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  1. Xawier added a comment: Voting up/down for images not working   

    Ok, you must change in CPA "Reputation type" to the "Like System" next to the "Positive Type". Now work.
  2. Xawier added a comment: Voting up/down for images not working   

    I have the same problem.
  3. Xawier added a comment: Line breaks create <br> but no line break.   

    The same, BBCODE dosn't work correctly.


    [quote]1.<b>Lapatop</b> dla fifyy (za $ :&gt; ) <br>2.Blekopsa sprzedaje jak ktoś chce to PW<br>3.Plyta gagi do sprzedania również PW<br>4.DVD blokada regionalna + nie łapie sygnału telewizyjnego (w usa mają inny :&lt; )= odtwarza tylko mp3 :&gt;[/quote]
  4. Xawier added a comment: Black square in topics (Chrome/FireFox)   

    I have deflaut skin. Many people from Poland has this error, not only on my board. (These ss are from many difrent boards.)
  5. Xawier added a record in IP.Board   

    Black square in topics (Chrome/FireFox)
    Many members of my and other forums complain about the black square in the views of topics.

    They use Chrome and FireFox.

    Some SS:

    After exploration, firebug says, it is: <div id="overlay"></div>
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