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  1. DesignzShop added a post in a topic: IPS4 Increased User Lockout?   

    Actually one of the bugs I forgot to report yesterday out of the ten posted. You may want to add that to the tracker. Oh, I think I had to switch to emails and username for login to make the sign issue disappear. Was a issue a member reported was happening to them when they'd use either a email only or username only. Can't remember too well I report so much NoGi, I apoligize
  2. DesignzShop added a comment: 3.x upgrade - emoticons that do not exist.   

    Could you look into images too @Ryan Ashbrook
  3. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker Gallery Box overflow
    Gallery box with image pushes outside of area. Happens in default too if you'd like a screenshot of default. Using Chrome for desktop

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  4. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    double post - please delete
    Yikes-Double posted. Please delete
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  5. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker Deleting block category creates a error
    After upgrading from 3.4  - I decided to delete old cms blocks. I deleted the old blocks then the category those blocks were in. When I go to delete the category itself I get a red error bar across the screen. I apologize I didn't screenshot this and this is the best I can do for this report.

    Kind Regards
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  6. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker Using email log in issues
    I have a user that needs to re-sign in every time he visits after using email login. He doesn't have this issue after I chose both email and username login.

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  7. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker Member count wrong in widget
    Member statistics - says I have 6000 plus members and I only have around 3800  Added this widget to forum index

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  8. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker Editor link doesn't save
    If you highlight a item to add a link to it, it doesn't save into the page but just keeps the link button window open. I was trying to add a https:// link when this happened. It also could of happened because the text had been bolded. Not sure.

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  9. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Missing emoticons and images 3.4 - 4..0.6.1
    Missing all emoticons and most images in posts after upgrade from 3.4 -

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  10. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker Adding cms DB to page causes page expansion
    Adding a db to a page makes the page overflow

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  11. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker advertisements css
    Advertisements ride the gallery pictures. There should be space below this area like everywhere else I believe?

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  12. DesignzShop added a post in a topic: Improved menu control?   

    ​If you hide all applications and re-make them using the content menu manager you will find your tab will not follow the pages you are on when using that application. I've been down this road once on the same situation. If you're inside an application you made a menu for the tab will not be highlighted when in a page of that app. That bothers some poeple like me so I went ahead and lived with not turning app tabs off and re-arranging things the best I could to make sense. I seen this coming, now with more users and more input maybe we'll see some attention to this... Or maybe not...
  13. DesignzShop added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Default theme retains other themes editor colors
    I'm using a dark theme with a dark ck-editor
    what's typed and saved in a post while in the dark theme is saved in that themes colors.
    Check by switching to default and looking at the post you just made in the dark theme.

    Custom CK-editor for that theme is not saved into that theme even though it was put into a specific theme. All themes can use the same editor loaded for a specific theme even if loaded into that specific theme

    Now let's say Designers Mode changes this and makes a theme specific to a custom editor, that still doesn't help some people who will not go into designers mode to save that specific editor to the theme itself. I do not believe most people will get into designers mode.
    I'm not sure if this is also a issue in connection with themes themselves without the editor involved. Possibly something is saving other custom theme colors into the default editor. Not sure..

    Kind Regards
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  14. DesignzShop added a comment: [] No Smilies   

    I have the issue after the upgrade also Mark yesterday

    Kind Regards
  15. DesignzShop added a comment: bad characters in css   

    ​Whaaaaaat? American and language is English. No reason for those to be there.