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  1. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus integration with the bulk mailer   

    It would be great to send out an email to those who haven't purchased in the last x months, who have been active in the last x months so you can send these active users coupons to purchase packages.  That way you aren't emailing people who purchased 2 years ago and haven't been back since then (if you didn't want to - since some people just move on).
  2. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Warning System   

    Cool, something I suggested nearly 2 years ago is finally being implemented. Nice to see a change to an inefficiency within the system. Congrats.
  3. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.4 Dev Update: Hosting   

    [quote name='Alexander V' timestamp='1318252775']
    Just because you have no use for it does not mean others don't. Could all of you be so kind and accept the fact IP.Nexus is made to please multiple types of users, not just your own? Guys? Please?

    I've yet to see any of these "hosting" updates actually have any activity in them. All the other blogs about various updates get much more attention. This one is the most I've seen for the hosting part of nexus only because people are getting sick of seeing updates for this and need a BETTER ecommerce solution with a lot more options.

    It's claimed it's the most popular part of Nexus but I never see a lot of people applauding a hosting update like they do for everything else. I honestly can't see how it's the most popular. Nexus would be at the very bottom of my list for a hosting software solution...just saying.
  4. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.4 Dev Update: Storefront   

    Loving the discounted price!! Been wanting that for a while now (the strike-through that is).
  5. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.SEO 1.5 Dev Update   

    [quote name='blair' timestamp='1313520412'] I agree. Care to elaborate?
    When I have time to sit down and make 100 different topics for all the things it can be improved upon (since that's the only way IPS can apparently read the suggestions)...you'll be able to check it out :P I know if I posted it here I would see "This is not the feedback forum"... *sigh*
  6. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.SEO 1.5 Dev Update   

    While heading in the right direction, I believe there is still a lot to improve upon, especially with the sitemap.
  7. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2 Update: Mobile Skin   

  8. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Customers and purchases   

    Nice improvements! Should definitely help speed a few things up.
  9. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Hosting   

    Agreed^ Since when do forum communities allow members to buy hosting? I've only been to one hosting site that had a forum, but I'm pretty sure if anyone is to be taken seriously with hosting, they will want their own hosting scripts and not sell it via IP.Nexus (and only have the forum as a side thing). Just saying...
  10. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Global Changes   

    Looks like some of my complaining paid off! Looks like some really great changes to this product!
  11. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: UserCP and Misc. Interface Updates   

    [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1303313032']
    :lol: notes was removed weeks ago - it's in the what's new topic. It may be the most universally "huh?" thing we ever added. No one used it - we checked our own database and others and like 0.2% even had a note and that was mostly test stuff.And no, you won't convince us to re-add it.

    Didn't your warning system utilize notes? If so, then I hope there's a replacement for that at least.

    One thing that should be added to the profile card is "ignore user". I hate going into the user cp, clicking around a few times just to find a user and click the ignore button. Could be streamlined much better and possibly cause less flaming.
  12. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: UserCP and Misc. Interface Updates   

    I'm so glad this has been fixed. The UCP has been such a hassle to my members. Now...I want to know more about the "follow system" that Charles said we would have heard about already a week or 2 ago.
  13. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Editing Member Improvements   

    Good stuff...but looks like you are still using the same old crappy warning system.
  14. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0: Notification Enhancements   

    This is looking very nice :)
  15. 7SiN added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Report Center Improvements   

    [quote name='CycleChat' timestamp='1300895796']

    Maybe for a site that gets very few reports, this would be nice. But imagine sites that have 100's of reports a day. I honestly LOVE IPB's report system. 1000x better than what vb had, which sounds like what you want and what you came from. I would take this system over vB's any day.

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Owner of Se7enSins.

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  1. JFL Owner » 7SiN

    Sorry for my post before. I just got done reading a majority of your posts, I understand where you are coming from now.

  2. JFL Owner » 7SiN

    Why do you hate ipb so much? Your board looks great and is extremely big.

  3. 7SiN

    Cool guys. I can't wait to leave this community. Worst I've ever been on...even vb.com's official forums. Congrats on being the best at being the worst.

    1. realmaverickuk

      More problems dude?

  4. 7SiN

    Yet another SEO topic bites the dust. At least Matt wants to hear from us. The rest of the staff think they are "know-it-alls" and don't actually know faeces and tend to lump all of us concerned with SEO into one stinkin' pile of crap rather than actually seeing how we run our communities. I'd like to see some of the staffs forums now that I think about it...

  5. 7SiN » csm

    Glad someone had the smarts to post in the SEO thread. I'm beginning to feel the majority of people saying IPB SEO isn't bad are just idiots and think all of us that want to improve it just want to do so for money. For me...it's so I can get the right information to people (FREE TOO!). I know my content is better than the sites I compete with yet...since converting, we appear under them or not at all.

  6. 7SiN » Michael

    I was late to the party on the new SEO thread. I think the thing you do NOT realize is that SEO for many of these admins (including myself) is the last peice to the puzzle. We have a great userbase but it has become stagnant. In my top 10 keywords, 4 are my site name. It wasn't like that before I moved here. And for your information, I'm one of the 2 that Matt is talking to about SEO. I just feel you are looking the other way when we are making our points (much like Rhett and ot...

    1. 7SiN

      other IPS staff). I'm just glad Matt is listening when no one else would.

    2. Michael

      I don't know what this is in regards to. You probably should have posted this in whatever topic you and I evidently both posted in.

    3. 7SiN

      It was one of the SEO threads that was closed and you had stated your opinion that those of us "focusing" on SEO are focusing on the wrong things.

  7. 7SiN » BanksyHF

    You seem to like my posts :P What's your story behind what I've said and you liking it?

  8. 7SiN » Marcher Technologies

    It's my fault I reported a bug and they ######ed up the fix? You seriously responded to me as if You think i was the one who screwed up the fix. It works fine on my board just sayin.

    1. Marcher Technologies

      It was not a bug in the first place.... raw queries are not an indicator of performance.... execution time is... it became a bug when they attempted to "fix" something that was not broken in the first place, therefore yes.

    2. 7SiN

      Updating blocks to a cache on every page load when they are not cached is a bug...

    3. Marcher Technologies

      Call it unfair if you will, but that "bug report" has thus far cost me 30+hrs additional work working with custom blocks... and I DO thank you for that.

    4. 7SiN

      And their screw ups didn't cause me any trouble?

    5. 7SiN

      I had nothing to do with their fix. They were the ones who chose to fix it how they wanted to fix it and they were the ones who messed it up more then it already was.

    6. Marcher Technologies

      the issue is.... it was 2 extra queries... and guess what... removing them does speed the exec time in the slightest... so was it worth it?

    7. Marcher Technologies

      does NOT*

    8. 7SiN

      Yes, We have about 300,000 page views on average per day. That means my site would be running 600,000 extra queries per day (assuming i only had 1 block, which wasn't the case). We pay alot of money for our MySQL server as is, upgrading it because of a stupid bug doesn't make sense.
      Maybe it's neglect-able on the sites you work on because they consist of about 10 members. But we can't spit at poor optimization.

    9. Marcher Technologies

      and no... by its very nature... a dynamic 0 cache block parses data based on the current user.... as such what the template parses to(which is how it is stored) would update based on that users info... * cache blocks dont update to any cache... because the relevant parsed info is already stored... 0-cache is dynamic as you well know... it was updating a cached copy for that user.

    10. 7SiN

      So how do I have it working?

    11. Marcher Technologies

      on a high-scale server(thanks for basically saying i only work for no-names) 90 optimized queries on a single page-load has a quicker execution time than 1 poorly optimized query....
      it was a simple buildAndFetch/update you griped about... very simply an efficient quick db pull/update... again you assume much, like the assumption raw query count is any sort of reliable indicator of performance.

    12. Marcher Technologies

      Additionally, I completely agree that it should be stored in an .xml... it should not even use the db, BUT, there is a time and place to investigate that... and THAT was not it.... we have enough to handle with upgrading IPC manually... did not need to deal with this at such a time.

    13. 7SiN

      That is not the case here...
      Here is what we will do.
      I will write 1 query.

      You can use the same query THEN add two more onto the end.
      We will see who performs better.

      I am in no way saying the raw query count is an indicator of performance. I am saying running queries that don't need to be run is an indicator of performance.

    14. Marcher Technologies

      EG, the exact reason feature implementations are rarely done BY IPS in minor point versions... stability is always preferable to a minor performance increase.... that "bug" report killed the stability of IPC, for the longest-running time of any IPC bug.

    15. 7SiN

      Again you are implying that it was my fault they took a month to post a fix.

    16. Marcher Technologies

      and in honesty... im agreeing with you... i personally think blocks should not use the database... for obvious reasons(a query running from data pulled by a query is never good)
      .xml would be a wiser solution, but all that being said, the timing was and still is atrocious.

    17. Marcher Technologies

      no... because that would imply it was a fix... which by no means it is...
      im stating that with 3.2.x just hit, i certainly could not expect the developers to drop everything to revolutionize how ipc works.... could you?
      im surprised it only took that month for the call to be made to revert the change.

    18. Marcher Technologies

      and rather than griping about it(we BOTH see the problems of current status quo) why not check your PM's? I propose rather than waiting on Farber to make IPC what it SHOULD be, why not work together to do something about it?
      Your gripes are many of my own gripes (that 90-query test actually executed faster than the default articles frontpage.)

  9. 7SiN

    Still waiting (feels like almost a month) for IPS to fix IP.C. What a POS it's become...

  10. 7SiN

    I still don't see the point why there is an option to see who is following a topic or forum. Pointless "feature"? Definitely so.

  11. 7SiN

    Wishin I could be the project manager of IP.SEO...

  12. 7SiN

    I hope beta 2 doesn't last as long as beta 1 is :(

    1. xCurlyx

      same :(

    2. .Corey

      is thats whats holding up v5?

    3. 7SiN

      Mainly, yes...

    4. .Corey

      also looks like there is going to be a beta 3

    5. 7SiN

      It's in alpha testing with a select group of people.

  13. 7SiN

    Not drunk...just saying...

    1. .Corey

      Azzid its gold!

    2. xCurlyx

      corey shut up

    3. Collin S.

      Relax guys.

    4. .Corey

      ^ curlys mad its ok collin

    5. xCurlyx

      lol at wat i got nothing to be mad at just know you fail bro

    1. 7SiN

      Looks like he deleted my post I wanted you to see. http://xboxdm.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/6-caja/

  14. 7SiN

    Gotta love copy cat forums *cough* XboxDM *cough* People need to learn to come up with unique ideas and designs. Quite sad.

    1. Aisha

      Go there and start a fight.

    2. proutie87

      READ and enjoy http://xboxdm.com/forum/index.php?/topic/730-good-suggestion/

    3. proutie87

      I have a good one for you guys and maybe some girls (never know do you) looking around i can see alot of content the SAD part is its just a nice copy and paste jobbie i mean that to the point where the words are the exact same and i cant even see any credit given its kinda funny, the advice i would like to hand out to you paster admin owners is to try and use that keyboard that has letter on it and not the mouse right click copy and paste.

      Ok with that said and done lets talk about...

    4. Aisha

      I use ctrl c and ctrl v lol

    5. proutie87

      lol yea i added alot more to it but wont fit on here lol made me angry when i looked at the site and then thought how funny that its just a copy/paste

    6. 7SiN

      proutie87 - What did http://xboxdm.com/forum/index.php?/topic/730-good-suggestion/ say? I don't sign up to sites that I know what be here in another year or 2. I've seen hundreds of sites copy and paste stuff from my site to come and go over the years. Hell, even ones that didn't copy and paste, though they seem to last a bit longer.
      I find it even more amusing that the admin at xboxdm puts a DMCA link/image in the footer. I find that all the gaming sites that have this d...

  15. 7SiN » Mr Washington

    You really need to learn how to come up with a unique website. You've copied a similar format to my site, my mascot idea, my forum layout, you've copied my user ranks and recolored them (illegal), my general reputation layout, the forum footer layout, our Se7enLive idea....I mean, is there any big idea that is UNIQUE on your site? Webmasters (er...copy and pasters) like you are the scum on the internet. Did you get IPB bc my site has it? LOL Probably, just like all you other copy...

    1. 7SiN

      Oh, look at that. Your awards have the same titles and descriptions as mine. Imagine that!!!

    2. Mr Washington

      sorry but how dumb are you forums if you look every gaming site has them awards i don't think so footer is custom made user ranks custom made the rep layout what are you crazy lol and IPB Bc what?

    3. Mr Washington

      your footer on se7live http://gyazo.com/1f0709ca4cc6e12c5377e7e11e364b97 awards http://gyazo.com/f24e85ca0285ec87b3e17f1242e8e8c0 awards again http://gyazo.com/9f420b5c8b7b70c9551097b31d47748e sorry but you must be retarded to think that

    4. 7SiN

      You are looking at the wrong site you dumbass. Se7enSins.com is where you or one of your stupid admins stole everything. It wasn't custom made. Show me the PSD to your "custom made" ranks! I'll bet you can't. The psd will contain my design + your ugly cover up. The awards ideas...all mine.
      And I don't look at every gaming site. I just happened to click yours after seeing a reply you made. Then laughed my ass off seeing all the copy and pasting you or...

    5. Mr Washington

      lol are you dumb look at the awards links they are from your faeces you dip faeces

    6. Mr Washington

      ohh one more thing every one has your skin go cry to mummy about it

    7. 7SiN

      At least I'm an innovator and not a copier. You can't even come up with original ideas you scumbag. Let's see your site stay up for another 2 years. I DARE you. You are going to be crying in one more year that you are losing so much money, then the year after you will just try to prove a point to me. Which is fine bc it's your money and your crappy ass site.

    8. xCurlyx

      hey tjs learn to be a real webmaster and use your own content not to say your skin belongs to another site and you have illegal content on your site :) ill gladly report it to your host and for my good friend who you stole from.

    9. Mr Washington

      @xCurlyx my please my host is run on my admins own server so yeah and @7sin why you getting mad over the same forums names you must have a sad life to cry about that lol come on its just forums ha

    10. xCurlyx

      tjs cause its called stealing content ideas and peoples right to their stuff. And we will have the dmca get into this.

    11. Mr Washington

      I made my own stuff. We never took the awards, the rep layout? COME ON ITS A HOOK! I had the 7live idea years ago, like said above its a custom made footer made by me!, EVERYONE has the same user groups also. If you open your eyes people use the group Members and Premium and Admin all on it! The awards? We had our community send in ideas for them and they made them themselves. They also came up with descriptions. Whats original with our site? Nobody gets yelled at by members and s...

    12. Mr Washington

      staff all the time. We are loyal to our site and each bring something different to it. Please get out of my hair because you don't like a few things about another site. Nobody can have 100% pure ideas I admit that but that doesn't mean they all where TAKEN from you. In fact, even though we didn't, I would be happy if I were you that so many people enjoy my site enough to take a few small ideas from (still never did) and as to the innovator comment. I would like to see you develop...

    13. Mr Washington

      a few skins and app's. Im an inventor. gtfo.

    14. Forgoten Dynasty

      Dear TJ,
      As an administrator on se7ensins my opinion my be slightly bias. However, If you truly want to proclaim yourself as an inventor based out of what you have done, you may want to be checked for down syndrome. Copying ideas and tweaking them to make them your own is not innovation. At a skin level It seems pretty obvious that you had told your designer that you wanted your site to look similar to that of our own. Innovation is being 100% original.
      In our coming site update I...

    15. Forgoten Dynasty

      have coded something that completely changes the users browser experience. There is not a doubt in my mind that upon our release of our new site that we will see a large amount of changes and ideas ripped to your site (assuming that you are capable of coding them). Being innovative means that you are not inspired by people leading you but that you are the one leading.

      The fact that you are openly distributing IPB modifications on your website shows that you can't comprehend t...

    16. Forgoten Dynasty

      he views of a developer. Yes, many people download warez from major companies such as adobe, however, what you are distributing is the works of independent developers. I cannot even begin to understand why you would try to insult my intelligence by telling me that you would like to see me develop a skin or an app? The fact that you think that I am not capable of doing so should be embarrassing to you as well as your site.

      Please, I beg of you, please don't run your mouth until...

    17. Forgoten Dynasty

      you are intellectually capable of processing thoughts at the same level as my self or azzid.

      Have a nice day,
      Forgoten dynasty

    18. 7SiN

      +4 for Endy. TJ, so are you trying to tell me the mascot was YOUR ORIGINAL IDEA?! HA! And are you going to tell me that you didn't rip this (http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/public/style_extra/team_icons/4-ranks/admin.png) from my site (originator and innovator) and attempt a poor job in photoshop with this (http://i316.photobucket.com/albums/mm338/Jeremylt/Administrator.png)?

  16. IPB Bob » 7SiN

    Looking forward to seeing your finished IP.Content tutorial.

  17. 7SiN


  18. xDiesel » 7SiN

    I haven't talked to you in awhile :/

    1. 7SiN

      I've been busy :( I haven't talked to anyone besides trammell, nerve and endy (via text) in a while.

    2. xDiesel

      It's fine, I could only figure. Just wanted to talk about things.

    1. xCurlyx


    2. media


  19. 7SiN

    For those that don't believe Site Speed is of any importance, why is Google adding it to our Analytics then? http://www.google.com/support/analyticshelp/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1205784&topic=1120718

    1. .Peter

      Isn't javascript executed after the page is loaded? How does it calculate speed?

    2. 7SiN

      Ask Google.

  20. 7SiN

    Look at all the people clammering to comment on the blog about IP.Nexus + hosting. What a waste of code in a potentially great product.

    1. Charles

      That's a bit... shortsighted don't you think? It may not be a useful feature to you but many clients use it.

    2. Connor T

      Remember, the people here make up a tiny portion of the community :p

    3. 7SiN

      Yeah, I hear that quote quite a bit. I would think popular useful features are better than non-popular useful features. Just my opinion though. I just don't see why communities need to have software that can give hosting. Again, my opinion...

    4. JustHatched

      It's better to have more options than one needs, I don't need the hosting option but if I ever do it will be nice to have it there

    5. 7SiN

      If you say so... I'd much rather them focus on coding things that the majority of people will use, not just a select few. Apparently some of my suggestions aren't as popular as this hosting on. *rolls eyes*

    6. 7SiN

      We use forum software to create a community. This forum software and the addons should unite the people in the community and give them a reason to be active on the site and in most cases to buy a paid membership. We should be focusing on things that we can offer via Nexus for admins to make money off of that will be beneficial to the members of the community. I don't see how hosting is one of them. Why not just make the hosting package as a module in IP.Content, that way its much more...

    7. 7SiN

      customizable and would look more professional.

  21. xLemur » 7SiN

    Why the new name?

  22. xDiesel » 7SiN

    New name o.O I need one, I look like a n00b

  23. 7SiN

    Da BULLS!

    1. (e) Eric

      Rose was baller.