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  1. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Emotion Management is absolutely horrible   

    As the webmaster of a community that is focused around its emoticon system (it's a gaming-focused community that has many of said game's images as emoticons so they can be easily called), I totally agree. IP.Board 3.0 and 3.1 at least had okay emoticon management; the grid layout made it easy to scroll through everything, and you could add emoticons in bulk all at once (not upload, actually add). The new management screen is overly space-consuming, extremely difficult to use for forums with large amounts of emoticons, and painstakingly time consuming to add emoticons in bulk. My current plan is to keep upgrading my forum until our current six-month support cycle runs out and then go with that, but a revamped emoticon manager would earn another renewal purchase from us.
  2. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Breadcrumbs   

    All of the skins I've purchased look terrible with that option enabled, and even then, I still have to go into each skin template and add the IP.Content home as the breadcrumb root. It's all a messy and time-consuming solution for what should be a built-in feature.
  3. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Emoticon Management Screen   

    Sorry to bump this again, but I really want to make sure it was noticed because i just had to add a few new emoticons today and the experience was terrible . In addition to the one-emoticon-a-line display (in which the option to move them up and down means nothing because refreshing the page randomizes the order again anyway), a number of unassigned emoticons in reality are assigned, and removing emoticons seems to randomly remove different ones from the one you selected. This system is terrible . What was wrong with the old one?
  4. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Breadcrumbs   

    Really? We have everything installed in one subdirectory,, with the IP.Content index page set to use as its index and the forums set to use /forums, and the breadcrumbs are as I described.

    That's a pretty messy fix, though; when you go to the forum home, it only shows Home instead of Home -> Forums.
  5. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Suggestion: Breadcrumbs   

    I've built a rather complex IP.Content website with pages, pages within pages, subdirectories, the whole spiel. I even use an IP.Content page as my website's homepage, rather than the forum index. Despite this, the forum index remains the root of the breadcrumbs, and IP.Content breadcrumbs never go deeper than this:

    Forum Home -> IP.Content Home -> Current IP.Content page

    This is true even if I'm on an IP.Content page that has multiple viewable levels above it (ex:, the Articles system allows a little more depth, but even then, it doesn't recognize subcategories in the breadcrumb. Would it be possible for a future version of IP.Content to:

    1. Set the default IP.Content page as the first breadcrumb link when the software is set to use IP.Content as the homepage?
    2. Automatically display parent directories in the breadcrumb when visiting a subdirectory? or:
    3. Allow us to manually define a breadcrumb for each page we create?
  6. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Emoticon Management Screen   

    Sorry to keep bumping this, but at least an acknowledgement by the staff would be fantastic.
  7. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Emoticon Management Screen   

    Agreed; the feature is pretty much unusable right now.
  8. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Emoticon Management Screen   

    Not a single word from the staff?
  9. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Emoticon Management Screen   

    Not even a staff response?
  10. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Emoticon Management Screen   

    My board uses tons of emoticons. Tons . Like, more than 99.99% of forums out there will. As such, the emoticon management screen was one of our favorite features of IPB over our old free forum software. The old software displayed each emoticon on its own line in the emoticon management screen, and in a seemingly completely arbitrary order, making it nigh impossible to use effectively because of the ridiculous amount of lines we'd have to go through (and Ctrl + F is extremely difficult to use because of how slow the page is). IPB 3.1.4, on the other hand, had a much more effective system: it had the emoticons laid out in an alphabetical grid, with pinned emoticons at the top, making it much easier, cleaner, and less space-consuming to go through.

    Then we upgraded to 3.2. Overall, we love 3.2; it's a huge improvement over 3.1.4 in almost every way. Except the emoticon management screen. For some reason, the management decided to change the clean alphabetical grid method to the same horrible random-order each-emoticon-gets-its-own-line layout that drove us to leave our old forum software. Even worse, it loads the emoticons in a completely different random order every time you load the management page , which honestly makes it even more impossible to use than our old system, which at least kept the same crappy order each time. And frankly, I can't understand why it was even changed to begin with, because the new layout actually seems to have less functionality than the old one.

    Why was it changed? Is there anyway to get the old system back?
  11. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: A Few Chat Suggestions from An Extensive User   

    Hello! Out of all the IP.Board applications, I'd argue that my community uses IP.Chat far more than any of the others. And so far, our experience has been great! Well, mostly. I do have a few suggestions:

    1. Moderation Hierarchy - Currently, there are two levels of moderation on IP.Chat: either you're a mod, or you're not a mod. If you're a mod, you instantly get the ability to ban or unban members - even other mods. This means that my regular moderators can kick or even ban me, an admin. More customizable moderation settings would be extremely helpful, including the ability to be unkickable, unbannable, or unignorable by lower level mod groups.

    2. Fixing the Ban System - Currently, it's very easy to ban someone; you click the ban button, and that's it. There's no confirmation or anything. And once you've done that, the only way to unban them is from the ACP. A confirmation after you've clicked the ban button would be extremely helpful, as would some way to access and edit the ban list directly from the application (and maybe have it only accessible to certain mod levels a la my first suggestion?).

    3. Show All Emoticons Button - A problem that my board recently had was that our large amount of emoticons was lagging the chat. Removing the emoticon button from the chat's editor fixed our problem, but after this, I noticed that clicking the emoticon button in the Chat application showed the entire list of emoticons, rather than the ones checked to be shown at the beginning in the ACP with a "Show All" button underneath, as is done with every other application . Why is this? Would it be possible to have it changed to be more inline with the rest of the IP.Board applications? Were that done, the problem my board recently faced would not have happened at all.

    And... that's all I have for now. Thank you for your time everyone, and if you agree that we need those features, help support them!
  12. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: When you RSVP to events, are you also effectively "following" it?   

    It's disabled by default in the ACP. It's one of the individual calendar settings (as in each calendar you make can have them enabled or disabled).
  13. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: IP Content worth it?   

    Just to throw my opinion in, I've been using IP.Content for the past year and absolutely love it. It has a few bugs, yes, but they're ACP-side, and I'm assuming their fixed with the 3.2 upgrade (I'm still on 3.1.4 for the moment). You can't really make use of it to its full potential unless you're willing to do some coding and tinkering around, but even with the default installation you have a pretty well integrated article system.
  14. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: Public (Joinable) Custom Usergroups   

    From what I understand, the Social Groups mod is capable of doing all of that; it's just sold under a different name.
  15. Angel Knight Phil added a post in a topic: CKE Editor and why?   

    Just to chime in, one of the reasons I plan on upgrading my board is because the old RTE editor had so many bugs. My board is very emoticon and BBCode intensive, and I like to type announcements and things in a program like TextEdit before I actually put it on the board. The old editor would completely mess with the formatting of anything I copied over from TextEdit (even when I had it in Plain Text mode), and would randomly fill in posts with HTML when they were edited. It's just a pain for us to work with, and I look forward to using CKE Editor because of that.

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    I found out how to do the collapsible boxes on forum home. I will test on Content. Think it will work. I'll post it when I am at home.

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    wants to find someone who would code a custom skin for very cheap because his site is non-profit, but doubts that it's going to happen.

    1. Tony.M

      What kind of skin... Lol I am no pro but I can see what I could do

    2. Angel Knight Phil

      Nothing very complicated, but something a little more substantial than a recolor of the default skin, I think.

    3. Tony.M

      Do you have an idea of what?
      Maybe a rough copy

    4. Angel Knight Phil

      Well the dominant colors should be a navyish blue and orange. I guess sort of like Ehren's Splat skin? My community is transferring over from a free-hosted ZetaBoard, and I could show you the custom skin from there, but my members aren't a big fan of it, so I'm trying to stay away from it for now.

    5. Tony.M

      If you can pull a scrap copy together on photoshop or something, that would be great

    6. Fishfish0001

      If you like splat why not buy it? Its only $25 :D

    7. Angel Knight Phil

      I like Splat, a lot! However, it doesn't quite suit my board, and some of my members aren't too fond of aspects of it. Even $25 is quite a bit of money to my community, so I can't go throwing it around xD

      And Tony, I can try, but no promises. I'm not very good at skin design, haha.

    8. Fishfish0001

      True. I don't think you'll find a good custom skin maker for under $200ish. I suggest invisionskinning too, or ipbforumskins, they are both nice. Not sure what you're looking for though :P

    9. Angel Knight Phil

      Yeah, that's what I figured. I was hoping to find someone for much cheaper, but I really doubt it will happen.

    10. Tony.M

      I will make it if I could get a rough copy..

    11. Angel Knight Phil

      I'll try to get you one, but you have to give me time to make it, haha.

    12. Tony.M

      Ok no problem.

    13. Angel Knight Phil

      I thought I knew this already, but I rediscovered my epic lack of skill at making theme prints in Photobucket. Would me linking to a few themes that I want it to look like suffice?