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  1. Joel P added a post in a topic: Framework – a slick theme for content professionals   

    Apologies for the lack of replies in the thread. At the moment we're busy with custom work, and are waiting for IPS4 before we release further pre-made themes. To answer a few questions – our website is current and all emails/tickets are answered promptly. We can't guarantee compatibility with add-ons other than those stated on our theme description – however the theme should, in theory, be compatible with add-ons that use standard IPB CSS classes and styling. If unsure, please get in touch.

    The quickest way to contact us is via our ticket support system, for which our average response time is 48 hours. Alternatively for any specific queries please don't hesitate to email us directly at

    Dylan, we've received only one email which was replied to the same day. I've contacted you via P.M. regarding this.
  2. Joel P added a post in a topic: Framework – a slick theme for content professionals   

    Our website is powered by IP.Content, and the animated circles section is an IP.Content block built with custom CSS and jQuery.
  3. Joel P added a post in a topic: Framework – a slick theme for content professionals   

    Thank you all for the kind comments.

    If you contact us via our ticket support system , we can send you a link to our development server where you can view the theme on a standard IPB install (we're still working on our live preview system).
  4. Joel P added a post in a topic: webdav timeouts   

    I have previously had issues with Transmit and the IP Board WebDav connection which made it unusable. Currently it works, but is not nearly as fast as Cyberduck (which I use and recommend).
  5. Joel P added a post in a topic: Adding an 'About us' page   

    The pages on the linked website are powered by Wordpress (it has been themed to match the default IP.Board theme). It may be possible to create a separate page without IP.Content but this will likely involve editing PHP files and HTML templates (i.e. it will not be as easy as using IP.Content). Another option is to look on the IPS Marketplace for an add-on that provides basic page functionality.
  6. Joel P added a post in a topic: Framework – a slick theme for content professionals   

    " alt="8.png"> " alt="9.png"> " alt="7.png"> We've just released our first theme for IP.Board – Framework – a slick theme for content professionals. It's easy to mistake Framework for a custom forum software solution at first glance. We've worked to ensure all aspects of the IP.Board software have been fully reworked to provide a fresh new look and improved user experience. We've replaced all standard images with a gorgeous icon font, giving full retina display compatibility. The only images you'll find we've added are the full background images that subtley rotate as users browse your forum. " alt="1.png"> Other subtle improvements we've made to the forum include alternating avatars in the thread view, topic prefix icons and topic controls that fade in as you hover over a post. " alt="3.png"> The CK Editor has been completely overhauled with a retina icon set and pop-overs to match the main forum style. Individual IP Board add ons have also received the same treatment – IP.Nexus has a gorgeous store front and IP.Content has received a Wordpress-style makeover. We're sure you and your users will love Framework. Framework is compatible with IP.Board 3.4.5 & the latest versions of IP.Calendar, IP.Content, IP.Downloads and IP.Nexus. IP.Chat, IP.Gallery and IP.Blogs are coming soon. We'll also be improving our documentation in the coming days. Framework is available to purchase today through our website:

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