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  1. JustHatched added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Can't buy anything in Nexus
    On the checkout screen, clicking the green button on the bottom (It's late and the words on it escape me atm), it just refreshes the page and goes no where.
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  2. JustHatched added a comment on a file: Xmas Time theme   

    Url to a board using this? I would like to see that or full size screen shot please.
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Status Feed

  1. JustHatched

    server 51 down all? Any hope of it being fixed soon?

  2. JustHatched

    I am so fricken bored

    1. Olivier Turbis

      unbore you

  3. JustHatched

    Server 45 has been a royal pain for about a month now......just saying

    1. ZakRhyno

      Time for it to be SHOT!

    2. JustHatched

      Shot, stabbed, and buried.

  4. JustHatched

    I child proofed my house but they keep getting back in!!!

    1. VioAdmin


  5. JustHatched

    Waiting for more snow, 8 inches wasn't enough. My back isn't sore enough from shoveling

    1. Ryan H.

      Bring it on!

  6. JustHatched

    Can you see this favicon? http://www.talkaboutcash.com/favicon.ico I can, but the one I uploaded it for can't.

    1. Maxxius

      nope, cannot see anything

    2. AnthonyKinson

      i see a red box with a black dollar symbol in it...

    3. TheRevTastic

      tell him to clear his cache.

  7. JustHatched

    Upgrade has gone fairly well for me, only some minor skin issues