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  1. rastaX added a post in a topic: WHERE IS Security Update: 3rd May 2013 FIX FOR 3.1.X version?   

    While 3.1 may have been released in late 2010, 3.2 wasn't released until late July, 2011. Meaning less than 2 years to EOL. And it's not like it's recommended procedure to upgrade immediately whenever a new version is released either.

    In my mind the keyword here is CRITICAL. It's confirmed, it's dangerous and it's known. No one's asking for unlimited support of older software. To bring up 2.x is irrelevant. I've been with you guys since '04 so I pretty well know I'm whizzin' into the wind here. Just sayin'. Ignoring a critical patch for software that is not terribly old, with a somewhat intensive upgrade path, is gonna leave a lot of people vulnerable.
  2. rastaX added a post in a topic: WHERE IS Security Update: 3rd May 2013 FIX FOR 3.1.X version?   

    Since this is a CRITICAL update, IPS is basically leaving untold sites twisting in the wind. I understand the need to put old software to rest, but since the 3.x series is still current, it is not unreasonable to expect some will wait to update until the 4.x release. If the update process from 3.1 software wasn't daunting, I would say you are being realistic to expect people to upgrade to a newer version. But since it will entail quite a bit of work, this policy will leave a LOT of customers AT RISK. I have been waiting to see what 4.0 brings to the table before deciding whether IPS is still the best solution for my needs. I currently turned my board off and will have to make this determination based on the current software. I simply am unwilling to renew all my third party apps and hooks at this time. I updated my other board (3.2) promptly.
    Since IPS hasn't said otherwise, I must assume this security hole puts me at risk.
  3. rastaX added a post in a topic: Training for IP Content   

    I'm just hoping that the IPS staff are reading this thread with knowing smiles and that when IP Suite 4 hits we will all be dragging, dropping and clicking our way to incredibly wonderful sites while the hard core among us happily code their way to bliss. :ike: :ike: :ike:  all without the need for a spec of documentation
  4. rastaX added a post in a topic: Training for IP Content   

    Explaining why a seam exists, doesn't make it any less of a seam. :rofl:
  5. rastaX added a post in a topic: Training for IP Content   

    I have to take issue with the term "seamless". The biggest dealbreaker for me is that IPC is a separate part of the site from the forum. If you use IPC for your portal, anyone who clicks on the View New Content will only get IPC  new content. I have run across this on boards while surfing and although I know the reason nothing comes up, most users will just assume there is no new content and move along. Nothing to see here........ Even though the forum might be busy as heck, the impression to any visitor will be that the whole site is dead. Same with search terms made through the IPC portal.  For all real intents and purposes, it is not part of the forum and will tend to confuse people as to what is available on your site.
  6. rastaX added a post in a topic: Training for IP Content   

    The thing I have come to dislike about these threads is they inevitably become Marcher vs. most everybody else. He's a heck of a nice guy and a bit of a genius. Were it not for him I don't think many people would have gotten much of anywhere with this app. That of course is not the way it should be. By now there really should be dozens of people well versed enough to be pumping out IPC mods and hooks as well as advice and tips.

    Since it is presumably possible to create wiki's with IPC, there really should be one. It is a complex piece of kit, exactly the type of thing wiki's are meant for. Problem is, I'm not sure how many people beyond Marcher who could contribute much.
    I am very glad Marcher picked up IPC and IPS should be too. Just try to imagine where it would have been without him helping others and working his magic...............
  7. rastaX added a post in a topic: Are answers to "Registration Question and Answer Challenges" case insensitve?   

    Last I knew you would need to cover all possibilities. This may have changed with versions newer than mine.
  8. rastaX added a post in a topic: Need overview of IP.Content development methodology...   

    I have participated in these discussions far more than I would have liked so I only have a few observations/questions; were it not for MT, what would the state of IPC be? How many IPC license holders depend on him and the few others entirely or mostly in order to use IPC?
    As stated, there are really only a handful of people that are truly proficient in IPC. Certainly there are many who are able to wean enough out of this program for their purposes, but is this a tool for the majority of IPB site-owners? No offense, Marcher, but I also have to wonder how many of us have the slightest inkling of much of what you say. (I'm sure we are all guilty of this in our own fields of expertise)
    If I took the time and effort, as a 57 y.o. man who never touched a mouse until well into my 40s, to learn php, html, sql and probably a few other coding languages, would that hard-won knowledge be worth the ability to use IPC?
    Is it a fair statement that IPC is not user-friendly to the masses? Or is it just me? :P
  9. rastaX added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    Yea man, this is one useful add on! Easy to use and free too. Highly recommended.
  10. rastaX added a comment on a file: Advanced Tags & Prefixes   

    Great App!

    Adds some very important features to the tag system. Highly recommended.

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