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  1. JBlaze

    Working on a new app. Details to ensue shortly.

  2. JBlaze

    So MGC.net has closed... Xbox has really screwed the pooch...

    1. Shadow82x

      What happened?

    2. Kyanar

      Basically, Shadow, MGC had to shut down because they simply can't legitimately compete with shady sites and products that screen scrape the Xbox website to get data which MS doesn't offer via the XCDP interface. Products like the one JBlaze sells.

    3. VioAdmin

      They failed to adapt, sad It was a very nice service for years.

  3. Americanbang29 » JBlaze

    Ah. When I joined this community, Revolution of Gaming, like 2 years ago there was a guy named RoG JBlaze SG. He was into forums and stuff, so I thought I would ask to see if that was you.

  4. JBlaze » Americanbang29

    Nah, it's JI IB IL A Z IE. why?

  5. Americanbang29 » JBlaze

    Hey bro, was your gamertag RoG JBlaze SG a while back?

  6. JBlaze

    I wonder what the great devs at IPS are going to dream up next

  7. Kyle15 » JBlaze

    hey can you help me with gamercard thing

  8. JBlaze

    chillin in naugy. hit me up for plans

  9. JBlaze

    chillin in east haven. tryna get a job. hit me up for plans.

  10. JBlaze

    Chillin wit joe nd the 'Barneys Girlfriend'. Text

  11. JBlaze

    Is finally ######ing home!

  12. JBlaze

    All packed and ready to go home :)

  13. Shadow82x » JBlaze

    Yes, myspace is gay.

  14. GoldDust » JBlaze

    delete ;-P

  15. Collin1000 » JBlaze

    Is your status a How I Met Your Mother reference???? :D :D :D