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  1. Greg* added a post in a topic: Embed IP Commerce on website.   

    It would be really nice and cool if you have the ability to embed certain items or the category onto your website so your not restricted to the Forum layout of IP.Board.
  2. Greg* added a post in a topic: IP.Commerce hosting control panel integration   

    This is a really good idea, But then you would need domain registration etc (the main ones i can think of are eNom and Namecheap)

    I would certainly use this.
  3. Greg* added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Custom Field "Link" Field Type   


    I would also like this.

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  1. Greg*

    My resolution is 1920x1080 ;) whats yours?

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    2. Alex

      Over 9000.

    3. .Brian

      3840 x 1200

    4. PKIDelirium


  2. Greg*

    I dont see why I cant download IPB with an inactive license, just give me the version which was released before it ran out.

    1. AndyF

      It's always been that was afaik. You can only download if you have current support.

    2. Greg*

      Luckily I found 3.1.2 on my HDD :)

  3. Greg*

    Wants IP.Subscriptions but doesn't want to renew license :(

  4. Greg*

    Will give Mark cookies for another pre-sale :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Wolfie

      Special brownies?

    3. Fishfish0001

      Doh' What else would you send them...

    4. .Peter

      "Hey man those aren't special brownies man!". Name that movie.

  5. Greg*

    Needs Nexus :(

    1. Greg*

      or a way to add multiple packages to IP.Subscriptions

  6. Greg*

    Now owns a brand new sexy headset, Razer Carcharias :)

  7. Greg*

    hmmmmm Doritoes and hot salsa dip.

  8. Greg*

    Wants a MacBook Pro or Mac Mini.

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    2. Iestyn

      I have a 21.5" iMac =D

    3. Jessica Sideways

      I can't wait until August, when I get my own MacBook Pro!

    4. Fishfish0001

      You can use the Mac Mini as a regular computer, thats what Im using right now.

  9. Greg*


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    2. Greg*

    3. Andy Rixon

      It was deffently in, on reply, it was clearly in the goal, the ref could see it where he was stood!

    4. Gaffney

      better team went through though. Justice for 1966 :p

  10. Greg*

    GO UPSON! All we need now is another 2 lol..

  11. Greg*

    I had a dream that i was a giant but everything around me was to scale, <3 The Big Bang Theory

  12. Greg*

    Wide awake now, Just got an electric shock lol.

    1. AndyF

      static ?

  13. Greg*

    Downloading iOS4 :)

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    2. SkimPappa

      Sorry greg, mine seems to be pretty snappy

    3. Greg*

      Its fine now :) it was really hot when it finished everything now that the heat is reduced its normal speed :)

    4. SkimPappa

      ok now mine is going very slow. time to power off & back on

  14. Greg*

    Brand new HD monitor :) Working fine, just need a more powerful 2pin battery pack from dell :)

  15. Greg*

    Brand new HD monitor :) Working fine, just need a more powerful 2pin battery pack from dell :)

  16. Greg*

    Is there anything better than Synergy? its really annoying when it laggs out..

    1. Kyanar

      Multiplicity. But it's not free.

  17. Greg*

    MW2 DLC isnt free on PC..What is the world coming too...

  18. Greg*

    Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing this week, Free for PC :)

  19. Greg*

    Needs £200~ for 8GB Ram....

  20. Greg*

    Best Apps for Ipod Touch? (post on my profile, getting one on tuesday XD )

  21. Shadow82x » Greg*

    Ah. If only I had a PC that can support MW2. ;)

  22. Greg* » Shadow82x

    I dont go on my 360 anymore so theres no point in me giving you my gamertag, I plays games on the PC - Much better imo.