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  1. d33j4y added a post in a topic: phpBB to IP Board   

    You can transfer all of the forums and member accounts from phpBB to IPB! There is a converter that walks you through everything step by step! I originally converted from phpBB myself and everything transfered over fine!!!
  2. d33j4y added a post in a topic: A way to backup files onto my drive?   

    Im using IP Download 2.5.3! I have close to 400 files but they are stored in ftp with .ipb extensions! Is there a way to backup the files in their .zip and .rar formats as they were originally submitted with IP Downloads instead of having to download every single file through the public side on my site just to be able to retireve their original formats?
  3. d33j4y added a comment: Percent sign and a number directly after   

    I wanted to comment on this, this also happens with a % sign and 2 letters as well, not just numbers
  4. d33j4y added a post in a topic: Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites?   

    Mine is at http://www.evoresource.com not a very huge community compared to some out there! My forums migrated all the way from Php Nuke Platinum lol..
  5. d33j4y added a post in a topic: PhpBB3 vs IP Board Features   

    Cynapz, You won't go wrong with switching from phpbb3 to ipb!! I made the switch from phpbb3 myself and it was the best thing I could do for my forum website! There are many features that ipb has over phpbb3 so you won't be disappointed!! :)
  6. d33j4y added a comment on a file: Links Directory   

    +1 on csm's comment!!!
  7. d33j4y added a comment on a file: [CH59] ibProArcade - (1) Category Images   

    These are awesome, thanks!! :)
  8. d33j4y added a post in a topic: Please, add the ability to moderators can't hard Delete   

    I did everything mentioned above but still moderators have access to permanently delete topics and there is no specifying hard delete or soft delete options!?!
  9. d33j4y added a post in a topic: Broken avatars following phpBB 3 conversion   

    Just out of curiosity, since you said youve had member list spanning a 9 year period, in your old phpbb3's installation images/avatar/uploads folder, are there more than one set of strings for the images such as for example "0d36ec78bcd5255cf479f92a00ebe0ca_1037.jpg"? I had 2 different strings with a member database also going back 9 years or so! My forums originally started on Php Nuke and over the years got updated to different forum software installations and resulted in having archived avatar images under separate strings..
  10. d33j4y added a post in a topic: Need phpnuke to IPB convertion help   

    Im not sure if you have recieved help yet or not with this, but I have experience converting forums originally on Php Nuke to IPB! My website forum originally started on Php Nuke and what I had to do was convert the forum and user database over to Phpbb2, then upgraded to Phpbb3 in which you can then convert to IPB3 with the current IPS Converter! I may still have the old Php Nuke to Phpbb2 converter somewhere but Im sure this still exists online! PM me if you would like help!! :)
  11. d33j4y added a comment on a file: AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board   

    Just use something like LightIRC which has webcam options and alot cheaper!!
  12. d33j4y added a post in a topic: phpBB 3.0.10 -> IPB 3.3.4 - Skipping Members   

    I did a conversion from phpbb3 to ipb and noticed something similar to your issue! I did notice ipb doesn't recognize some of the nickname characters like phpbb3 has which might cause some problems! Also your old admin account gets replaced by the new one you create for ipb so that explains that issue! My advice would be to do a comparison between both user databases to figure out why some members didn't convert over and see the similarities...
  13. d33j4y added a comment on a file: Member Reviews   

    Feb 20 2012 03:40 PM

    Bought, used, enjoyed. Well worth the $70 that's just over the price of one video game. Quit complaining'

    Dude, if your paying close to 70 bucks for video games, you obviously never heard of gamefly lol..
  14. d33j4y added a post in a topic: Some questions   

    As for webhosting, I have had Bluehost before and I would not suggest them to anyone!! I have had poor customer service with them and when I canceled hosting with them, they did not even offer to keep my business in any shape or form!!! I use Site5 for webhosting and have been a customer for over 3 years!!

    You do not pay $300 a year for an IPB license.. your initial cost is $149 which grants you the use of a license for as long as you use it!! After 6 months, you pay $25 dollars to continue support from IPB but if you do not renew, you can still use your IPB license! The 6 month renewal is just for support or things like being able to download from the IPS Marketplace, download updates to the IPB software etc.!!! You can always renew at any time even if your 6 months had gone by and say you want to renew 2 or 3 months etc. after the 6 months has expired!!

    As far as "Licensed to" goes.. people usually put that as the name of their business or website name or whatever you want that to be!! IPB will request that you put the url of the website you are using their software on in your client area on IPB!! Wordpress can be integrated nicely with IPB, there are programs and SDK's available to do just that!!! :)
  15. d33j4y added a comment on a blog entry: WordPress SSO Integration for IP.Board   

    dogpatch, calm down boy, have a bone chief lol!! The sdk on ipbwi.com works perfectly fine as I know someone that uses it!!! It really comes down to whether you want to pay $50 for this hook or the sdk from ipbwi.com!! For those of you with minimal to no coding knowledge, Id suggest Alex's hook so not to bad mouth this hook as Im sure it does the job easily, I merely suggested the alternative lol!!!

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