » The Geek

    A good name for the app should be multi useraccount detector detective. It would fit too.

  6. The Geek

    View New Content has come back! I heart you View New Content. I heart you.

    1. IP.iBaLLiN


  7. The Geek

    Is missing the results of his "View New Content". SHould you find it, tell it I heart it and want it back.

  8. The Geek

    Fact: Meet Joe Black increases estrogen levels. Just caught last 20 minutes and was again turned to insta-mush with Mrs. Geek.

  9. The Geek

    Leaving #Rackspace I spend > £8k pa (and growing) with them & been with them for ~7 years. Support & account management have gone way lame.

    1. Ryan H.

      Really? No personal experience working with them, but I've worked with a number of clients hosted there--I've always thought of them pretty highly.

    2. The Geek

      I did for 7 years. Always loved them (hence why I always paid the premium). Just getting disappointment after disappointment now.

  10. The Geek

    Those still on the fence about converting from #vBulletin are now going to have a hard time staying there with #IPB 3.1 loving it.

  11. The Geek

    When will 3.2 be out?

    1. Josh

      When it's ready! ;)

    2. The Geek

      Bah! Foiled!

    3. Wolfie


    4. AngelFire

      im looking forward to 3.3 more, dont really like 3.2 :P

    5. The Geek

      Yes, yes, but 3.2 has more settings, toggles and switches. 3.3 is just new features.

    6. Mike54

      Actually, it should read - When it's ready™

  12. The Geek

    Loving the new #IPB status updates and the ability to comment. Also love the fact I can push my status update to twitter.

    1. Trevor Brandt

      Me too!

  13. The Geek

    Loving #IPB 3.1 - great job #IPS! Superb set of new features implemented perfectly.

    1. Matt

      Thanks! Really appreciate it :)

  14. The Geek

    wants to hack into IPS for the sole purpose of fixing the "jump to unread blog comment". Honest.

  15. The Geek

    Hey Alex... not sure what you mean? Which link? my twitter account? Or one of those in "About me?"

  16. AlexJ » The Geek

    Not able to access your topic link which is in your signature.

  17. glorify » The Geek

    Darn it lol. Loved that. So sweet when I had it working. Nice to see you here as well.

  18. The Geek

    lol. Don't know about that one. I don't own the rights for GAL anymore as I sold it with all my other vBulletin scripts a few years ago :( Good to see you here though ;)

  19. glorify » The Geek

    GAL for IPB?

  20. KW802 » The Geek

    let me know if you find a good ip.content coder, I have a few questions as well.

  21. Brandon D » The Geek

    Welcome to IPB :-)
    Check out your settings to enable notification of profile messages (via PM or email):

  22. The Geek

    /wave to all :)

  23. The Geek

    Ack! No pressure Kaelon!
    No notifications of profile messages? :(

  24. The Geek » Adrian Schneider

    lol. Bout time :D

  25. Kaelon » The Geek

    Be sure to keep us in the loop on how you approach IPB's systems. A few of us are awaiting your initial reactions to help guide our next steps!