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  1. Noles added a post in a topic: Merging another IPB forum to my IPB forum   

    Everything seems to go good up until I get to the "members" portion.

    When it asks for the uploads path, no matter what I put in there, it gives me a database error. Ideas? This is making it impossible for me to complete this, as none of the members from the old forum would have their profiles moved over to the new forum.

    " alt="4f8cdfa364.png">
  2. Noles added a post in a topic: There was an error counting the entries in the smilies table   

    I'm trying to convert a MyBB forum to IPB, but I got this error:

    There was an error counting the entries in the smilies table - this can happen when the sql prefix is set incorrectly.

    SQL Prefix:
    admin_login_logs admin_logs admin_permission_rows announcements api_log api_users attachments attachments_type backup_log backup_queue backup_vars badwords banfilters bbcode_mediatag bulk_mail cache_simple cache_store cal_calendars cal_event_comments cal_event_ratings cal_event_rsvp cal_events cal_import_feeds cal_import_map captcha chat_log_archive content_cache_posts content_cache_sigs conv_apps conv_link conv_link_pms conv_link_posts conv_link_topics core_applications core_archive_log core_archive_restore core_archive_rules core_editor_autosave core_geolocation_cache core_hooks core_hooks_files core_incoming_email_log core_incoming_emails core_inline_messages core_item_markers core_item_markers_storage core_like core_like_cache core_rss_imported core_share_links core_share_links_log core_soft_delete_log core_sys_bookmarks core_sys_conf_settings core_sys_cp_sessions core_sys_lang core_sys_lang_words core_sys_login core_sys_module core_sys_settings_titles core_tags core_tags_cache core_tags_perms core_uagent_groups core_uagents custom_bbcode dnames_change emoticons error_logs faq forum_perms forums forums_archive_posts forums_recent_posts gallery_albums gallery_bandwidth gallery_categories gallery_comments gallery_images gallery_images_uploads gallery_moderators gallery_ratings groups ignored_users inline_notifications login_methods mail_error_logs mail_queue member_status_actions member_status_replies member_status_updates members members_partial members_warn_actions members_warn_logs members_warn_reasons message_posts message_topic_user_map message_topics mobile_app_style mobile_device_map mobile_notifications mod_queued_items moderator_logs moderators permission_index pfields_content pfields_data pfields_groups polls posts profile_friends profile_friends_flood profile_portal profile_portal_views profile_ratings question_and_answer rc_classes rc_comments rc_modpref rc_reports rc_reports_index rc_status rc_status_sev reputation_cache reputation_index reputation_levels reputation_totals rss_export rss_import rss_imported search_keywords search_sessions search_visitors seo_acronyms seo_meta sessions skin_cache skin_collections skin_css skin_css_previous skin_generator_sessions skin_merge_changes skin_merge_session skin_replacements skin_templates skin_templates_cache skin_templates_previous skin_url_mapping spam_service_log spider_logs tags_index task_logs task_manager template_sandr titles topic_mmod topic_ratings topic_views topics twitter_connect upgrade_history upgrade_sessions validating voters warn_logs
  3. Noles added a comment on a blog entry: (Neo) Free Content Portal (Available Today!)   

    So I'm kind of confused... where do I put the .xml files in the Import folder? Upload them where?
  4. Noles added a post in a topic: (3.2) Am I tired? How do you rename a link?   

    Same here. I agree that things have moved backwards a bit though.
  5. Noles added a post in a topic: CKE Editor and why?   

    Yeah I really wish that I could just turn RTE off, since I personally don't like it at all, without losing everything and having to type it out manually.
  6. Noles added a comment on a blog entry: (inv) Awards 2.2.0 Available   

    [quote name='AlexJ' timestamp='1311350166'] Would it be possible to add some auto awards? Ex. User reach some specific # of post award him something.User topic reaches some specific # of views award him something. etc etc Thanks!

    I'd love that too! I have an award that I use when someone makes their first topic, and I wish it could just automatically give the person X award instead of having to do it time after time.
  7. Noles added a post in a topic: 3.2 View new content only shows Next Prev no page numbers?   

    Bring it back.

  8. Noles added a comment on a blog entry: TruConcept BBCode Pack   

    Amazing! :)
  9. Noles added a post in a topic: Announcements Forum   

    Agreed, but not really a big deal.
  10. Noles added a post in a topic: Ability to EDIT Members Status Updates   

    I don't usually need to edit other's updates, but I know for my own I sometimes forget to add something and would love to easily edit it in instead of deleting/making a new one. :thumbsup:
  11. Noles added a post in a topic: Close to Moving Back to Vbulletin   

    I agree 100%, but...

  12. Noles added a post in a topic: Images in posts   

    1. Yes, click the "Click To Attack Files" button in the full editor.
    2. Yes, use your favorite image hosting site - like
    3. You would need to set the size of the image to whatever you want, before putting it in the post.
    4. Not sure.
  13. Noles added a post in a topic: Purchase IP.Board but can't download   

    All purchases have to be approved, it shouldn't take long. ;)
  14. Noles added a post in a topic: Questions!   

    It's not a lower quality version, you're just getting a "guideline for the number of posts your community can support" (30,000) and a "average number of users your community can have online and browsing at any one time" (10) - which a standard license does not have. You're still getting the latest and greatest version of IPB. It really is a great deal, considering you're getting hosting, all of the IPB applications and a free installation all for only $9.99 each month.

    There is a modification to have the username the same color as the usergroup, not sure what it is. :whistle:

Status Feed

  1. Noles

    next stop... college

  2. Noles

    4 days until I graduate highschool!

    1. JahLion


    2. JahLion

      My son graduated last year and now in collage

    3. ♥ Adam ♠


    4. Gamerboy59

      the real life beginns now, good luck ;)

  3. Noles

    Got accepted into college :D

    1. Herofiles ★

      Gratz :)

    2. c0bra

      Congratulations! I find out in 10 days :0

    3. Stars25

      I'm guessing FSU since your name is noles? ;) I can't decide if I want to go to UF or UCF for computer science.

    4. Noles

      No, but that'd be nice. I had to go somewhere in VA, for in-state tuition.

    5. Stars25

      Yeah same here for Florida. Way too expensive for out of state.

    6. Amy T

      Good job

    7. Shadow82x

      Congrats dude

    8. Glumbo

      I got into Yale

    9. Olivier Turbis


  4. Noles

    Take Off

  5. Noles

    Is IPS hosting having a problem? My site is down :(

    1. Herofiles ★

      go twitter they tell u the issues there and not here...hmm..strange? not at all, if ya dont got twitter, u cant complain! -.-! ironic!!!

    2. Charles

      What are you talking about nordens?

    3. ørret

      I like your aggressive style norden. Lold big time.

    4. TheRevTastic

      @Charles, He's angry because I told him hints are sometimes given out on twitter etc about products and not here.

    5. Olivier Turbis


    6. Noles

      Better now. I don't use facebook/twitter sorry lol

  6. Noles

    “If time is money, I’m an hour past paid.” - Lil Wayne

    1. Olivier Turbis

      brandon will love that

  7. Noles

    No. 23 Florida State Flattens No. 13 Miami, 45-17

  8. Noles

    SAT coming up :(

    1. Glumbo

      What score you aiming for?


      I'm taking the PSAT next week ;)

    3. TheRevTastic

      Same here, psat on tuesday.

    4. xCurlyx

      same here

    5. .Ian

      comes after FRI every week :)

    6. Noles

      I got a 1550 the first time with Math and all the English sections as well as the essay. Hopefully anything above that.

  9. Noles

    Tornado warning in VA!

  10. Noles

    I can finally drive by myself!

    1. Tom Christian

      congrats :)

    2. Olivier Turbis


  11. Noles

    Thanks ehren for my custom skin :)

    1. Tony.M

      It looks good

    2. Wolfie

      Don't forget to thank Microsoft for your avatar. lol

    3. ehren.

      No worries :)

  12. Noles

    School is almost over!

    1. Francismori7_2

      Lucky, I end up on June 19th :)

    2. Wolfie

      It's too soon for you kids to be out of skewl!! :O j/k

    3. Noles

      I'll be a senior next year :)

  13. Noles

    Got my CompTIA Network+ cert :)

    1. Blind Bandit

      congrats bud

    2. PewPewK

      Grats! I got my A+ a year ago and I'm going to start studying for the Network+ this summer.

    3. AndyF

      Congrats :)

    4. Zhana


      I got it 3 years ago :)

    5. SkimPappa

      I took the classes because they came with a free computer, but never took the test hah

  14. Tony.M » Noles

    Hey wanna be site affiliates!

  15. Noles

    Halo: Reach > Other

    1. Andrews8602

      I have been trying to download it for 20 minutes, only at 10%. Last beta I downloaded took me 35 minutes and it was 3 times the size!

  16. Noles

    Passed my drivers test! :D

    1. stoo2000

      Well done !

    2. AndyF

      Congrats :)

    3. Yaroslav

      the real test.. starting now buddy.. good luck! :)

  17. Noles

    Halo: Reach Beta... mmm

    1. Nuclear General

      lol Can't wait for it either!! It's gonna rock your socks off!! lmao :)

    2. Noles

      You can say that again.

    3. glorify

      One of the few non Halo fans. Modern Warfare owns me.

    4. Nuclear General

      I like both Halo and Call of Duty Series. I just absolutely hate playing Halo Online!! That **** sucks!! :lol: Halo is the worst for an online game. I'd rather play COD!!! FTW!!

  18. Noles


  19. Noles

    Bye Spring Break :(

    1. IP.iBaLLiN

      I said bye to spring break 3 weeks ago. :(

    2. Tony.M

      poor youu

  20. Noles

    I'm back :)

  21. Noles » Tony.M

    Send me a pm about it ;)

  22. Tony.M » Noles

    ohhh haha
    How did you get that xbox live gamer card o.O
    I want that

  23. Noles » Tony.M

    At DPFN I recognized your name, I just forgot where I'd seen it (but then remembered it was here).

  24. Tony.M » Noles

    What do you mean??