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  1. Noles added a post in a topic: (3.2) Am I tired? How do you rename a link?   

    Same here. I agree that things have moved backwards a bit though.
  2. Noles added a post in a topic: CKE Editor and why?   

    Yeah I really wish that I could just turn RTE off, since I personally don't like it at all, without losing everything and having to type it out manually.
  3. Noles added a post in a topic: 3.2 View new content only shows Next Prev no page numbers?   

    Bring it back.

  4. Noles added a post in a topic: Announcements Forum   

    Agreed, but not really a big deal.
  5. Noles added a post in a topic: Ability to EDIT Members Status Updates   

    I don't usually need to edit other's updates, but I know for my own I sometimes forget to add something and would love to easily edit it in instead of deleting/making a new one. :thumbsup:
  6. Noles added a post in a topic: Close to Moving Back to Vbulletin   

    I agree 100%, but...

  7. Noles added a post in a topic: Images in posts   

    1. Yes, click the "Click To Attack Files" button in the full editor.
    2. Yes, use your favorite image hosting site - like
    3. You would need to set the size of the image to whatever you want, before putting it in the post.
    4. Not sure.
  8. Noles added a post in a topic: Purchase IP.Board but can't download   

    All purchases have to be approved, it shouldn't take long. ;)
  9. Noles added a post in a topic: iOS 4.0.1 has been coming through each day with news about this too.
  10. Noles added a post in a topic: iPhone 4 - The Most Overrated yet   

    Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4
  11. Noles added a post in a topic: Questions!   

    It's not a lower quality version, you're just getting a "guideline for the number of posts your community can support" (30,000) and a "average number of users your community can have online and browsing at any one time" (10) - which a standard license does not have. You're still getting the latest and greatest version of IPB. It really is a great deal, considering you're getting hosting, all of the IPB applications and a free installation all for only $9.99 each month.

    There is a modification to have the username the same color as the usergroup, not sure what it is. :whistle:
  12. Noles added a post in a topic: New Posts Link?   

    Will still work.

    1. Find
    <li><a href='{parse url="app=core&amp;module=search&amp;do=<if test="ncmember:|:$this->memberData['member_id']">new_posts

    2. Follow it through the end until you see </li>

    3. Replace it with what I quoted above.
  13. Noles added a post in a topic: New IPS site   

    Didn't even notice it until this topic. Whoa... is all I can say!
  14. Noles added a post in a topic: Multiple accounts   

    I am 99.9% sure that would be perfectly alright.
  15. Noles added a post in a topic: You win!   

    3. Yes, but many of them are submitted to the resources here anyway. :thumbsup:

    5. IP.Subscriptions

    6. Not exactly, but if you get multiple products you could save quite a bit:

Status Feed

  1. Noles

    next stop... college

  2. Noles

    4 days until I graduate highschool!

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    2. JahLion


    3. JahLion

      My son graduated last year and now in collage

    4. ♥ Adam ♠


  3. Noles

    Got accepted into college :D

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    2. Herofiles ★

      Gratz :)

    3. c0bra

      Congratulations! I find out in 10 days :0

    4. Stars25

      I'm guessing FSU since your name is noles? ;) I can't decide if I want to go to UF or UCF for computer science.

  4. Noles

    Take Off

  5. Noles

    Is IPS hosting having a problem? My site is down :(

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    2. Herofiles ★

      go twitter they tell u the issues there and not here...hmm..strange? not at all, if ya dont got twitter, u cant complain! -.-! ironic!!!

    3. Charles

      What are you talking about nordens?

    4. ørret

      I like your aggressive style norden. Lold big time.

  6. Noles

    “If time is money, I’m an hour past paid.” - Lil Wayne

    1. Olivier Turbis

      brandon will love that

  7. Noles

    No. 23 Florida State Flattens No. 13 Miami, 45-17

  8. Noles

    SAT coming up :(

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    2. Glumbo

      What score you aiming for?


      I'm taking the PSAT next week ;)

    4. TheRevTastic

      Same here, psat on tuesday.

  9. Noles

    Tornado warning in VA!

  10. Noles

    I can finally drive by myself!

    1. Tom Christian

      congrats :)

    2. Olivier Turbis


  11. Noles

    Thanks ehren for my custom skin :)

    1. Tony.M

      It looks good

    2. Wolfie

      Don't forget to thank Microsoft for your avatar. lol

    3. ehren.

      No worries :)

  12. Noles

    School is almost over!

    1. Francismori7_2

      Lucky, I end up on June 19th :)

    2. Wolfie

      It's too soon for you kids to be out of skewl!! :O j/k

    3. Noles

      I'll be a senior next year :)

  13. Noles

    Got my CompTIA Network+ cert :)

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    2. Blind Bandit

      congrats bud

    3. PewPewK

      Grats! I got my A+ a year ago and I'm going to start studying for the Network+ this summer.

    4. AndyF

      Congrats :)

  14. Tony.M » Noles

    Hey wanna be site affiliates!

  15. Noles

    Halo: Reach > Other

    1. Andrews8602

      I have been trying to download it for 20 minutes, only at 10%. Last beta I downloaded took me 35 minutes and it was 3 times the size!

  16. Noles

    Passed my drivers test! :D

    1. stoo2000

      Well done !

    2. AndyF

      Congrats :)

    3. Yaroslav

      the real test.. starting now buddy.. good luck! :)

  17. Noles

    Halo: Reach Beta... mmm

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    2. Nuclear General

      lol Can't wait for it either!! It's gonna rock your socks off!! lmao :)

    3. Noles

      You can say that again.

    4. glorify

      One of the few non Halo fans. Modern Warfare owns me.

  18. Noles


  19. Noles

    Bye Spring Break :(

    1. IP.iBaLLiN

      I said bye to spring break 3 weeks ago. :(

    2. Tony.M

      poor youu

  20. Noles

    I'm back :)

  21. Noles » Tony.M

    Send me a pm about it ;)

  22. Tony.M » Noles

    ohhh haha
    How did you get that xbox live gamer card o.O
    I want that

  23. Noles » Tony.M

    At DPFN I recognized your name, I just forgot where I'd seen it (but then remembered it was here).

  24. Tony.M » Noles

    What do you mean??