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  1. loyals7

    there are some members on this who i laugh at everyday :-}}

  2. loyals7

    i love preview topic feature. helps great.

  3. loyals7

    yikes view new content not working :/

  4. loyals7

    you can expect 3.1 anytime now my wife just said.

    1. Matt

      She was correct. :)

  5. Tom Christian » loyals7

    I'm not so sure about that. If you can show me some hard facts that prove PayPal are prejudice against your country, then I will apologize directly to you in the thread in front of the entire IPS forums.

  6. loyals7 » Tom Christian

    you would feel the same way as i do, if your country was banned by paypal too.

  7. loyals7 » Michael

    which mod do you use for 'tutorials' on your forum ?

  8. AndyF » loyals7

    Yes I do have a Twitter account, although I only rarely use it.

  9. loyals7 » AndyF

    are you on twitter too :-}