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  1. Beck Brady added a post in a topic: Who's the best IP Community Custom Designer out there?

    ehren. is dependable, honest and a terrific designer.
  2. Beck Brady added a comment: Loading   

    I've had several IE9 users complain about this happening to them, as well. It seems to get stuck as soon as "Saving post..." pops up.
  3. Beck Brady added a record in IP.Board   

    Topic Summary Breaks Footer

    It doesn't always happen, just with certain posts, such as this one: [url=""][/url]
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  4. Beck Brady added a record in IP.Board   

    Autosave With Quotes
    If you quote a post and it autosaves, when you return to it later and restore the quotes are messed up.

    You can see it here:

    I've duplicated it several times on my test board, too.
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  1. glorify » Beck Brady

    Yeah, a lot of default stuff, but some tweaks and adds by me.

  2. Beck Brady » glorify

    That video thing is awesome, man! Did you do that yourself?

  3. glorify » Beck Brady

    Schedule slider is 100% complete. Lemme know if you ever want the code. I redesigned each game location. Looks pretty good.

  4. glorify » Beck Brady

    Thanks man. Slowly getting there. Will turn up the heat once the beta is released. Right now, just screwing with the style and hopefully I won't have to do many reverts lol.

  5. Beck Brady » glorify

    Your IPB site is looking great, man...I love that slider.

  6. glorify » Beck Brady

    Added that schedule to my forum home

  7. Beck Brady » Cheyne

    If you need help with anything, man, just ask.

  8. Beck Brady » Cheyne

    Hey, Cheyne! Glad to see you made it over.

  9. Beck Brady » Andy Rixon

    Congratulations, Andy!

  10. Beck Brady » Physicians' Forum

    Tyler, TX?!
    I was just at your facility a couple of weeks ago.