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  1. nodle added a post in a topic: Tag Cloud   

    It will help Google does check them and they show under Google as: www. yoursite .com/ tags /forums/ example /‎
    Ranking on Google is about content though, but it does crawl and display them.
  2. nodle added a post in a topic: Tag Cloud   

    As you add tags to your post, it will get updated. And the more someone uses the same word the darker the color will get. Then they can click on the word and it will take them to all the posts that have that tag. See example below.

  3. nodle added a post in a topic: Tag Cloud   

    Yes there is a Tag Hook that you can enable. It comes built in by default, you just need to enable it.
  4. nodle added a post in a topic: Disable "My Media" on posting bar   

    I have seen a few boards where "my media" is not on the posting bar. Is there anyways to remove this? I don't allow members to upload anything on my site, so the feature is useless to me. I went into the ACP and thought I found it under "shared media", and selected no groups but it still shows. Do I need to delete this BB code all the way or is it in another section that I am missing?
  5. nodle added a post in a topic: IPB vs Xenforo (one has been started in Xenforo)   

    I can personally say I have used them both. I have a license for both. I started off back in the day with SMF then moved to IPB. I had been on IPB for many years. Then Xenforo came out. And everyone was jumping on the band wagon. So I converted my forum over and ran on it for some time. There are a few thing that I like about xenforo. But I only ran it for maybe 5 months then switched back to IPB. I don't really ever plan on going back either. I found the ACP very confusing unlike IPB. I think once you get in the ACP panel on both you will see what I mean. The code and skins are way easier to work with on IPB. I know Xenforo is still young. But IPB is so matured and coming along nicely. I can't wait to see 4.0. From all the little things I have seen lately on it, it's gonna be great. I will admit that some of the SEO stuff was a little weak in IPB awhile back, but it keeps getting better. I think while Vbulletin and Xenforo were arguing in court, IPB was just plugging along and making improvements. I think that really hurt xenforo, and basically destroyed Vbulletin. But now I am getting off-topic. Also I just wanted to mention that the support here is awesome not just by the staff but with users in general. But I can personally say from a user that has both licenses that IPB is the way to go for me. Try it for yourself and make your own judgement.  Best of luck in your choosing, but you can't go wrong with IPB.
  6. nodle added a comment on a blog entry: Spam Service Updates   

    Nice work!
  7. nodle added a post in a topic: Extremely Weird Tags Being Generated by IPB   

    Same problem here with the Tags issue. Just thought I would chime in.
  8. nodle added a post in a topic: IPS 4.0 Design wishlist   

    I like both Tom's and Joelle's suggestions. I also think it's time for something new and revamped.
  9. nodle added a post in a topic: Random Topic Settings   

    Is this something new that they have added? I haven't noticed it before. I know I haven't installed any hooks or anything lately? If it is new what does it do?

  10. nodle added a post in a topic: missing folder in tmp directory ? (IPB 3.4.4)   

    Mine is also showing this error after the update.
  11. nodle added a post in a topic: Reputation system, heavy feature ?   

    I just tested on mine also, seemed to take the load down quite a bit.
  12. nodle added a post in a topic: New Skin I'm Working On   

    Ya looks good! :smile:
  13. nodle added a post in a topic: Youtube Video's not auto embedding since upgrade   

    Thanks for this, I also had a problem with this on 3.4.3
  14. nodle added a post in a topic: show tag cloud on forum index   

    It's under ACP> Applications & Modules> Manage Hooks

Status Feed

  1. nodle

    How is everyone's day going?

  2. nodle

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there are skin changes with 3.1.2? Or were there no changes?

    1. Volstate

      There had to have been. When i ran the template merge tool my forum got all jumbled up. I had to revert back.

    2. Fishfish0001

      I didn't have any issues with my skins :|

    3. Volstate

      When I try to merge the css from my 3.1.1 skin to the 3.1.2 skin my forum goes haywire. Obviously there is something in there that doesn't agree with this new version. Manual edits here I come :(

    4. Glumbo

      Just a little update and skins need to be changed?

    5. nodle

      Well I upgraded, everything looks the same.

    6. Tony.M

      Oh we hope not...

    7. nodle

      EDIT: There are a few things here and there.