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    Excellent hook.
    Thanks Raw
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    If you buy the IP.Chat licence you would be able to install it on your community hosting plan just like any other application. That way, even if they discontinue IP.Chat, you'll have it. Whilst you're with community hosting, without a licence, you're going to be limited. :) Technically while you're hosting with them, everything that is yours, is their's too. It's only rented space and software at the end of the day.

    Oh, I was replying to Chopin's post.
  3. Dean P added a post in a topic: Opening up the hosting   

    Then buy it? There is the option. :P
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    I can't see any new content now. Its been the same for over 24 hours.

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  1. Dean P

    Has just asked for the blog and gallery apps to be added to his hosting package. Excited to use and explore them!