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  1. catsmeow added a post in a topic: Another one contemplating the move from vBulletin   

    I can't answer all of your other things, but can share my experience with your # 3 question about the BBCodes. I was able to recreate the same custom BB codes I use on a vbulletin forum currently, over to my IP Forum. Worked perfectly no issues.

    I'm sure others will be able to elaborate more. I'm very new to the IP Boards myself.

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    You may not have cats now but I see you representing with that cute photo of the kitties keeping a watchful eye on "Squeeker." Cats are truly wonderful! I also have a dog too and they get along great, they all snuggle together, it's too cute for words. You'll know soon when you get one, the power of kitty love. :)

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    Thanks for adding me :) , I don't have a cat of my own at the moment though :( , will do soon. :)

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    is wondering why T3XT3 thinks Blog 2.1.0 is a disaster (???)