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  1. Angel Knight Phil added a comment on a blog entry: (inv) Awards 2.2.0 Available   

    Any plans to add the ability to add awards directly from a member's profile, rather than having to log into the ACP? That way, other groups besides the administrator one would be able to give out awards?
  2. Angel Knight Phil added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: UserCP and Misc. Interface Updates   

    Wow, great improvement! I especially love the UCP; the current one has always been overly complicated to me. Also:

    [quote name='Robi Gorgin' timestamp='1303308743']
    About the Forum Jump - Whats going on if I have 200+ forums? and what about sub-forums?I think you have to make it much more smallerHowever, Wonderful Work!

    An answer on this would be much appreciated!

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  1. Angel Knight Phil

    Wishes he had the money to renew his IPB subscription, or at least a way to go back in time and tell himself to buy it a month later so he could download this hook...

  2. glorify » Angel Knight Phil

  3. glorify » Angel Knight Phil

    I found out how to do the collapsible boxes on forum home. I will test on Content. Think it will work. I'll post it when I am at home.

  4. Angel Knight Phil

    wants to find someone who would code a custom skin for very cheap because his site is non-profit, but doubts that it's going to happen.

    1. Tony.M

      What kind of skin... Lol I am no pro but I can see what I could do

    2. Angel Knight Phil

      Nothing very complicated, but something a little more substantial than a recolor of the default skin, I think.

    3. Tony.M

      Do you have an idea of what?
      Maybe a rough copy

    4. Angel Knight Phil

      Well the dominant colors should be a navyish blue and orange. I guess sort of like Ehren's Splat skin? My community is transferring over from a free-hosted ZetaBoard, and I could show you the custom skin from there, but my members aren't a big fan of it, so I'm trying to stay away from it for now.

    5. Tony.M

      If you can pull a scrap copy together on photoshop or something, that would be great

    6. Fishfish0001

      If you like splat why not buy it? Its only $25 :D

    7. Angel Knight Phil

      I like Splat, a lot! However, it doesn't quite suit my board, and some of my members aren't too fond of aspects of it. Even $25 is quite a bit of money to my community, so I can't go throwing it around xD

      And Tony, I can try, but no promises. I'm not very good at skin design, haha.

    8. Fishfish0001

      True. I don't think you'll find a good custom skin maker for under $200ish. I suggest invisionskinning too, or ipbforumskins, they are both nice. Not sure what you're looking for though :P

    9. Angel Knight Phil

      Yeah, that's what I figured. I was hoping to find someone for much cheaper, but I really doubt it will happen.

    10. Tony.M

      I will make it if I could get a rough copy..

    11. Angel Knight Phil

      I'll try to get you one, but you have to give me time to make it, haha.

    12. Tony.M

      Ok no problem.

    13. Angel Knight Phil

      I thought I knew this already, but I rediscovered my epic lack of skill at making theme prints in Photobucket. Would me linking to a few themes that I want it to look like suffice?