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  1. GameSlum added a post in a topic: Check box Layout Help   

    O.O Wow I never noticed that but when someone links a really large sized image it full size and is not scaled down, I will find a example for you.

    EDIT: Yes it works but like here for example the image above I linked seems to be scaled down by 40%(total guess) until clicked and opened in light box it then is full size.
    On my board for example it uses up the full space with no scale back if that makes sense?
    Is there settings I can adjust to get it to work like above in this post?
    Thank you for the help, it means the world to me!
  2. GameSlum added a post in a topic: Check box Layout Help   

    Yes but it seems to be for uploaded images not linked, is there some other settings I need to adjust?
    Thank you for the reply I started to feel alone! :P
  3. GameSlum added a post in a topic: Check box Layout Help   

    I take it no one has any ideas and I am on my own with this?

    Can anyone help provided any info at least about the light box of linked images?
  4. GameSlum added a post in a topic: Image type restriction bypass in signatures?   

    You can under stand why one could see it as a bug or abuse of the bbcode, before knowing the above information to turn it off?
    Nice to know and thank you for the fast reply. :thumbsup:
  5. GameSlum added a post in a topic: Image type restriction bypass in signatures?   

    Seems like a bug to me if they can abuse the bbcode like that.
  6. GameSlum added a post in a topic: Check box Layout Help   

    Still learning about IP.Board everyday and I just added a section to our message boards with a lot check boxs for members to check off game systems they own if they want to share that information with the community. I ran into a small thing that bugs me the check boxs and the text next to them seem to well not work the way I would hope, I am posting a screenshot so you all can see and maybe offer a fix or some tips.

    You can see the words next to some boxs break to the next line and I prefer the check box break to the next line with the words.

    Anyone know anything I can do to make that happen?
    Sorry If I am posting this in the wrong area on the IPB community forums, figured another client of IPB has ran into this before and maybe has a tip, trick or fix on hand they could share with me.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: We also run into problems with images not formatting to the post window well, I see on here it shrinks it down and you can click to pop out the image in a light box.
    How is this done?
    Plugins/addons or is that a setting on IP.Board I can change?
    We don't have image uploading on and would like to not use it and use linked images like the one I posted above and get this effect. I understand and see light box settings for uploaded pictures but not linked as the one above.
    Like I said still learning and thank you all for your time!
  7. GameSlum added a post in a topic: Fake a few members on new boards   

    I did it why can't someone else? I'm sure I'm not the only one. If you post your content right without inviting friends and family and proper submit your site to search engines it will grow as well. In fact we, me and my partner only invited two people and 70% of the community have come from facebook, google and twitter. Social media is a powerful tool as well. Like I say to each his own I just rather have a nice tone for the community laid down before mass amounts of users start random joining. If that makes any sense.

    I prefer just asking some friends to signup, most of the time they will stay on board anyway.
    I agree with most of what IPS_Fan said. I don't really agree with making fake accounts to just make a board look active I know it's seems like it won't be easy to fill that way but in less then 5 days after getting our board setup and asking some family and friends to join it's alive in kicking. 647 Post from 12 members in that time is pretty nice and it's good topics, and fun post not just made up content or reply's from fake accounts. It's not about members counts to gain users but the content if people like the content they will join. You also risk how users of your forums may feel finding out about that, in a way some may see that as a break of trust since if you faked that what else have you faked type deal.

    Sharing links, asking family and friends to join will help a ton, word of mouth happens to be the best. I say that because you will get a nice solid user base from good solid users since the odds are your friends, friends will mostly be good people. Just my two cents to each there own and I can understand the feel to want to do a trick like that to get your board kicking but I don't really see it proper for the health of the community in the long run compared to having a good starting base of more trusted friends and family you can set the tone of the community right the first time.

    If anyone missed it and is gone to flame me. I didn't say don't do this I just don't agree to it as a good method.
  8. GameSlum added a post in a topic: (DP34) Referrals System   

    I like this and want to buy it.
    I have a few worry's that are stopping me:
    1. Link visits counting to users total making it easy to be abused for a contest and not just counting the users who signup FULLY that are referred. Is this true or false?
    2. " Or maybe the SSR isn't compatible with my mod? Do you think like that?" So you have no refund policy if the mod is broken for the end user?
    Thank you for your time in replying.
  9. GameSlum added a comment on a file: Subscriptions Manager   

    Michael this is a major thing and I thank you for offering it, the fact you offer it free to the community is pure awesome.
  10. GameSlum added a comment on a file: Subscriptions Manager   

    Great Subscriptions Manager, won't find anything better to get the job done. Well coded and right to the point, has just the right options and can do just what you want when it comes to having subscriptions on your board. It's free as well! Big thank you to Michael for this and offering it free.
    Great Work!

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