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  1. metomw added a post in a topic: Own gateway - provider confirmation leads to error 500   

    That's great. My experience with IP.Nexus is worse with every update...
  2. metomw added a post in a topic: Own gateway - provider confirmation leads to error 500   

    I have problem with my gateway since update to 1.5.x. My provider is sending $_POST['id'] as a customer ID, and IP.Nexus is treating that as a transaction id despite the getTransactionId() function and "transid" being set correctly. How can I change this behavior, since it leads to 500 error and ignores any queries from provider.

    You can reproduce that by sending POST['id'] to your gateway. When id is valid transaction id everything is ok.

    To be clear. 500 error has nothing to do with server, it's generated by IPB.
  3. metomw added a comment: CSS issue in child styles   

    In Parent theme there is "blood_general.css" wich is custom CSS. In child's CSS files I can see it as Inherited, but it's not showing on forum. I've tried to open it and save it, so it's marked as modified for child theme, and that helped.

    To sum up, it seams that custom CSS files are not inherited properly.
  4. metomw added a record in IP.Board   

    CSS issue in child styles
    When I make a child skin and I choose it on my forum, then it seams that some CSS files are missing.

    Standard Blood style:

    Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]


    Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

    I've tried to reproduce this issue on clean install and it's there. I can PM to test-board instance with that problem. Also I've already talked to Skinbox supoort, and they claim that it's not style issue.

    It also seams that the CSS file missing is one that's Added in Parent style. I can see it during edditing of child, but it's not present on forum.
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